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How long should your eye stay dilated after an exam?

I had an eye exam at 3:00 today where they put a dilating drop in my right eye. Now it's still huge as ever 5 hours later! I feel like a goofball walking around with one huge pupil and the other one normal, plus it's uncomfortable. I heard it may depend on eye color, but I thought it was a myth... I have blue eyes if this is indeed true. Any thoughts? It's making me a bit paranoid. Thanks.

It could depend on various different things. One being your eye color but also it depends on how your eyes react to the drops and the strength of them. I had eye surgery and my eyes stayed dilated for three months! Now considering you didn't have surgery it will probably be fine when you wake up.

Depending on the time of my regular visits my eyes are back to normal during the night time or morning. I wouldn't be too worried about it, especially if your eyes were fine.  (+ info)

What color eye shadow will look good with a royal blue dress and my eyes?

I have brown eyes rimed with dark grey blue. My dress is royal blue. I have brown skin. I was thinking of a silver but I don't want to have blue eye shadow I want something simple and Elegant.

my eyes r the same color and i wore a royal blue dress recentlly to an event and heres how i did my eyes.

what i did was i actually used a gillter eye shadow. like actuall glitter. it may sound weird but it turns out really good. dont go over kill with it though, for a base coat on ur eye lid before the glitter use a very very light light brown.

or if u dont like that
use a liquid glitter eye liner on ur top eye lid only and use and eye shadow color thats almost pink but very very light and blend that with a cream/skintone or whitish color.
trust me it turn out really pretty!

if u wanted a smoky sweet look
u could use a liquid glitter eye line on the top and use a gray color on ur eye lid and slowly blend into a light pink or vise versa.

i really hope i helped!
if u dont like any of these ideas its ok.
but i really hope u do!
u could just expiriment around with all of these and see which ones u like.  (+ info)

How do you prevent your under eye concealer from cracking?

I'm using Almay Bright Eyes Eye Base and Concealer. You can use it under your eyes[that's what it says on the box] I pad on a small amount of the liquid under my eye, I still find it looking as if my skin is cracked. I tried wagging my finger under my eye like someone suggested and I still got the same problem. Any suggestions?

Try a different brand. Ask for suggestions at a make-up counter in a department store. It is usually the cheaper brands that contain too many fillers that crack or are too oily and smear your mascara.  (+ info)

What color eye shadows are good for brown eyes?

I want to try something different because I always use a brownish eye shadow. Please send me any links or something. I guess you can say my eyes are a medium brown and I have dark brown hair (my hair is colored)Thanks!!!

green would probably be nice. it's striking without being over the top. or a deep blue.  (+ info)

What is the best eye cream for sensitive eyes, with dark circles and wrinkles?

I've tried heaps of eye creams, and they all sting the area around my eyes. The skin is also flaky after I cleanse my skin, so is there a cream which can also hydrate my eyes heaps?

Kiehls Avocado Treatment!! i'm 28 and just heard about this stuff... it got some rave reviews at makeup alley, which is a makeup rating website that i love: http://makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemID=17934/Creamy_Eye_Treatment_with_Avocado/Kiehls/Treatments_(Eye)/

i just started using it about 3 weeks ago. i'm such a consumer, and TOUGH critic when it comes to products. i also have extremely sensitive skin: it is super dry/flaky in some areas (such as around the eyes) and oily/acne-prone in others. also, i am prone to eczema on my face.

this cream has done wonders for the skin of my eye area, and i haven't experienced any of the irritation or burning i've felt with pretty much every other eye product. i'm smooth, soft, bright, and glowy. i'm hooked on this stuff. :D  (+ info)

How do you bring out your natural eye color?

I have blue eyes, but they are tough to see.. Any picture i take my eyes come out completely blue because the flash lights the eye to its fullest. When i wash my face because of the water my eyes are more blue! How can i get that at all times? Is taking eye drops good for you even if you don't have dry eyes?

Using a reputable brand name of eye drops will not do any harm. But it would also be a big pain I would imagine. There are two things I would suggest. One is to experiment with various shades of blue shirts. Go to a store, check them all out by holding them up to you and look at your eyes in the mirror. With certain eye colors, especially the blues and greens, exactly the right shade of a color will make them seem to just pop with color. It doesn't have to be blue always either. Try some other colors in light shades. The second suggestion is to look into the colored contact lenses. You can get them with no prescription in them. All they do is enhance or even totally change your eye color. Good luck.
Guffaw! I guess they didn't pay any attention to your name or that it appears you are male and not likely to wear makeup.  (+ info)

What do I with eye makeup when my eyes are different colors?

My left eye is blue. My right eye is green. I can't ever figure out what to do with eye shadow. Does anyone have any tips?

Oh I envy you!!! I used to wear contacts of different colors on purpose!

Do you want to play up your uniqueness or downplay it? How old are you, and is this for daytime or nighttime wear? Are you fair or dark? (My daughter has black hair and olive skin, but grey eyes, =-)

If you want to downplay, or for business casual, or daytime wear, use neutral tones, similar to your skin tones, and of a similar color to both, a mossy green or dusty blue and some lite rose for the lighter color under your brow. Avoid glittery shiney makeup. Line your upper lid only, with brown or black/brown, and only masquera the top lashes, and the tiniest outside bottom lashes. Keep your blush neutral also, but make your lipstick a touch more dramatic, a little brighter.

BUT!!! I think you should show off your eyes!!!! For a dramatic effect, or a night on the town, go bold!! Opposite colors tend to bring out each other, so I would start there. Green and blue are next to each other in the spectrum, and the colors opposite them on the color wheel are red and orange. Obviously, you don't want to look like you've been in a fight, LOL, but pick colors that are warm and have these overtones; on the lid use brown or charcoal, across the top, sweep magenta or coral, and under the brow, a touch of gold. For liner, top and bottom, use a plum color, and brown/black masquera. (unless your hair is dark, then go for black!)

If you are very fair skinned, keep the same idea, but use softer colors. Also, if you are a younger person, or a more laid back sort, =-)

Use blush that's a good compliment for your skin, and for lipstick, don't compete with the eyes; use something a little tamer.

Since blue and green are close to each other, which ever color you pick to accent, the other will benifit from it as well, and the makeup will match either eye.

Go forth and have fun!!!  (+ info)

What color eye shadow would go really good with dark brown eyes?

im trying to figure out what kind of makeup would look pretty on me and im starting with eye shadow lol and i was wondering what color would go pretty with dark brown eyes... and i have a feeling it might be brown... lol but i still dont know... any suggestions are appreciated :) :)
i have one that is black eye shadow and i was wondering if black would go good too :)
since i have dark brown eyes is it better to use brown eyeliner rather than the black that i use?

I agree with the first answer, purple and green look great on dark brown eyes. I sell Mary Kay and on my website there is a fun virtual makeover that you can do; you can upload a picture of yourself and apply up to 3 different eye shadow shades at once so you can see what looks good, the website is www.marykay.com/kate. Just click on virtual makeover at the left of the page!  (+ info)

What is the best eye shadow to wear for green eyes?

Some think my eyes are blue but they are not. Maybe it's the reflection that causes them to appear to be a color they are not. Should I also use eye shadow for blue eyes?
A, I am fair-skinned so that would make me a cool.
I bought this eyeshadow trio by Almay. It's called 'Play Up Trio for Greens.' Thinking of getting the one for blue eyes.

Most shades of purple- lavender especially-really make green eyes pop!  (+ info)

What eye makeup make my hazel eyes appear more green?

I have light brown hair, olive skin, and hazel-green eyes. My eyes are mainly more of a hazel color, but sometimes they look quite green. They are pretty when they are hazel but even more beautiful when green! What eye makeup will make my eyes look more green? What color of eye shadow and eye liner? Please give me any suggestions you may have! Thanks!
Sorry in the question headline, I meant to put "What eye makeup WILL make my hazel eyes appear more green?" I can't believe I left out the will! Oh, well, no biggie!

*And thanks for taking the time and thought to answer my question!

Hi, well I have hazel eyes, and when I cry or when I am in strong light they look a dark green colour, which is gorgeous. But normaly they look brown, with flecks of green, which is also pretty but the green is more exotic. Anyway when I wear a contrasting colour, i.e purple, pink, plum the green stands out. Or use some light purlple/pink eyeshadow, and keep your makeup bright! Good Luck:))  (+ info)

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