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what are the other diseases related to eyelid muscles besides ptosis that cause difference in eye size?

the difference in eye size is specifically noted when the head its tilted or while looking down or when the cheek goes up while laughing or smiling. here, the eyelid of one eye raises while the other eyelid is normal.

When you say eye size, I assume you mean the amount of your eye that you can see between your upper & lower eye lid (?)....if this is the case (this is a ptosis & there are MANY types), then I want to tell you about a number of diseases that can cause this:

Myasthenia gravis (more common in diabetes patients), Myotonic dystrophy, Ocular myopathy are all diseases that commonly cause a type of ptosis called Myogenic ptosis. This is a ptosis that results from an abnormal functioning muscle. You mentioned that the difference in size was larger in some positions of gaze (ex. while looking down). A myogenic ptosis could explain this.

Another very common cause for this difference in size is a class of ptosis called Neurogenic ptosis (has there been a recent stroke, seizure...?). This includes a cranial nerve 3 palsy (or misdirection), and Horner's syndrome. Specifically, it can lead to a condition called "Marcus Gunn jaw winking" syndrome. This would help explain the difference in palpebral fissure size (distance between upper & lower lid) while smiling vs while not smiling. Classically, this condition is easily seen while the patient is eating/chewing.

A Mechanical ptosis can occurs from to edema (swelling) or tumors of the upper lid. If you recently have had eye/lid surgery, you may have an Aponeurotic ptosis.

Aside from a true ptosis, this may be due to something known as dermatochalasis. This is simply when excess skin in the upper lid hangs down. Lastly, if you are asking regarding a child/infant, you'll want to consider a Congenital ptosis.

Sometimes patients will think that their palpebral fissure size is decreasing....while in fact it is not decreasing, but the other eye's palpebral fissure size is increasing. The palpebral fissure size of the other eye can increase for many reasons: drug use, space occupying mass behind the eye pushing it forward, and many other reasons.

Best of Luck! If this condition had an acute onset (you noticed it all of the sudden), then it is my recommendation to go see an eye doctor ASAP.  (+ info)

my lower eyelid is swelling .it happened 3or more times in a 5 months.what type of diseases is this?

Where does it swell? If near tear duct the duct could be plugged up. If its placcement is random then it could nr a stye. yjrtrs a prodice called stye eye.  (+ info)

Weird crumb thing growing on underside of eyelid?

The part of your eyelid DIRECTLY beneath the eyelashes, that ridge part? I don't know how to describe it, but on my left eyelid there are two, small crumb looking things there that I don't think I have seen before.There is also minor irritation. I checked Wikipedia's list of eyelid diseases (the pictures are nasty as hell don't look at them) but none of them match what I have. Do I have nothing to worry about or is something wrong?

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids and occurs in two forms, anterior (outside of the eyelid) and posterior (inner eyelid). Both types of blepharitis can cause a burning or foreign body sensation, excessive tearing, itching, sensitivity to light, red and swollen eyelids, redness of the eye, blurred vision, frothy tears, dry eye, flaking at the base of the lashes, or crusting of the eyelashes upon awakening. Common causes for anterior blepharitis are bacteria (Staphylococcus) and scalp dandruff while posterior forms are caused by problems with the oil glands in the eyelid. Treatment for both forms involves keeping eyelids clean and free of crusts. Warm compresses should be applied to loosen crusts, followed by a light scrubbing with a cotton swab and a mixture of water and baby shampoo.  (+ info)

What is the inability to close the eyelid called?

I am trying to remember if the the pathological condition resulting from disease of cranial nerve 3 is Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy due to CN VII pathology.  (+ info)

Can diseases and such pass via saliva?

I had a girl spit in my face and it got in my eye. She is known to be a whore, if you will. She is a known druggie. I did not call the police. I know she has at least one type of STD. As i said, it did get in my eyelid.

I'm scared. What should I do?

Diseases can pass though blood, sex and saliva. So there is chance, even maybe if it is tiny. I don't know how much has to get into you to have an effect. So, i would contact someone like a doctor to help you out. It may sound silly but its peace of mind and you would not have to stress any longer.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a single eyelid and double eyelid?

I was wondering do every double eyelid people have big eyes or some have small eyes?And do every single eyelid people have small eyes or some have big eyes?

we'll use Asians to compare since I've pretty much only seen single eyelided and double eyelided Asians.

if u look closely, double eyelids give an illusion of bigger eyes and also change the natural eyeshape by pulling the eye slightly upwards, then there's a more obvious curve, doubling the' bigger eye' illusion. If not, an avg human eye is pretty much the same size.

And believe me, i've seen plenty of ppl wv single eyelids but have huge eyes and ppl wv double eyelids wv really small eyes.

Hope i helped :D  (+ info)

What do i do about my swollen eyelid from being kicked in the face?

My friend kicked me in my face with some energy legs. And now my eyelid is really swollen. Is there anything i should do to fix it?

It is all purple and looks like i have a golf ball stuck underneath my eyelid.

Yikes. Definitely ice it. Just place the ice right on there and relax for a while. Ice will make the swelling go down and help it heal faster. And although it might look cool for people with black eyes on TV to slap a steak on their injury, that's not a good idea. Who wants raw steak bacteria in their eye? Also, if you think it's not healing or you just want to make sure there was no damage to your eye, you may want to see a doctor, but you probably won't need to. Hope it feels better!  (+ info)

How long do i need to put double eyelid stickers for them to work?

I have double eyelids but its not very visible cause when i smile, you can't really see them. So i started using double eyelid stickers, they're quite good but they don't last very long, my eyes would have that crease for only a few minutes and then change back to normal. Do i need to put them on everyday or something? And for how long? A month?

those stickers are to use all day and they don't change ur eye form. its just a temporary thing and will only work when u wear them.  (+ info)

How do you blink with eyelid glue or tape?

Recently I've read that people use eyelid glue/tape to create a crease. But if you're taping your eyelid up, how can you blink? Won't the blinking action cause the eyelid to detach? Or can you just not completely close your eyes when you're using it?

The tape/glue is inside the crease. It will move with the eye. Unless the person does some crazy movements with their eyes, then it will ruin.  (+ info)

Has anyone had personal experience of eyelid surgery?

Upper AND lower lid surgery is on offer to me and very tempting after thyroid eye disease. I'm told the bruising will last a few weeks - anyone had it done?

When my mum had a thyroid operation, she also had her eyelids done so that they were less droopy. When she came home, I was scared of her becuase she looked like a monster. Her eyes were huge and puffy with purple bruising and I could see the cuts on her eye lids. It was scary to see my mum like that but she assured me she felt no pain..  (+ info)

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