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What moisturizer and facial wash work best with tretinoin cream?

I am just starting on Retin A and now using Nivea Visage moisturizing cream and facial wash. I would like to know if this is alright or should I switch brands? Also, is it ok to put night cream after I apply Retin A?

I don't think it matters which cleanser and moisturizer you use with it. I use tretinoin too and I don't put moisturizer on after it. I think it might not work as well if you do. Ask your pharmacist next time you get a refill.  (+ info)

What is the best remedy for my facial melanoma problem?

I've been using a lot of facial cream to whiten my facial pigmentation,but to no avail.What is the best methods to do aside from the lazer.

Did you ask the right question? Melanoma is skin cancer, not a pigmentation issue.  (+ info)

What is the best facial cleanser that can help get rid of whiteheads?

i have some white heads in my cheeks and nose and i want to find a facial cleanser that is best for it. Can you recommend me of somethiing because I have no really an idea of what to buy. Girls, I know you are experts in these things, so help me out. Thanks.

Scrub your face with some exfoliator or if you want a home made method then use sugar crystals for scrubbing.

And applying papaya pulp helps remove the whiteheads.

Take care.  (+ info)

What is the best facial mask to use often to get rid of pimples with about 3 ingredients?

i am looking for homemade facial mask....preferably with few ingredients and to get rid of pimples.

Bananas. Honey. Rose Milk.  (+ info)

Is it normal for facial hair to grow in on certain areas of the face before others?

My facial hair has only grown in on the front of my neck below the jaw. Im almost 17. I was just basically wondering if this is normal.

im 21.. its is normal.. my hair first started growing under my chin, and on my neck.. and now it is just starting to grow on my cheeks.  (+ info)

How to bleach dark facial hair without harsh chemicals?

My daughter has dark fuzzy hair on her upper lip and she is concerned about it. She wants to wax it, but I say it will get darker and come back again and again and she will have to keep waxing it too much. I wont let her use those harsh chemicals they sell over the counters for fear that it would cause the same problems I have raw, red, and irritated skin. She is just 12 years old. It is something that is giving other kids reason to tease her. Is there anyone who knows of a non harsh chemical way of bleaching facial hair?

Hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice. Natural methods take time to work though. It's a myth though that if waxed the hair will come back darker and thicker. The only reason it may appear darker is that the hair on your face has been exposed to the sun for so long it may be lightened by that, as the new hair hasn't been. The hair actually grows back thinner each time you wax it. Think of older women that have been tweezing/waxing their eyebrows so long that they don't grow them back anymore. It's the repeated ripping out of the hair follicle at the root damages it over time causing it to stop growing, or grow thinner. You could also just give her a pair of tweezers and let her do that. Just make sure she does it the night before or she will have red marks on her skin there.  (+ info)

What is a gentle facial cleanser that removes makeup?

I am currently using Eucerin Redness Relief facial cleanser but I am running low and was looking for something a little cheaper to use for a few weeks. I have sensitive skin so I need something without a strong fragrance or none at all, and I also want it to remove my eye makeup, which Eucerin does. Does anybody have any recommendations for something under $10.00?
Oh, I probably should have mentioned. I've tried Cetaphil before and I don't like the way it makes my skin feel.

I also have sensitive skin. I like Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. It's very gentle, but gets off makeup, oil, and dirt. I also like Purpose face wash. They are very similar and cheap $.  (+ info)

What is a good facial scrub using homemade ingredients like sugar?

I heard that there are several homemade facial scrubs that exfoliate your skin. I wanted to try one using sugar but wasn't sure of the recipe or what else I use. Any ideas?? Thanks!

I discovered an amazing one the other day and am recommending it EVERYWHERE. It's incredibly simple and works like a charm :)

Get a dixie cup part full of sugar. I usually fill it half way, but less is fine too. Add a little bit of whole or 2% milk. Mix with a spoon until it creates a fairly thick paste (thin enough it'll stick to your face, but thick enough that it isn't runny). I wouldn't fill the cup more than halfway full of sugar because it can take a few tries to get the consistancy right, and you may need to add more sugar.

Use as an exfoliant, and voila! Super soft and healthy skin!


Sugar is fine enough that it won't harm the soft skin on your face (so long as you don't scrub excessively, of course). Also, it is suitable for more skin types. It won't make you break out like harsh scrubs.

Milk contains many fats (this is why you need 2% or whole milk) which moisturize the body without making it oily and clogging pores. Milk is also high in acids that are good for your skin. Since the acids aren't too strong, they won't harm you at all - but they will cleanse your skin. It also contains beta hydroxy acid, which acts as a natural exfoliant for your skin.

Combined, they exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize your skin. This is also a great scrub because it's very easy to wash off unlike a lot of scrubs I've used which have left bits in my hairline and all over the shower. The sugar dissolves in the water so it's so simple.

I've also heard about adding honey to the mixture, but I haven't tried it. I'm not keen on using honey products because although they moisture your face, they can be messy.

Good luck!  (+ info)

What are some ways to get your facial hair to grow longer and thicker?

Im 20 and my brother is 17 and we both dont have any facial hair. But my dad has lots of facial hair and at an early age to..what can i do?

It's genetic there really nothing you can do.Try shaving to release the closed hair pores. I don't know how much that will work but it's worth a try.  (+ info)

What facial characteristics add up to beauty?

I want to find out if beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder or if people share some opinions. What facial characteristics and coloring are attractive in a woman? In a man? Be as specific as possible. I'm referring to facial beauty, since body structure preference varies so much.

I think my personal taste probably strays from the rest. For me, I really like round faces with chubby cheeks. Freckles are always a plus. Natural medium to full lips are preferred. Lip implants look just awful. I've always liked a pale complexion with dark or red hair. Boyish short hair with a lot of chppy layers almost always catches my attention. Long hair with full bangs is always nice, too. Rounded or pudgy noses are cute. I like unique noses rather than what most would consider "The perfect nose." For some reason, I find an overbite intriguing and braces cute. Overly white teeth seem unnatural, as does overly tanned skin. I like the "cute and innocent" look over the "hot and sexy" look. Round eyes over almond shaped eyes, though eye shape not high up on the list. Eye color means absolutely nothing. Every color looks nice in it's own way. Over waxing your eyebrows usually brings attention to them, not usually in a good way. I like them moderately filled and not pencil thin. Doesn't have to be perfectly arched.  (+ info)

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