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How do you remove facial hair from an elderly person?

I have just taken in my 86 y/o mother in law and she has asked me to remove her facial hair. I am afraid to wax. I don't want to tear her skin.

nair makes a gentle version for use on the face. it's one of my personal faves.

or you can numb her face with ice and attack her with hot wax.  (+ info)

What type of acne facial wash is good for dry/sensitive skin?

also, how would u get rid of acne in, about 2 or 3 months?

any remedies or facial washes u reccommend for my dry and sensitive skin?

Try Acnezine. its really good.

http://www.revitol.com/product/overview/Acnezine_Acne_Solution/?aid=967720  (+ info)

What is the best facial wash out there to use in the morning to prevent oily skin throughout the day?

I want a facial cleanser to use in the morning that I can buy at Target that will prevent my forehead from getting oily throughout the day? What is the best one?

For oily skin I recomend very strongly a mild cleanser, nothing for oily skin.
Target has a wide varity, make sure that they are tested by dermatologist, I prefer Almay and Physicians Formula products.
Use a small pice of TP during the day to blot your skin. Just press to your T zone to mop up any excess oils. They also sell papers with powder on them that do the same thing.  (+ info)

How do you get facial Hair to grow when your transgender?

If your a transgender person FtM without taking hormones how do you get facial hair to grow. Shaving does not work ive tried it so many times.

There are three kinds of hair on the human body; vellous hair, which is the 'default' fine, soft and usually transparent hair that appears all over the body, and two types of terminal hair; asexual terminal hair, which is longer, coarser and usually pigmented, and appears on the scalp, and (after puberty) in the underarms, pubic area, legs and (sometimes) arms on everyone, and androgenic terminal hair which is longer, tougher and darker than either of the above, and occurs when hair follicles are acted upon by testosterone; this is what appears on the face, chest, abdomen and arms of men.

The ONLY way to cause vellous hair to become terminal hair is by exposing the follicles to testosterone; if you don't have testes, an androgen-producing tumour, or PCOS, you won't develop it in any significant amount.
And, contrary to popular myth, shaving has NO effect on the growth pattern of any kind of hair; it WON'T grow back thicker if you shave it off.

Once a follicle becomes terminal, it doesn't change back; which means, once you start growing facial hair, it won't go away; it's permament. The only way to remove terminal hair, once it develops, is by destroying the follicle, by electrolysis or Laser treatment.

If you are a transsexual man, and want to develop permanent facial and/or body hair, ask your gender specialist or endocrinologist to prescribe testosterone for you; nothing else will do it. Don't waste your money on 'herbal' preparations; they don't work.

If you're 'transgender', and only want facial hair temporarily, buy a false beard.  (+ info)

What do you think is the best facial cleanser?

I am currently using my mom's facial cleanser, it's by Elizabeth Arden, it's like a cream and ceramide thing. I am afraid that she will notice that I am using hers too, what's the best alternative for this?

Any other facial cleanser with ceramide? It's really good for the skin! I notice that every time I wash my face with it, my skin feels supple and spot on fresh!


HOLLA!!!!  (+ info)

What is a complementary facial hair style for a hear shaped face?

It's winter and I'm looking to grow out some facial hair, but something that will actually look good with my heart face shape. Any incite?

i thought this was kinda hot^

but if you want it thicker do this:
http://images.inmagine.com/img/imagesource/is985/is985014.jpg  (+ info)

How can I make facial hair grow faster and thicker?

Is there a way I can grow facial hair faster and thicker? I'm trying to grow a beard, but it's difficult for me.

Hair isn't alive and it doesn't grow. Hair is an accumulation of a protein called keratin inside the follicle. As it builds up on the bottom it is pushed out the top, creating "hair growth". This is a biological process so nothing that you do to your hair, like trimming it or using some "special" shampoo can help. Eat a healthy, protein rich diet and take a regular multivitamin daily. The thickness of hair is determined by genetics: the thickness of the hair shaft and the number of follicles in the skin, you can't change that.  (+ info)

How to shape facial hair into a chinstrap?

Ok I got almost got enough facial hair(1 month or so of growing) to make a chinstrap but im not too sure on how to do it. I want a thin chinstrap.I have black hair but my facial hair is light and still kinda fuzzy if you know what I mean. Do you guys think I should wait till my facial hair gets to be rough?

go to a barber and wait  (+ info)

How do I make facial masks for dry sensitive skin?

I drink tons of water everyday but lately my skin is so so dry because of the weather. I want to try a homemade facial mask, any suggestions?

u should take honey and rose water.  (+ info)

How do I make facial hair grow faster other then using the shave and let grow technique?

I have very little facial hair i need a way of speeding things up other than shaving. Something I can put on or eat or something.


girls can put it on their eyebrows to make them grow in  (+ info)

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