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how can i really remove facial scars that are caused by injuries ?? remedies?

so how can i remoce facial scars that are caused by injuries ?? anyone got an idea ? plz help me and thanks and if this does any good i am 13 . and if you have remedies that would be great! thanks.

Bio oil, it costs quite a lot, but works really well, and is good for stretch marks too.  (+ info)

How to help prevent facial injuries?

I just got into MMA and im wondering if theres anyway to make the bones in my face and teeth stronger to prevent breaks...will getting more calcium help?
shut up mad mama

Calcium supplements (like tums) and vitamin D, but it's probably not going to make a significant difference.

I would also recommend working on your reaction time. You won't get anything broken if you're fast enough to move out the way.  (+ info)

My son has crashed 3 times causing leg and facial injuries since?

stopping smoking 2 months ago, could there be a connection?

May be...but for christ sakes he sounds like he should not be driving. He is obviously doing something really stupid  (+ info)

who to see for head muscle or facial muscle injuries?

A maxillofacial surgeon  (+ info)

My son Cooper(8) hit his head Thursday night and now has facial swelling. What does that mean?

My son and I went to eat Thursday night (2 nights ago) and he tripped and smacked his forehead on the concrete flooring. It instantly started swelling into a knot. He also started bleeding from a tiny cut right in the center of where he hit. I immediately put ice on it to help the swelling. He has shown no sign or symptoms of a serious head injury except that today I noticed the swelling continues down from his forehead and around his left eye. Is facial swelling a serious symptom or is it something that is common with head injuries?

That's normal for that kind of injury. He's likely to get a black eye too. Keep icing and the swelling will go down in a few days.

Edit. Serious head injuries do NOT show up 2 days after the fact. Serious head injuries show up immediately or within hours (not days) My daughter was thrown from a rolling car. She had severe skull fractures, along with a broken neck. The Neurologist told us if her head injury was going to take a turn for the worse, it would happen within 48 hours. After that time frame has passed so has the danger.
Also you would know if something was wrong. Your son would have nausea, vomitting, confusion, headache etc.  (+ info)

Medicaid Birth Injuries, facial nerve damage from forceps?

When I was pushin my daughter out of my vagina. I didnt feel anything because the drugs they gave me made me really numb. She was crowning for about 5 hrs so they finally decided to use forceps. When she was born she had facial nerve damage from the doctor misusing the forcepts. I ended up pushing her out myself anyway because they said the forceps didnt help. When we took her to the pediatrician she pointed out that our daughter had facial nerve damage and we got a whole bunch of tests done to confirm that thats what it was. Well anyway I had pregnancy medicaid and my daughter has medicaid. Its been about 6 months now and they billed us! Isnt medicaid supposed to pay for this? And if not I shouldnt have to pay for the doctors mistake. How come when your water breaks and they make you sign all of those papers, they never say that damage can be done to your child by using forceps and they make you sign those papers for them to use those tools???

You need to call your case worker regarding the bills (don't pay them!!), and you need to start a lawsuit for her birth injuries.  (+ info)

Facial injuries, not getting better (car accident)?

I was recently in a car accident. I broke my nose and knocked out a couple teeth. I also received a black eye, busted lip, and some other bruising/minor injuries. My black eye was kind of minor, but now its getting worse. The bruise is darker/more colorful, three times the size, and my eye is half swollen shut. There's also minor bruising on my other other. There was NO bruising around that eye. I woke up this morning and there was minor bruising under it. It seems to be getting worse. The swelling in my nose isn't going down and its still occasionally bleeding. The minor bruise on my cheek is a little more prominent as well.

The accident happen four days ago. Is it normal for my bruises to be getting worse (like the old saying: everything gets worse before it gets better)? I also thought that the swelling in my nose from the nasal fracture to have gone down some. Should it still be bleeding?

I'm supposed to be seeing a surgeon to have it fixed, but I was told they can't due much until the swelling goes down.

For any cuts and after any surgery I find that using fresh Aloe is very healing
and all natural Vit. E for any scars will help heal and disappear any or at least shrink
them fairly quickly. Just apply and reapply as often as you think about it. Keep
soften. I think bruising gets worse before better. Remember bruising is blood clotting
under the skin. It gets darker and than fades as it heals. All depends on the extent of
your injuries. For any swelling ice is probably your best bet. If you can't stand the cold
or feeling of freezing you can wrap ice in a wash rag til you can't stand it. Remember
the longer is better and if not than as much as you can stand it and as often. Use ice
cold water on a rag. I'm not a nurse just a Mother who has seen alot of cuts and bruises.
These are just suggestions, they've always worked for our family. Good Luck!  (+ info)

What facial injuries will the following situation cause to a person?

Please try to picture the following scenario. I'll try to explain it as well as I can.

A guy, Tom (not his real name), is playing soccer with some friends. One of his friends smashes the ball really, really hard and it hits Tom smack in the middle of his face. The ball moved with extremely high velocity and speed. It was kicked as hard as a soccer ball can be kicked. I really hope you understand what I mean. The ball was kicked with such a gigantic amount of force, and it smashed Tom right in the middle of his face. He wasn't wearing spectacles.

I would like to know what approximately what type of injuries Tom would suffer. Please keep in mind the sheer velocity of which the ball hits Tom in the middle of his face. I appreciate all help and will be choosing a best answer. Thank you very much.

broken nose, black eye, split lip. Technically it could cause a mild concussion or if it hit 'just right' it could even cause death. not likely though.  (+ info)

Been jumped... facial injuries?

I got jumped on my way home from the pub... they didn't pinch anything, just punched me in the face to get me down. Received minor cuts and bruises, plus got a busted lip and black eye. What to do?

Try a little TLC, rub Gookae ointment well into the cuts - stops bleeding by blocking the flow. Natural remedy, try also no plasters.

Dr Dan  (+ info)

How to fade facial scars from injury?

I had an accident a few weeks back which resulted in the skin from my nose and forehead being scraped raw from being dragged on the carpet. Since then, the wounds have healed but now I have dark scars on my nose and face. What could I use to make the scars fade? Please help

if you're looking for a natural solution, try coconut oil. I have a friend who had a lot of fresh and long term scar tissue from acne, they used coconut oil and you honestly can not even tell that they've ever had acne at all. They had some pretty bad scars too I mean like moon craters (not to be mean just want to emphasize how well it worked) But if you do make sure you get GOOD organic high quality all natural oil because processed oil may cause you to break out and won't have all the nutrients that restore your skin so well. Good Luck!  (+ info)

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