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facial swelling due to excessive fluid retention; lots of pain;no visible or known injuries to the face.?

this has been going on for about 2 months
my doctors are aware of this swelling & are at a loss as to what should be done about it. I have never had any noticable swelling of the hands or feet.

Facial swelling usually signifies an allergic reaction. Fluid retention is almost always peripheral, in the hands and feet. You need to see your doctor.  (+ info)

How can I minimize the appearance of a facial injury?

I am supposed to start a new job this week, but last night while playing softball I took a 40 mile an hour ball to the forehead above my left eye. Today it is still swollen and my eyelids are purple and I have abrassions from the stiching on the ball. How can I make my appearnce less startling for my job, without running the risk of causing an infection in the abrassion?
Today the swelling and bruising has also moved to below my eyes as well as my eyelids. This morning I had to literally pry my eyelids open....I look like a car wreck!!!
I have been using ice but I think it is actually making it worse.

If you think the ice isn't working, the swelling isn't going away and your only option is makeup, you're going to want to use camouflage makeup. This kind of makeup is used after plastic surgery in the areas that are bruised and discolored. The important thing is to look for products that are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. There are three basic approaches to camouflage cosmetics (the three C's):

Concealing--hiding incision lines and bruises; color Correcting--neutralizing color in reddened or yellowish skin; and Contouring--disguising swelling and creating the illusion of highlights and shadows.

Concealers are thicker and more opaque than regular foundation makeup. They can cover healed incision lines as well as scars or bruises on your face or body.

Choose a concealer that's opaque and waterproof, but creamy enough that it doesn't pull on your skin when you apply it. If you can find a concealer that closely matches your skin tone, you may not have to use a foundation on top of it.

It's not a good idea to use concealer on the thin, delicate skin around your eyes, since concealer is thick and will collect in the creases. Instead, try using a normal fluid foundation, color corrector, or eye makeup alone.

Color correctors are used to disguise the yellowish shade of a bruise or the overall redness that follows chemical peel and dermabrasion. They come in tints: lavender corrector neutralizes yellow tones, while green corrector removes red.

Less opaque than concealers, color correctors have the same consistency and sheerness as foundation. They're generally used under your foundation.

For contouring, you'll need two separate products: a highlighter, which is about two shades lighter than your normal foundation; and a contour shadow, about two shades darker than your foundation. (You probably won't find products labeled highlighter and contour shadow. Just look for the appropriate shades of foundation makeup or pressed power.)  (+ info)

How do I minimize scarring from a facial injury?

I had a bit too much to drink the other night, and ended up tripping over a curb and splitting my chin open. I needed 5 stitches. (the doctor in the ER looked at me and said "You know, this is a very common injury.. but we usually see it on two year olds.") I'm keeping it clean and covered with neosporin, which is what they told me to do until the stitches came out. (they come out on the 15th) I'm keeping it bandaged during the day, and letting it air out for a few hours at night, then bandaging it agian to sleep. My question is- is there anything else I could be doing to minimize the scarring from this? Thanks!

What you are doing is probably best. I had about 60 stitches in my face, and my scars are much better after a year and a half than they were. The biggest thing is to avoid the sun with it for as long as possible. Getting sunburn on your scars will make them darker than the rest of your face. If all else fails you could get plastic surgery, but I wouldn't do it right away as it may look better after a year or two. Good luck!  (+ info)

How long does swelling last from a facial injury?

We had an ice storm recently and I clumsily slipped and hit my chin. I fell very hard and I'm lucky that I didn't chip my teeth or bite my tongue. However, my chin is extremely swollen and black/blue. How long will this swelling last (I'm going on 2 days now) and is there anything I can do to minimize it quickly (I go back to work tomorrow)?

it usually lasts to about a week to two weeks. If its a big bruise just put cover up on.that's wut i do.  (+ info)

What are the 7 methods of identifying facial nerve during superficial parotidectomy?

Superficial parotidectomy is the most common surgical procedure done on the parotid gland. There is a fear of facial nerve injury during the procedure. It is sais that there are 7 methods of identifying the nerve during the procedure. If any one knows kindly explain.
Thank you

This web page doesn't specifically answer all of your question but it might be helpful to you. For a better answer you need to ask a professor of surgery.

http://www.edu.rcsed.ac.uk/HowIDoIt/Superficial%20parotidectomy.htm#c  (+ info)

Can Anyone Recommend Any Scar Cream For Indented Facial Scar?

The facial scar is not from acne but from a injury.

sorry no drug remedy is effective ,  (+ info)

What kind of treatment should I get for a facial cut?

I have a cut on my face from popping a pimple. But the thing is...the cut that I made isn't exactly round (like the shape of a pimple). It looks more like I scraped my face against something. The cut is about the shape of a nickel. I've been putting a band aid over it because I heard that it was good to. I apply Neosporin on it too. BUT my porblem is that I don't heal well...or quickly. I don't scab either. My wounds or injuries just turn red and has a bit of dry skin hanging from it. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can make the cut heal quickly and effectively! PLEASE HELP!! :)

if you don't heal well i recommend lots of protein (meats or beans) and for your pimple... you might need to soften the area as well, try moisturizing it, i was told to do this with vaseline when i had a cut similar to yours.  (+ info)

What is the difference between facial foam and facial scrub?

I mean, the difference in their usage, effectiveness, and so on. Yesterday I went to Guardian. It was my first time buying facial products. The salesgirl told me that I should be using facial scrub since I am a first time user. But I mistakenly bought the facial foam. This morning I tried the facial foam eventhough the salesgirl told me that first timers should use facial scrub. Should I worry? Or, should I follow her advice? I am totally lost in this area, please guide me.

It is important to only exfoliate skin twice a week, unless it is a daily exfoliator. Be gentle with the skin, do not press down hard, lightly stroke it across the face. Use a gentle exfoliation with smaller grains to prevent irritation, never exfoliate straight after shaving, however it is benefical to exfoliate the beard to prevent in-grown hairs and it also lifts the beards up, providing a closer shave.

When used in the theatre, film or television industry, a facial prosthesis alters a person's normal face into something extraordinary. Facial prosthetics can be made from a wide range of materials - including latex, foam latex, silicone, and cold foam. Effects can be as subtle as altering the curve of a cheek or nose, or making someone appear older or younger than they are. A facial prosthesis can also transform an actor into a sci-fi creature, an anthropomorphic animal, mythological beast and more.  (+ info)

Whats the difference between Facial Scrub and Facial Cleansers?

I am planning to buy the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub to replace my old facial cleanser. But is it possible that I can replace it or is facial scrub something completely different?
To those who are telling me to use it once a week or so: I have read many reviews of this product and a lot of them say you need to use it daily to get the effects. So thats how I came up with the idea of replacing it with my facial cleanser

A facial scrub has little "bits" in it that make it rougher so it exfoliates more. Each scrub is different in the size of it's bits which can make it softer on the face or rougher (the old school st ives apricot scrub was insane, but it worked sooo good). Anyway, if your face isn't really sensitive it shouldn't be a problem to switch, but I would check the consistency of the clean and clear before buying it to make sure it won't be too rough on your face. Or if it is too rough for every day use you can use it once a week to exfoliate...  (+ info)

Can facial with laser and vacuum treatment clear my acne scars for 4 days?

I am planning to undergo a facial treatment with laser and vacuum to help lighten dark spots on my face fast. Can this kind of facial help me achieve my goal? Or will it just make my face redder? Please answer for those who know or even tried this. Thank you soo much.

  (+ info)

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