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What is the best facial cleanser that gets rid of acne fast?

I don't have bad acne, I just have frequent breakouts because I play lots of sports. I need to know the best acne facial cleanser that works, but not proactiv because I can't afford it. What other facial cleansers work well and get rid of acne?

It really depends on your skin type, but you need something that unclogs your pores w/ benzoyl peroxide as a main ingredient. Proactive is good but the ONLY thing that works for me, since i play sports alot too, is Clean & Clear Deep Clean. it is in a blue and white and green bottle and it really works. it showed a MAJOR difference in 2 days!!! not joking. it sounds like a commercial lol but it really works! it doesnt take long touse it. every mornin and night but it is fine if you do it once a day. My breakouts aren't NEARLY as frequent and when i do have one, there isnt as many pimples. ok hope i helped! you should really try it since you play sports!  (+ info)

What facial cleanser is good for my skin type?

I have what you call "combination skin". Some parts of my face are dry, flaky, and oily. I also have blackheads and sensitive skin. I've tried St. Ive's, Noxzema, Clean & Clear, and Dove, but they made my skin irritated. Can you please tell me a facial cleanser that is good for my skin type? Or maybe a homemade scrub or peel mask?

i like my burts bees cleanser because its natural and doesnt have those really long-named ingredients because those will cause you damage in the long run. all their products are at target resonably priced. hope i help!  (+ info)

Does anyone know any facial products that actually work for sensitive skin?

I have sensitive facial skin and have tried quite a few products on the market that my skin just doesn't agree with. I always come up with small rash type bumps, my face is never clear.
Can anyone with sensitive skin recommend a facial cleanser and moisture-riser that actually works for this type of skin?

Probably reacting allergically to lotions or the chlorine/fluoride that is being re-absorbed through the skin after the hot water washes out all the skin oils.

IF I may let me explain why if I were you I would make the choice to look for "toxic-triggers" and to reduce them in order to make the skin-organ stronger.

In the past I also have had many problems with asthma and with skin rashes and itchings. I have learned that all the things that trigger these problems are very very toxic to everyone's health and I have learned to ‘run’ from them.

I also 'eventually' learned that my nutrition was below what it needed to be, so that I could easily have an allergic reaction to something that was toxic, AND my skin and/or lymph and/or kidney and/or liver organs were not strong enough to deal with it quickly, so the rash/itchings were a continual 'warning.'

I have since learned that better nutrition will make the skin and 'purifying' organs stronger in order that they can more easily deal with toxins that we all might have a hard time identifying and running from. (Google browse: “Pellagra-Wikipedia”)

I know this from my own experiences with myself and others since these were also my triggers and when we are all under stress we usually consume-apply things that are more toxic to us, whether alcohol, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, or eating too many calories or high- glycemic calories from carb-sugar-starches.

Toxins include chlorine and fluoride in the drinking and shower water, or pesticides preservatives nitrates chemicals synthetics or enrichments in foods, or pharmaceuticals you have consumed or applied on your skin, or molds or smoke or aerosols.

I hope you learn your triggers and make the choices to become stronger.


IF you are interested, I feel I have become an expert on rashes and pruritus itchings after many years of off and on flare ups. So to do my part to make a difference in the world I now take a little time each week to help others understand why better nutrition is so important, and I have posted much of my own story via the link at: <> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091016160457AAkysKW
<>. I hope you will have learned something today from my own mistakes and would not duplicate them. My best to you and yours. A1- nutritionist  (+ info)

What kind of acne/facial scrub and facial moisturizer is best during pregnancy?

Like many women, i have been breaking out really bad since I got pregnant, and the cold weather and wind doesn't help very much either. What facial scrub and moisturizer do you use that is safe to use during pregnancy? I've heard that Aveeno is really good, I would just like to get some advice before I spend the money on something, since that stuff is expensive. Thanks a bunch!

I was just reading something online at parents.com about how certain facial cleansers and moisturizers are harmful during pregnancy cause they soak into skin and get in blood streams, you need to ask your doc, he may even be able to prescribe you something. With my first my doc told me to wash with a non soap cleanser. Even if its not for your face.  (+ info)

How often should I go get a professional facial done?

I have acne and I had my first professional facial done last week. It was a wonderful experience and now I am considering get facials on a regular basis. Should I have facial done once a month, every two months, or on some other schedule to receive the maximum benefit of facials without breaking my bank account?

  (+ info)

What facial products do you use during pregnancy?

I am just wondering what brand of facial products people use during pregnancy. I have big pores and red spots and would like to find something safe to use, that is not expensive.

I like Avon. It's gentle enough for pregnancy, and cost effective. You could nose around their website for a good deal... www.avon.com

I like their face exfoliating/cleansing pads and the moisturizer. Nicer than drugstore products, not the cost of department stores.

Hope that helps!  (+ info)

Is it good to use two different facial washes?

I've been washing my face with two different facial washes at night, Lancome Milky Cream Cleanser to wash off my makeup, and Cetaphil daily facial wash afterwards. Is it good to use two different facial washes or would I get better results (clear skin) by sticking to just one brand? If so, which brand should I stick to?

It is ok to us two different facial washes as long as they are just facial washes and not an anti wrinkle brand as well. Certain products that are for reducing age signs use different things and you dont want to mix those. Its also extremely important that you use a moisturizer. I would recommend a lotion verses a cream if you have oily skin. I assume you do since you wash your face so much. Hope this helps.

Danielle Ragan
Avon Rep and Certified Beauty Advisor
www.youravon.com/dragan  (+ info)

What inexpensive facial hair removal products work best?

Something that permanently or nearly permently removes facial hair. I feel like I am growing a frigging goatee if I don't shave for a day!

to be honest with you, the only cheap way to really solve your problem is either by waxing or bleaching if you need to do it cheaply.

Otherwise try the laser hair removal, I know it's expensive, but the hair should never grow back afterwards and then no more spending money on products that will only work for a limited amount of time :)  (+ info)

Will a facial work for getting rid of blackheads?

Will a facial work for getting rid of blackheads? If yes will on do? Or will I have to take several? How much do they cost? Where can I get them? Also, can anybody recommend a good face wash for men?

go to www.marykay.com/spersaud for extreamly good skin care product their are stuff their for black heads and pimples  (+ info)

How much facial hair is normal for a woman?

Considering how popular professional waxing, do-it-yourself hair remover and laser treatment is, how much facial hair is normal or are we all hair-phobic. There is obviously a big demand for this. I have heard that European women are quite hairy in comparison. Is there anyone who works in a beauty salon that can shed some light on this and how often are women having treatments?

it's clearly going to be different for every woman, Excess hair can be a sign of ovarian polycystic syndrome which would be worth having investigated by your gp if you feel you may have too much, they'll have to take a blood test first to check your testosterone levels
(my gf has it)

hope this helps  (+ info)

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