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Fallopian Tube?

There was a time i did D&C, i bleeded heavily for three weeks with pains, can this cause block fallopian tube, have any one experience this? and what did u do to conceive?

I never heard of that happening... Why do you think your FT is blocked? We really need more information here.  (+ info)

fallopian tube....???????

i have three questions.
1. when a woman masturbates, can she feel her fallopian tube?
2. is the fallopian tube near the vaginal holes. as in an inch or less away?
3. is it possible for part of a fallopian tube to break off? if so what kind of harm would it do to your body?
if it isn't a fallopian tube then what is the tube thing near the entrance of the vagina that connects to two seperate parts of it?

You'd have a really hard time reaching your fallopian tubes. They're pretty far up there. They're kinda embedded too, so they won't just "fall out".

If anything were to break off, it would have to be some kind of scab or some sort of foreign debris. Vaginae aren't like Daewoos, they don't just fall apart.  (+ info)

Fallopian tube?

is there any one out there that has been told by doctors that they were only born with 1 tube .can this happen

Yes. Or maybe one tube is dysplastic, means it can't be used. But don't worry, you only need 1 tube to have babies.

If you want to know whether the tubes are blocked/present, a HSG (hysterosalpingography) can be done to check the fallopian tubes. Its like a pap smear, but slightly more than that. Contrast media/dye will be injected into your uterus/womb, and x-rays will be taken. The procedure usu. lasts about 20mins. It usu. gives the patients some crampy feeling, similar to the menses cramp.  (+ info)

How long is the egg in the fallopian tube for?

I know it takes an egg 24 hours to travel through the body, however since the egg needs to be fertilized while it is still in the fallopian tube, does anyone know how long it is in the fallopian tube for?

The average length of time an egg is able to be fertilized is 12-24 hours after ovulation. Some sources will say 24-48 hours. Because the timing varies and changes, usually becoming shorter as the woman ages, it is hard to say for sure how long the egg remains in the fallopian tube. Actually, the egg does not travel through the body, but rather after it's release from the ovary, it will travel into the fallopian tube on it's way to the uterus. If fertilization does not occur in the fallopian tube or near to the opening than it begins to disintegrate than is reabsorbed into the body or is passed out with the menstrual flow.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms for problems in fallopian tube?


One of my friend is having some problem is trying to conceive but the process is getting delayed due to the pblms in fallopian tube. I am bit scared on hearing it. What are the symptoms which can be observed fallopian tube problems?

Unfortunately, there are no real symptoms - it is discovered usually during an HSG where they put dye through the tubes and take an x-ray to check for blockage.

Certain things like having PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), endometriosis, a previous ectopic pregnancy, STDs, put you at a higher risk for fallopian tube damage.

Try not to worry . . . you have 2 fallopian tubes and you only "need" one to conceive naturally . . . there are also many options such as surgery to try to remove the damage or IVF . . . so it does not mean that you will never be able to conceive.

Hopefully all will be well with your friend and I would not let it worry you about your own fertility.  (+ info)

How much does having one ovary and fallopian tube affect my chances of getting pregnant?

11 years ago I had a large ovarian cyst removed which included having my right ovary and fallopian tube removed too. Now i only have one, i just wondered how difficult it will be for me to get pregnant. Just wondered if any of you ladies are/have been in the same position and could share some information! Thanks!

  (+ info)

What is the cost of having a Fallopian Tube Recanalisation?

I recently found out via Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) that both of my fallopian tubes are blocked. My doctor referred me to a Specialist and he will more than likely want to do a Fallopian Tube Recanalisation first. Since my doctor informed me of that, and I havn't had my appointment with the Specialist yet, I'm wondering if anyone knows the cost of this procedure?
My insurance Blue Cross, only covered up to the diagnosis of infertility, not any treatment. Since we've found the problem, I don't think anything else will be covered.
Your answers are greatly appreciated!

Prices will vary.. You need to consult the DR. on this one  (+ info)

How long does the egg stay in the fallopian tube to be fertillized?

My boyfrend and I recently had sex, and its about a week before my period, and we diddnt use protection, im scared he might have accidently ejaculated inside of me. I know i ovulate around day 14 of my cycle, and this happend around day 22. I was just wondering how long an egg stayed in the fallopian tube during ovulation to be fertillized?

The time in which it's there is called ovulation. It takes place 14 to 17 days after you have gotten your last period. It stays there until for about 2 days at max 3 days (very rare). After it leaves the tube it's infertile and within a matter of time in extracts it's self from the cervix alond with the uterine lining (the potential embrianic sack.) Thus the blood. You're not pregnant you can't be that too manys days after the start of ovulation.  (+ info)

Can the eggs travel from ovaries without one fallopian tube?

Had one fallopian tube removed, on right side. Can the eggs still travel from right ovary to the other good left tube? Can i still get pregnant as i hear that some women ovulates only on the right? Pls provide any source, illustrations, videos, animes for this if there is an answer. Thanks.

ive had a fallopian tube removed due to ectopic pregnancy, the egg will not travel from one side to the other but what will happen is ur one remaining fallopian tube will compensate for the lost one, as in, do its work. example if ur sight went from one eye, ur other eye would compensate and do the work of two eyes, which is wen we realise why we have been given two of everything. there is a slightly lowered chance of conceiving naturally with one tube buts only 10%. they say that a woman with 2 tubes has a 90% chance of conceiving naturally and a woman with one tube has an 80% chance of conceiving naturally.
most women alternate between which tube the egg travels down, from month to month, which is why it might take u slightly longer to conceive example the first time i got preg took me 6 months 2 conceive then afterwards with only one tube took me one year, so it took me twice as long 2nd time round. good luck :)  (+ info)

I have a twisted fallopian tube and the doctor says I might have sugery? Is there another option?

I have endomentrisis and they said i might need to have everything removed is that true? An is a twisted fallopian tube dangerous?

Yes, you will need surgery. If you have a twisted fallopian tube, blood flow to that tube will be cut off, and the tube will start to die. If left alone, the dying tube will become gangrenous, and could give you an infection called sepsis, which is very dangerous.  (+ info)

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