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Is plantar fasciitis a hard condition to cure? What's the fastest way to heal plantar fasciitis?

My 13yr old son was recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and has a hard time walking - he's in the middle of football training and can't wait to return. I've been told it can take months to heal, even with purchasing New Balance tennis shoes especially designed for people with PF. What can I do to help speed up his healing process and make him more comfortable. Currently he is on Advil 3x daily and will be seeing a podiatrist next week.

I've had it too, and I'm a CNA, so I understand his pain. It can be a hard condition to cure if he doesn't take care of himself and rest his feet when he needs to. The podiatrist will probably tell him to take NSAIDs (like Aleve) and an anti-inflammatory (Prednisone) if possible. In the meantime, buy foot inserts that will help his arch, or you can get a two-liter soda bottle, fill it up with warm water and cover the cap, and roll under the foot to help support his arches so they don't fall. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

Ladies with plantar fasciitis pain, where do you buy your dress/work shoes?

I'm a cute 20 something girl stuck in clunky orthopedic shoes. Help! I love heels but can only wear them for about an hour at a time due to my pesky plantar fasciitis. There have to be places to buy attractive, comfortable foot friendly shoes. I can't go with something that's just "comfortable", it has to be desigend for people with plantar fasciitis problems-- trust me, I've tried.

Ladies with similar feet problems, where do you buy your shoes?

I buy the foot insoles that are for p.f. and insert them into my shoes that way I can use the latest styles without the "Frankenstein shoe" look. You can get these at local pharmacy or order them on-line. We’ve picked some popular shoes and inserts that can help people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. To shop these styles and many more, visit Shoebuy.com  (+ info)

What are some exercises to help plantar fasciitis?

I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis for about a month now, and my feet are still bothering me. I have been icing my feet several times a day and I also stretch regularly. I was wondering what other exercises there are that would help with the pain so I can start training for cross country. Thanks!

Wow, that can be extremely painful! The fascia (or plastic wrap-type covering of the tendons around the heel area) can become swollen, tight, and compress the nerves causing extreme pain. Mine used to hurt when I was running all over the hospital floors when working as a registered nurse. If you cannot give your foot (or feet) some absolute rest, they will not get a chance to decrease in swelling. The cold packs or ice will help, but sometimes it takes more than that. Your feet are really asking for non-weight bearing rest and gentle movements.
Injections hurt worse than the pain (or they did for me) although it can really help decrease the swelling and thereby reduce or get rid of the pain completely. Did I mention how much those injections hurt?
Check this website out, as well as WebMD for very helpful suggestions and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
http://www.plantar-fasciitis.org/  (+ info)

How do I get rid of Plantar Fasciitis?

I had Plantar Fasciitis as a runner in early 2000s. I lost 20 pounds in 2008 and it went away immediately. It's back now. I think it was because of wearing some sandals that didn't support my feet well. I've removed those shoes from my closet and now I need more help. Any tips? P.S. I have flat feet, if you didn't figure already. Could this also mean that I need new running shoes?

Plantar Fasciitis can occur due to overexertion during any sporting activities - it is rather common among runners. Believe it or not Plantar Fasciitis is one of the 5 most common foot injuries among professional athletes. Having a flatter foot (also called "pronation", your ankles may lean inward causing you to have a lower arch and thus a "flat foot) certainly does not help matters. In fact, worn out, old or poorly constructed shoes that don't fit properly, do not effectively support your heels or arch generally affect the distribution of your body weight and puts undue stress on the underside of your foot (your "Plantar Fascia"). I recommend that you see a doctor to get a proper course of treatment in order to fully heal your Plantar Fasciitis. There is however a treatment plan that you can administer in order to get rid of your Plantar Fasciitis.

Consider the URICE formula - Ultrasound, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Many doctors, physical therapists and massage therapists administer therapeutic ultrasound treatments in order to heal soft tissue injuries such as your Plantar Fasciitis. Ultrasound treatments can effectively speed the healing process by reducing your swelling and edema and healing your damaged plantar fascia tissue by softening any scar tissue that you may have. This is accomplished as ultrasound devices emit sound waves which penetrate deep beneath your skins' surface to heal your injured tissue. It's basically like a deep tissue massage that is given directly to the site of your injury where you need it most. You can get these treatments from a doctor or specialist - or even purchase a portable ultrasound unit. With a portable ultrasound unit you can treat your Plantar Fasciitis up to 3 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes. It is important to note that therapeutic ultrasound is a continuous therapy which means the more you get treatment the more your injury will heal. Follow ultrasound treatments with considerable rest by limiting your activity and decrease the weight that is placed on your foot. Ice your foot and heel area 2 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes in order to prevent any swelling. Compress your foot by adding light pressure to minimize swelling, you can use a compression wrap, cloth or even a towel to do this. Finally, elevate your foot above chest level to relieve the pressure that is placed on your injury.

Again I recommend that you see a doctor to get a proper treatment plan that will work best for you and your injury. If you would like any additional information about Plantar Fasciitis you may visit the website I've pasted below.

Good luck with your Plantar Fasciitis, and I sincerely hope that you experience some substantial pain relief soon :)  (+ info)

What are some good shoes for plantar fasciitis that are not athletic?

I have plantar fasciitis and my podiatrist recommended New Balance athletic shoes. I need a shoe that I can wear to work that is not athletic. I dress casually so a casual shoe would work.

get insoles and wear them in any shoes. You need arch support.  (+ info)

How do I know if I have Plantar Fasciitis?

My heels get really sore for what seems no reason and I've looked up some possible diagnosis' and it seems the most plausible one is for Plantar Fasciitis. How can I know for sure without spending 2 hours waiting to see a doctor?

Well unfortunately you'll probably want to go to a podiatrist anyway. Even if you can decide for yourself that you have Plantar Faciitis you will want something to help take the pain away and that usually means orthotics.

Does the pain also happen in the arch of your foot? If it is Plantar Faciitis it will most likely hurt there too.

It's a very simple diagnosis and you would save yourself a lot of trouble by just going to a doctor.  (+ info)

when treating plantar fasciitis should you stay off of your feet completely?

When treating that foot condition plantar fasciitis, should you stay off of your feet 'completely' for one or two weeks, or can you walk around and do little chores at very short intervals?

When mine flared up I was told to stay off of them completely and ice them. Once they started feeling a bit better I was told to never walk barefoot, wear good tennis shoes with inserts in them (possibley get orthodics made for your shoes). I usually wear what I am supposed to but once in awhile wear a pair of flip flops since I am in sunny CA. You can do what ever feels comfortable to you. If you are in pain after walking or being on your feet too long a pain reliever and a frozen bottle of water under the arch of your foot usually helps. There are also some excercises you can do for your feet.Good luck!   (+ info)

Is using a night splint important in healing plantar fasciitis?

I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis in both feet for over a month now, and I am considering buying splints to wear at night because I have heard that they help with the healing process. Has anyone used these? Do they cause significant improvement?

It helped me greatly, but u gotta stretch the foot, achilles tendon and calf 3-4x a day and b4 bed and upon rising too. It took about 2 weeks and the pain was gone.
Get the slints u can walk in.  (+ info)

How can you help ease the pain of plantar fasciitis?

I am training for a half-marathon, and my left foot is killing me from plantar fasciitis! I have been icing it every night, but I am afraid I'm going to have to give up running if it continues to get worse. Any suggestions?

Your going to have to stay off it for a couple of days to give it rest or it will keep getting worse. I have had plantar fascitis and the doctor told me to get a drinking water bottle (the ones with the rings around the middle are best) Freeze water. Take for foot and roll it over the bottle back and forth. Another exercise is to keep your foot flat on the floor(I do this in the shower) move your foot like you are trying to grab something with it. Do you anyone that can wrap the arch of your foot for you that knows what they are doing?
My foot doctor gave me cortisone injections and then support wrapped it. If it doesn't get better you will need to see a podiatrist. Good luck  (+ info)

What is the best shoe to wear for plantar fasciitis?

What is the best shoe to wear for plantar fasciitis I have had continual pain for the past five months and need to know what the best shoe is to wear.

Wearing shoes with more arch support may help decrease stress on the area. there is this one company called New Balance that makes shoes specifically for Plantar Fascitis. you can try going on the net and browsing for them and place an order maybe (?). There is this other product that has been proven to provide relief. its called the HTP Heel Seats. The Heel Seat looks like a shoe pad. They can be worn in any type of shoe with a backing, and the special material they are made from keeps them in place. They are known to relieve pain, heal progressing conditions, and prevent future outbreaks. hope this helps you! =)  (+ info)

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