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what can I do about my Plantar fasciitis?

I would like to help myself with my Plantar fasciitis
Looking for a variety of ways to cure it or stop the pain


I cut my hours, then changed my shoes. The problem went away. Of course, not everyone can simply drop one job and pick up another--I was very fortunate.

I have a coworker with the same issue who rolls a cold bottle of water under his foot while he's sitting. He says it helps. He also recommended wearing an elastic made just for that purpose around the foot or using an ace bandage wrap. Compressing the foot is supposed to help. I tried it: sometimes it helped, sometimes it made things doubly excruciating.

There's also a bunch of exercises you can do, but you'll have to look those up. Googling "plantar fasciitis exercises" should do the trick. Good luck! I hope I'm never in pain like that again--it was debilitating! My good sketchers work shoes were only 1.5 years old, but WOW did they ever cripple me!  (+ info)

Can anyone recoomend leather (not steel toe) work boots for people with plantar fasciitis?

I suffer from plantar fasciitis (it causes a certain type of soreness in the heels of your feet). I am on my feet 8 hours a day on cement in work boots, I'm wondering if there are work boots out that are designed to help prevent the condition from getting worse etc.

Go to a podiatrist and get a prescription for insoles. That will make a difference no matter what kind of boot you wear.  (+ info)

"earth" shoes with the negative heel for relief from plantar fasciitis pain?

I've been dealing with heel pain due to plantar fasciitis and have done all the things suggested by the doctors, no relief. Heard that earth shoes with the negative heel have been worn and have given some pain relief. They are quite expensive and I'd like more information before I buy them.

Actually high heels are better as they force the weight to the ball of the foot. You may wish to tie you rfeet at night. Tie the toes/ballof foot to ypur calve or ankle so that the bottom of the foot is stretched backwards. Rolling pin on the bottom before you go to bed or are watching TV. Exercise the plantar fascia ligament whenever you are standing. Putting on makeup, on the phone, waiting in line. Up and down on your toes. Comfortable shoes are a must. Heel cushions too.  (+ info)

Last year I got Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, now it is healed, but why do my feet still hurt?

The doctor did MRI , and said Plantar Fasciitis has healed, but I have bone spurs on both heals.

I cannot stand for long periods, or walk too far, without it hurting. My foot doctor says bone spurs would not cause them to still hurt????

Go to your doctor again and if he tries to just excuse you saying it's not bad, tell him he doesn't understand and don't leave until he gets what your saying. Try painkillers if he prescribes them, and if it doesn't work, talk to him again. If he can't help you, find a new foot doctor, you don't have to live with pain.  (+ info)

Do they ever cast for Plantar Fasciitis?

My cousin is having alot of pain in her foot. Apparently it is Plantar's Fasciitis. She dances and is worried that they will put her in a cast due to the severity of the pain. Do they cast for Plantar Faschiitis?

No! Casting would be about the worst thing you could do for Plantar's. She needs to see a podiatrist, who will prescribe special stretching exercises for her. The doctor might also have special inserts made for her shoes to help the Plantar's calm down some, so that her pain is gone.  (+ info)

Which inexpensive sandals would be good for Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs?

I would like to know which sandals would be good for people with pf and heel spurs... Skechers shape up sandals, keen sandals, birenstock sandals, or some other names that I can't remember. Would Doctor Scholls sandals be good or not?

Having experienced pf.I tried just about every shoe known to man.Finally had good luck with birkenstock sandals.Believe me you do not want a cheap shoe.I also have good luck with Merrell's.  (+ info)

What is the best way to prevent Plantar Fasciitis?

When ever I run more than 10 miles my feet kill me the next day. I strecth them, warm up, wear newer running shoes but nothing seems to work. Am I doomed with this forever?

Man I feel your pain. I cannot even walk or stand in the shop for more than a few minutes. Besides your streatches, my podiatrist recomended anti-inflamatory drugs like Ibuprophen or you can ask them for a prescription for Meloxicam which is a newer replacemment for drugs like Viaoxx that were pulled from the market. Also do ice packs for 20 minutes several times a day to keep swelling down. I also purchased Orthotics (Special shoe inserts) from my podiatrist. You can get ones like Dr Scholls from the drug stores but they are soft. The ones my podiatrist sold me were $35 and are like a very hard plastic that when I have my shoes on they press into and streatch the arch to keep that tendon flexible. My problem is that the bone spur resulting from having Plantar Fasciitis is probably too large as it gets inflamed way too fast. Looks like surgery is possible in the future for me.  (+ info)

Why do both of my feet hurt from Plantar fasciitis?

The pain in the morning is excruciating! I'm in fairly good shape but my arches are very deep. I walk a lot. Does anyone have any ideas for treating my Plantar fasciitis during the day, at night, and in the morning?

There are a bunch of things you can do to help minimize the discomfort from this condition. First consult with your podiatrist about getting custom orthotics for your shoes. They're not cheap - my daughters ran me $500 but if you have insurance then the bulk of that will be covered. Do not walk around the house in slippers or barefoot. You can buy braces/splints to wear in bed to keep the foot stretched (try your podiatrist or footsmart.com). Also a good exercise to do twice a day is to take 2 cold cans of soda, put them on the floor, and roll them back and forth using the arches of your feet for 10 minutes.  (+ info)

What shoes do you recommend for those with plantar fasciitis?

I just donated over 23 pairs of shoes. I used to LOVE shoes, so this has been a disappointing blow. Do they make any cute, cushiony white sandals anywhere?

if it is support and comfort u are looking for..i say
go with NIKE AIR
They are awesome~  (+ info)

Home remedy for plantar fasciitis and heel spur?

Have you had surgery for a heel spur?
My heel pain has been life changing; in a bad way.
An X-ray revealed a heel spur caused by (or caused?) plantar fasciitis.
The podiatrist gave me shoe inserts to take the pressure off of the heel with high arch support. He also gave me a prescription for NSAIDS.
I want a cure!
Do you have a home treatment that rid you of your heel spur permanently? What was it like? What were the results?
Thanks for answering!

If you have a bone spur you most likely will have to have it shaved off.

but if you do not have a spur and it is scar tissue you can treat it

I have suffered from plantar fascitis for years (recuring)
these are some of the things that have helped me
I went to physio and this is what they told me to do.

you have tendons on the bottom of your feet it is attached to the bottom of your heal bone when it shortens it can start to rip off of your heal bone and this will cause calcium buildup what we call a bone spur.

there are some things that you can do to help.

1) get wedge high heal sandals and shoes you want to make sure that they support your feet. make sure that they are no higher than 2 inches.
if one inch makes your feet feel better ware them.

make sure that you ware them any time you are on your feet even in the house.

this will stop your from tearing that tendon any more.

2) take an anti inflammatory your choice

3) stretching exercises use heat before hand to make sure that the tendons are soft. either use a heating pad or hot water bottle. use the heat for 10 to 15 min's
the stretching you want to do are as follows
A) while sitting on a chair bring your foot back so it is under the chair keeping your toes flat on the ground lift up your heal like you are taking a step make sure that you do not stretch too far (it should not hurt) hold for 15 sec's repeat 4 more times do this with both feet 3 times a day.

B) using a tennis ball or a soup can (on it's side)
put your foot on the can or ball in the arch of your foot again while sitting put some weight on it and roll it back and fourth. this will stretch out the tendon

use ice 15 min's after stretching it will help with the swelling

4) use ice the best way is to get some of those small paper cups fill half full with water and freeze them. when you use them peel back the paper and rub on area make sure to keep it moving so you do not hurt the skin.

5) keep your feet up. and try to stay off them as much as possible.

6) go to the pharmacy and buy arch suports they will help also buy heal spur pads the ones that have a spot in the middle of the heal that you can take out this will help to releave pain.

all of this will take months to make your pain to go away

7) if the above does not help you can go to your family doc and get an injection of cortazone in your heal.

8) if all else fails and the doc's do beleive that you do have a spur you will have to have it filed off.

9) to prevent this from happening in the future you will need to get good walking shoes ones that keep your heal slightly higher than the ball of your foot and have good arch suports.

  (+ info)

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