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Can fat necrosis initially developed after a TRAM flap reconstruction of the breast continue after 3 years?

After a modified mastectomy and a TRAM flap reconstruction I developed fat necrosis due to poor blood supply to the flap. This fat necrosis consisted of a large lump (2 x 3 in). However after 3 years I noticed a pea size lump that developed around the incision and now after a year is 3 times larger. A biopsy showed that the lump is fat necrosis. However it continues to grow. Is it possible for fat necrosis to continue to grow or could this be a cancer tumor recurrence that has not been properly diagnosed? I hear different answers from different doctors, such as fat necrosis do not usually grow, I don't know, fat necrosis continue to grow. I am confused and worried. My tumor marker has always been on the high side (30-39) but always consistent.

Doubt it is a new cancer. In my experience fat necrosis lumps and lipomas don't follow any definite growth or shrinkage pattern. Some will fluctuate in size in relationship to your general body weight, some will slowly increase in size and some will stay the same. Sorry, I know this answer is not very helpful, but this is my experience.

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Is anyone familiar with fat necrosis (nodules on the body) associated with chronic inflammation?

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How do I find out if my husband has avascular necrosis?

We live in Florida and we have no insurance, he was previously diagnosed by some uncaring big dollar fat cat doctor as having unitary sacrelitis of the hips (which does not exist) after researching I found a disease that matches many of his symptoms, He cannot get out of bed most mornings, he has great difficulty getting around most days, he is 24 and has to walk with a cane, Avascular necrosis is a disesae in wich the blood supply is lost to the bones and the bones eventually die, but how can I find out if this is his issue? Someone please help, if you know anyone with this disease or have any info, please relay any help over to me, thank you.

Since you have no insurance, I would start at the closest county facility to save $. A plain xray of the hip might show radiographic findings suggestive of AVN; he will probably need further testing but that is a cheaper way to start. Also, if you go to a larger medical facility they will be able to get consultations with an orthopedic specialist easier. Since this is not technically an emergency,save yourself the hefty ER fee & try to get into an urgent care or clinic at the facility. Try not to put it off as the damage is cumulative.  (+ info)

Trauma or injury to the breast (fat necrosis)?

What is your question? yes an injury can cause a necrotic injury like a necrotic lipoma - a lump of benign fatty scar tissue.

I hit myself in the abdomen while trimming trees and I grew several hard lumps resembling tumors in my abdomen at the injury site that grew for about a year and then became necrotic and slowly shrank over time into a hard lump.  (+ info)

Has anyone been diagnosed with fat necrosis of the breast?

I had a core biospy today and the results will be back next Monday. The surgeon told me it is likely to be a fat necrosis. I have researched information on this and though fat necrosis is benign, the symptons/features can be similar to breast cancer. I am wondering how certain a doctor can be of a diagnosis before the results of the biospy are determined. Has anyone been misdiagnosed or had fat necrosis.
Hi Smiling d...
I cannot recall any recent injuries. I know I stupidly walked into a door handle and it hit my breast but that was 4 years ago. So what happened with you - did you have it removed or did it just go away? Thanks for your reply and also to the other person who wished me well.

Yes. This happened when I fell and cracked a rib, a few days/weeks later I found a large lump in my breast. Had a mamogram and core biopsy and the result was fat necrosis (dead fat). It is common with injuries. Did you injure your breast? I am not sure of the timing required.  (+ info)

How does skin necrosis from a spider bite takes place? Will it happen from the inside of the skin out?

About 4 or five days ago I noticed a large red pimple on my right thigh that frlt hot to the touch and it has been growing since. Have a little fever that always starts late in the afternoon through midnight. 2 days ago I went to the hosp but they didn't think much of it and prescribed a wide-spectrum antibiotic and Ibuprofen. Today, early evening, I has REALLY grown, very hot to the touch, still feverish, headache, rash on both legs and area closest to the center dot of inflammation is starting to turn very dark red specially under the skin. So, is this how skin necrosis starts, from the inside out? Answer appreciated.

Necrosis is a depression rather than a bulge, it's an ulceration of underlying tissue, bites from a brown recluse are a common cause of necrosis. if it doesn't sink in and turn black i don't believe it can be called necrosis.Everthing else you mention is characteristic of a reluse bit except the pimple.  (+ info)

Does a torn rotator resemble avascular necrosis when looking at the results of an MRI?

Why would one doc say it's a torn rotator and the other say it's avascular necrosis when they're looking at the same films and doing the same tests?

A couple of thoughts...I'm not a radiologist, but my first question would be - were both of these docs radiologists? Because a torn rotator involves soft tissue and avascular necrosis involves bony tissue, I would think they could be differentiated on the MRI as long as you had a good quality MRI done on an up-to-date machine and read by a radiologist. I'd get a third opinion that includes comments on the quality of the scan. These 2 problems are treated so differently, you really need to find out which one it is.  (+ info)

Why does steroids cause avascular necrosis of the femural head?

This comes in context of Hodgkin's Lymphoma where prednisolone is give as a drug for it and one of the complication is avascular necrosis of the femural head.

Good question. (femoral)
Here's an excellent analysis from emedicine/WebMD updated recently in August 2008. Various mechanisms are discussed if you read this article, but the bottom line is that no one really knows for sure.
http://www.emedicine.com/RADIO/topic70.htm  (+ info)

Is the fat in coconut milk or avocados as bad as the fat in meat or as good as the fat in Salmon?

Fat information is getting confusing. I know meat fat is the worst except Salmon fat is good. Olive oil is good and palm oil is bad. Cheese fat is bad. I just don't know how avocado and coconut oil figure into the picture. Are they in the middle? Should I eat these products or avoid them?

avocado, salmon and olive oil fat are good fats.
Meat, cheese, palm oil and coconut milk are bad fats.  (+ info)

Do fat people have a right to criticise the eating habits of others?

I'm not too fat, nor too skinny, and yet I have been accused of overeating by a fat person! I would never comment on a fat person's eating habits!

Should people make open remarks about the eating habits of others, or is it just plain rude?

its pretty rude i think, especially if you're not real close to the person.

i get disgusted watching fat people eat. it reminds me of someone with lung cancer puffing down a marlboro.

fat people also like to give excercise advice. like how they don't mind telling me how bad running is on my knees...whatever. they dont really know what they're talking about they just like to be able to justify sitting our their butt when they should be active.

so don't worry about them...just let it roll off.  (+ info)

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