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fecal incontinence?

I have fecal incontinence.. I 've had it for some time now.. but only after i use the restroom though.. liquid stuff just comes out.. not into my panties or anything I just cant seem to get clean.. is there anyway to make it stop? I have to be somewhere in 2 hours? please help!!!

Have you by any chance eaten any of the stuff with Olestra (marketed under Wow! brand snack foods). I ate too many and had some stuff leaking and it was really weird. I basically put on a night time pad (one that is extra long) because I couldn't figure out anything to do to make it stop.  (+ info)

How is waterproof underwear helpful in fecal incontinence?

I want to know how are water-proof underwear helpful in fecal incontinence? I am looking for a underwear which donot allow sweat to pass through it and prevents the outer clothes from soiling..is it what waterproof underwear serves? And are waterproof underwear..easily washable? To Remove stain in one wash?
I am talking about Anal Leakage

  (+ info)

How to cause fecal incontinence through hypnosis?

im looking for a place on the internet where you can find free hypnosis to cause incontinence- please help!

You get 2 points for creativity. But sorry, you can't find that anywhere, lol...

Even a professionally trained hypnotist would have a hard time talking somebody into that.  (+ info)

Because I have fecal incontinence, how do I make it unobvious when I am pooping during class?

I have been wearing the adult diapers that were prescribed by the doctor as well as a oral product that stops the smell.

um you can't people will smell it...what?? Is this for real???  (+ info)

Is fecal (sp) incontinence in a woman who is 74 likely to be serious?

Any suggestions?

(And Nope it is not about me)

Have her checked at doc for Alzeimer's Disease.
It is one of the symptoms  (+ info)

What could cause fecal incontinence in men, at age 28?

That is a good question for a doctor.  (+ info)

what dietary changes should one make to their diet if they think they are suffering from fecal incontinence?

fecal incontinence is basically poor control of ones bowels

You either have fecal incontinence or you do not.Surely you know when you mean to empty your bowels and when you do not? If you think you have then you need to see a doctor to determine the cause of it. Dietary changes that might help are to increase the amount of fibre in your diet and make sure your drink enough water  (+ info)

Part of a paper on gastro enterology[diarrhoeal cause&effect] requires I do a survey on fecal incontinence?

If you find this offensive exit now.The question is[Adults 18+] have you ever had an involuntary bowel movement or defecated yourself,if yes was this because of (a) medical condition(b)food poisoning(c)stomach virus(d)other.....if possible specify Footnote. This has happened to me I can't answer my own question but have included myself in the survey.Thank you for co-operating.

Is this for real? Oh well several times with C and once on impact in a car accidentD.  (+ info)

My son has fecal and urinary incontinence. He wears a diaper to bed, but lately the diapers have been.........

...leaking because they were so full. How do I keep him from spoiling through the diaper onto the bed?

My son was born with bladder extrophe and has a similar problem. I use to have to put a plastic sheet over the bed at night and then he would sleep with a pull-up and a diaper over the pull-up. He has had surgery to correct the problem. What is his prognosis?  (+ info)

Has anyone ever heard of fecal/stool incontinence associated with children with ADD and ADHD??

I would talk to you doctor about it, because I have never hear of incontinence from a person with ADD or ADHD. Do you think the child is not aware what is happening because they are not paying attention?  (+ info)

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