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What diseases affect the male and female reproductive system?

what are some diseases that actually affect the male and female reproductive system? i need 5.

sexually transmitted diseases
high blood pressure  (+ info)

What are some disorders or genetic diseases that only affects Female (not male) offspring. Only Female?

I need to know which genetic diseases ONLY affects female offspring and not male. Last time I asked this question, ppl listed anything which were mostly male disorders or both. I specifically need disorders/diseases affecting Female offspring only. Thanks :-)
Help!!! I understand that Turner Syndrome is one of these diseases. I need to know more. Please list other genetic disorders that affect only females.

Aicardi Syndrome.
It affects only girls (well, and some boys with an extra chromosone)  (+ info)

Friend has HIV wants a relationship with female though he got the diseases with a male ?

The kids got friends that runs around the clubs screwing every thing and they`ve got aids no question of {Safe Sex} it just does`nt exist , and they don't care who they infect he says that lots are to drugged out or drunk and just mad at the world and don`t give a dam , Is this illegal and is this a underground HIV unseen wold growing and out of control?

Should he start a relationship with a female with HIV or with out

It depends where he lives. Knowingly infecting someone with HIV can be considered attempted murder while in other states (NY) there is no law what so ever. SO it depends where he lives. There is a higher risk in younger males and females, they think with the medications out there, no big deal. Well let me tell you it is!!  (+ info)

If a man has multiple female sex partners, what are his chances of contracting a diseases?

being that he is a man. if he sleeps with them every week and rotates them off.

The chances of contracting a disease is very high in that situation. Yearly STD screening would be very important under these circumstances. For more information call 1-888-840-8688.  (+ info)

Can you get a virus or diseases from female masterbatition?

I know you can get one from a sore in your mouth and saliva touches the vagina, but is there any other way or type?

Not unless you have something on your hands or whatever it is you're using. Just make sure whatever you use is clean.  (+ info)

what the relation between age and female urogenital disease?

  (+ info)

Is it possible to transmit sex diseases if the male and female are virgins. ?

and we both def. are.

define virginity. You've never had sexual contact?
I would assume it is safe, but there are std's that can be transmitted during birth. It's very rare though. Also, if he/she has a cold sore caused by herpes on his/her mouth, it can be transmitted during oral sex. Either way, you should always use protection, even if she's on birth control.   (+ info)

why diseases like malaria is spread by female mosquitos not by male ones?

i studied that vector of malaria is female anophelous mosquito
similarily female culex mosquito spread filariasis
why it is said so?

i am not joking and i don't need any funny answers
thank you
why male mosquitos donot bite?
more explanation pls!!
why no one find this question interesting? pls give me a star . i really need it!!!!

Because female mosquitoes feed on blood for fertilization. Male mosquitoes only feed on nectar.  (+ info)

question for a doctor,teenage female body,diseases/sicknesses?

My neice has been having a few issues. It seems like when she goes to the bathroom she has this feeling and it makes her stop peeing and it hurts but its like a blockage! Its better today then yesterday but we dont exactly know what is going on. It caused a little bleeding the first day! And i know she is still a virgin,but has had her period already. Does any one know what this could be?

  (+ info)

what are the diseases that may occur to the reproductive system of male and female?

  (+ info)

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