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if you have sex with a female virgin with no condom can you get any diseases?

cause theres this chick that is a virgin for sure and i got no condoms so if me friend has sex with her can he get any diseases

Yes, herpes and HPV are spread through skin to skin contact.
So maybe she dry humped someone with her clothes off. Maybe she was raped as a child and exposed to disease then? As horrible as that is, it's a possibility. What if her mom passed HIV through breast milk while she was infant? These are all ways that "virgins" can contract STDs.

And why would HE risk giving HER an std or getting her pregnant?

You must ALWAYS use protection. Don't ruin her life by thinking it's okay to have sex with virgins unprotected. What if she got pregnant?

Think really hard and thoroughly about that.

There are ways to get free condoms. Visit your local planned parenthood center. They'll give them to you for free. Or maybe a friend's parent would be nice enough to purchase some for you and your friend? Why not just ask your parents? I'm sure they'd gladly buy some for you and him to keep you safe.

Or even YOU can buy condoms. It's perfectly legal to walk into a store and buy them. All you need is money. They aren't that expensive.  (+ info)

Female Diseases? DOCTORS & NURSES WELCOME!!?

I was just wondering all of the female diseases that give you stomach pains and diarrhea during menstruation, such as endometriosis.
no...it's something..i suffer from chronic stomach pain.
p.s i'm 16.
no, this is NOT just pain.
this is pain that feels like someone is stabbing me.
even my doctors have said there is something not normal, so they are doing a laprascopy soon..

  (+ info)

Female Diseases??????????? ?

My teacher was out for like 6 months due to some "female" disease. All I know is that it wasn't breast cancer. Can you just name a few female only diseases or infections?
I'm not worried, just curious

maybe a form of cervical cancer or she had a cist in her ovaries.  (+ info)

Can diseases be male and female?

I am wondering because I have been having dreams about people and in one there was 3 blonde females in another there was 4 people blocking a door-2 male and 2 female and then 2 people near me that were male and female(dark hair) and outside of the house a scary looking guy in a truck.

I have come to the conclusion they represent the diseases i have. I have 4 of them 5 now but don't know what that one is and it could be a scary one.
but the people in these dreams I do not know(or know that many people.

In my dreams with these people the 4 people did block one door but I found a way out of the house. I have been thinking alot this week because I have 3 appt's this week on MWF. 2 I already go to but the 3rd one is completely new to me for a completely new disease.

I don't really think so..
I can understand your thinking but diseases are just that..
they strike anywhere any time.. !!!
they are not prejudice
we are just tried in different ways and some are more prone to diseases than others..
I wish you well and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers..
good luck  (+ info)

can female bisexual lovers transfer veneral diseases to each other particularly aids?

I would say yes if you are using sex toys.and you dont wash them after use.or you are taking turns using toys.  (+ info)

Female children react better to germs and disease?

I heard somewhere that female children react better to disease and germs than male children - and as a result, the world has more females than males...
Is this true?

Apparently females are born with a stronger immune system than males as the fatality rates of baby girls is much smaller than the fatality rate of baby boys. This has been observed by hospital staff.

Although more males are born than females a lot more males die in accidents and wars than females and the life span of males is about 4 or 5 years less than the lifespan of females.  (+ info)

What percentage of Coronary artery disease patients are female?

I'm just wondering what the male to female ratio is among patients with Coronary artery disease is. If you could tell me where you got the information from I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

After attaining the stage of menopause the percentage of CAD cases in males and females is almost equal. Before the menopause the incidence of the coronary artery disease (CAD) in females is very low due to the estrogen and other feminizing hormonal effect.  (+ info)

can a female & male non identical twins have the same genetic disease?

We have a case where 2 children twins (one female & one male) whom are non-identical and born to a rare case of respiratory depression. Most probably the cause if sedative (over does of anesthesia (opioids). The doctors are going now to consider genetic diseases. Can they have the same disease together? Is that possible in genetics? What is the possibility?
The twins age is 60 days today (15-4-2007). They were born on 15-2-2007. There is no family history of the same anywhere in our family or the mother family.

Sure it can happen! I have twins (a boy and a girl) and both have the same genetic condition. However, they both manifest the disease in totally different ways. My son has mostly physical characteristics of the disease, whereas my daughter has many of the mental and emotional aspects of the disease.

The odds of this happening are the same for any other siblings in the same family. Check with your geneticist for probabilities if it's really important to you.  (+ info)

Can a low libido in a 21 year old female be disease related or birth control related?

My girlfriend all of the sudden doesn't want to have sex anymore. Her libido is non-existent. She loves me dearly but says she just isn't in the mood and is considering seeing a doctor. She recently changed birth control pills but neither of us think that could be related. Are any diseases realted to a low libido? Were both a little worried.

Birth control pills contain hormones and hormones can effect your desire to have sex greatly. If this hasn't been going on long see if you can wait it out for a month and if it doesn't improve have her consult her doctor. She probably needs to change birth control. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the one that will work for her the best. Good luck.  (+ info)

What is that one vaccination/shot very female has to get because of that one disease?

My friends told me every female needs to get it? Or they will get this one disease? Do I have to take it? I don't even go do checkups from the doctors.

I'm gonna guess they meant Gardasil. This vax will prevent 4 strans of HPV. HPV is an STD. It is estimated that by age 50, 80% of women have had it at some point in their lives. Most women's bodies will fight it off on their own. HPV is the STD that causes genital warts and in some cases can lead to cervical cancer. Cervical cancer along with breast cancer are at the top of list for leading causes of death in women. No you don't necessarily have to take it, but just think, if you can take a vax that will prevent cervical cancer, it's a good idea. If you are sexually active you should be getting your check-ups once a year. Check with your gyn dr and they will give you more info on the vax.  (+ info)

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