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i am 28 y/o, female & still a virgin, any reproductive side effects or diseases?

men don't seem to know what i am talking about! lol! of course i am asking about the negative effects of being a virgin at this certain age! my friend told me i am more prone to cervical cancer & that really scares me!

girls, thanks for sharing your thoughts! cheers!

i found this hope this helps out....

Who is eligible for cervical screening?
All women between the ages of 25 and 64 are eligible for a free cervical screening test every three to five years. In the light of evidence published in 2003 the NHS Cervical Screening Programme now offers screening at different intervals depending on age. This means that women are provided with a more targeted and effective screening programme.

The new intervals are:

Age group (years) Frequency of screening
25 First invitation
25 - 49 3 yearly
50 - 64 5 yearly
65+ Only screen those who have not been screened since age 50 or have had recent abnormal tests

The NHS call and recall system invites women who are registered with a GP. It also keeps track of any follow-up investigation, and, if all is well, recalls the woman for screening in three or five years time. It is therefore important that all women ensure their GP has their correct name and address details and inform them if these change.

Women who have not had a recent test may be offered one when they attend their GP or family planning clinic on another matter. Women should receive their first invitation for routine screening at 25.

1P Sasieni, J Adams and J Cuzick, Benefits of cervical screening at different ages: evidence from the UK audit of screening histories, British Journal of Cancer, July 2003

Why are women under 25 and women over 65 not invited?
Cervical cancer is rare in women under 20. Teenagers' bodies, particularly the cervix, are still developing, which means young women may get an abnormal smear result when there is nothing wrong. This could lead to unnecessary treatment so screening young women might do more harm than good.

Under the age of 25 years, invasive cancer is extremely rare, but changes in the cervix are common. Although lesions treated in very young women may prevent cancers from developing many years later, the evidence1 suggests that screening could start at age 25. Lesions that are destined to progress will still be screen-detectable and those that would regress will no longer be a source of anxiety. Younger women will not have to undergo unnecessary investigations and treatments.

Any woman under 25 who is concerned about her risk of developing cervical cancer or her sexual health generally, should contact her GP or Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinic.

Women aged 65 and over who have had three consecutive negative smears are taken out of the call recall system. The natural history and progression of cervical cancer means it is highly unlikely that such women will go on to develop the disease. Women aged 65 and over who have never had a smear are entitled to a test.

What about women who are not sexually active?
The NHS Cervical Screening Programme invites all women between the ages of 25 and 64 for cervical screening. But if a woman has never been sexually active with a man, then the research evidence shows that her chance of developing cervical cancer is very low indeed. We do not say no risk, only very low risk. In these circumstances, a woman might choose to decline the invitation for cervical screening on this occasion. If a woman is not currently sexually active but has had male partners in the past, then we would recommend that she continues screening.  (+ info)

What percentage chance does a female teenager have of dying from a smoking related disease?

Who smokes 5-10 cigarettes a week.

If you mean die in your teens, unless you have a predisposing lung condition I don't suppose smoking will effect you until you are older, but it increases your risk of wrinkles, osteoporosis (brittle bones), emphysema (lungs lose their elasticity), organ damage, lung cancer, heart disease.
It effects he production of collagen so sports injuries to endons and ligaments take longer to heal.
Smokers get 3 x more tooth cavities, get sick more often than non smokers and the longer you smoke the greater the chance of dying from it.  (+ info)

Is there really a disease where a female can appear to be pregnant for 9 months but she really isn't??

I know this girl who is getting bigger every month. We think she's pregnant but someone heard of the disease and thinks she has it. She has all of the pregnancy symptoms too.

Yep, Its called " Hysterical pregnancy", it happens when a woman desires so much a child that her body starts to behave like she really was pregnant. Mind over body!! Its comproved scientifically. Freud did talk about it many years ago.  (+ info)

Can young people (20 something female) take glucosamine to prevent joint pain?

I know for sure that people who actually suffer from joint pain can be relieved by taking glucosamine. Can young people like me (20 something female) take it as well like a vitamine supplement to prevent joint disease later in life? Please help! Thanks

Yes you can and should take glucosamine, however DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK WITH YOUR G.P.!

As a general rule we prescribe ourselves before we let the doctors. This is why homeopathic medicine is often dangerous and practices have been banned in countries and territories.  (+ info)

can u develope an STD by urself or can you only get them throughmale and female specimins?

for example if you have never had sex is it more than likely that you are clean free from diseases?
thanks x

You can only get an STD (sexually transmitted disease) if you have sex with somebody who has one, and there's no protection used (condom). You can't get one by yourself.  (+ info)

Examine your karyotype. is the baby male or female? Will the baby have down syndrome? How do you know?

Hey guys please can you tell me how do i figure out in karyotping the sex of the baby and if it has any diseases. Thanks

If you look at the last set of chromosomes on a karyotype, a male is represented by a large & a small "X" chromosome, b/c the smaller of the two chromosomes is considered the "Y". If the last two chromosomes on a karyotype are of equal size, then it is female.

As far as Down's syndrome, you look at the 21st chromosome set. If it is a pair (2), then not Down's, but if there are 3, then it is Down's.

You should only have pairs of chromosomes, no triples, otherwise you have an abnormality
OB/GYN RN & mom  (+ info)

Any female With Hypothyroid Disease And is on birth control?

i have hypothyroid disease i am 17, and my periods are terrible, i have had my period for the past 3 months with only 18 hours of stopping at the most.
if there are any women who have Thyroid disease and take birth control, what did your doctor say? and what are you on?
i really need help with this.
okay yeah i have synthoird. I am on it, thats not the problem.

Hi I am 18 and I have the same problem u do. I am on Birthcontrol called YAZ. My doctor said it was fine to be on, however I am also taking medicine for my thyroid called synthyroid. It is okay to be on birthcontrol at the sametime. If you are unsure, check the packet that should come with your birthcontol pills. If you shouldnt take it with ur thyroid, it will say do not use if you have a thyroid condition.
Thanks :)  (+ info)

please evaluate my urinalysis, im a female, 20 years old. please tell me if i have a disease/diseases...?

before my menstruation period: date:may 22
color: yellow
transparency: sl.turbid
sp.gravity: 1.030
PH: acidic
Protein : trace
others are negative
Red blood cells: 2-4/hpf
White Blood cells: 5-10/hpf PUS Cells
epithelial cells :++
Bacteria: few
Crystals: a. urates = +
Casts: No cast seen

after seeing my UA results the doctor said i have UTI and she gave me medicine for 7days and come back after that.
and after 7days i had my period so that i did not came back and i stop drinking my medicine
one day after my period i repeat my urinalysis,the result is:

date june 3
color: yellow
transparency: sl.turbid
sp.gravity: 1.015
PH: acidic
Protein : trace
others are negative
Red blood cells: 1-3/hpf
White Blood cells: 8-10/hpf PUS Cells
epithelial cells :+++
Bacteria: +
Crystals: a. urates = few
Casts: No cast seen

what happened? my wbc increases... then my mother panics so i consult a doctor (different from the first doctor) then we present both results... the doctor said it is both normal and no nid to panic.
what do you think is the right statement?and what is the normal WBC in a urinalysis? i conduct a medical exam today june 4 which includes urinalysis,do you think i will pass it???i need a complete information.. thanks in advanced...

TRANSPARENCY--slightly turid means they found small amount of protein in urine
SP. GRAVITY--measures urine density the kidneys ability to concentrate or dilute urine...normal range is: 1.002--1.035 you are in normal range
PH--normal acidic range is 4.5 - 8.0 yours normal
PROTEIN--you having a trace amount is normal as long as it does not exceed 10mg/100ml
WHITE BLOOD CELLS SHOULD NEVER BE PRESENT THIS MEANS YOU HAVE AN INFECTION. ( but since you were on antibiotics it may take time for your body to clean them out)

RED BLOOD CELLS --can be present and 4/hpf is within a normal range
CRYSTALS--a few usually means that infection is or was recently present and white blood cells are causing cryatals in your urine.
CAST-- when the crystals join together they make long tube like "casts" you have none present..

All the test results are pretty close to normal but with the increased white blood cells you may still have infection present. Your doctor may be letting your body try to rid them itself I would definitely have a retest done ...you should know after the test on the 4th if your white blood cells are still high then hopefully they will prescribe antibiotic you may need a different one than the first one that you were taking...having white blood cells is not a disease or anything like that it just means that you have a UTI when you are getting the examination be sure to tell them that you were being treated for the UTI and what antibiotic that you took...it is nothing to panic about really you may not even need more antibiotics...some times it takes some time for all the cells to be removed out of body so hopefully this helps you and don't panic the worst is that you may still have a UTI or even bladder infection still present and that is easily treated..so relax you will know more after med. exam on 4th..GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!and I hope that you feel better soon...glad I had my med. books with me never can remember all the ranges of an urinalysis but really there is nothing ALARMING with your results.  (+ info)

A male with an X linked recessive genetic disorder has children with a female who does not carry the disease?

1. could any of their children have the genetic disorder?
2. could any of their children be carriers for the disorder?

Punnet squares, huh? Haha.

1. No, in terms of drawing the actual punnet square, none of their children will actually have the disease itself.

2. Yes. The chances they will be a carrier is 50%.  (+ info)

What can I do to help stop the onset of macular degeneration, now? I am a 21 yr old female.?

Almost every female on my mom's side of the family has macular degeneration. I have watched my great grandmother, grandmother, and many aunts go through this. Is there something I can start doing now to delay the onset of this disease? I eat healthy foods daily, and I am 21 years old. Has anyone else had this problem and received advice about what to do?


  (+ info)

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