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What are the best NATURAL herbs, or OTC drugs to use for male feminization?

I have been wanting to feminize my husband for some time now, and would like to know which natural herbs, or over-the-counter drugs would work best for this purpose. I am not concerned with time frames, but would like to see results within at least three months. I have been giving him Estroven, because I was told that it may provide mild to moderate changes.

I can only assume this is a fake question.... but if it's not, the reason you're not finding any is that they don't exist.

No natural supplement will force any body to do something it's not supposed to do. Natural products can't force your body to create more Estrogen (or Testosterone or any other hormone for that matter) than it would create on it's own.  (+ info)

Do Voice Feminization Surgeries really work?

If they do,what kinds would you recommend?

no way. i mean it will work but theres a 50 percent chance that you'll damage your vocal cords and i really dont advice doing the surgery. you could risk being mute for life. dont do it ! appreciate that you can still talk !  (+ info)

When is it too late to receive the vocal feminization benefits of hormone therapy?

Once a person has gone through male puberty their voice is permanently 'masculine'. It can be changed with vocal coaching/training but hormones will not effect it.
Basically the person needs to take the hormones before their voice has changed. There isn't an exact point for that in puberty though because its going to occur at a slightly different point/age for each person but sometime in teenage years probably.
That is for male to female type hormones. With female to male hormone therapy the hormones will deepen the voice at any age.  (+ info)

Facial Feminization Surgery for a female?

I am a women, but I feel like my face is very masculine. I have a big jaw, big nose, bags hanging over my eyes, slight brow ridge. I am 19, I hate my face. No one ever tells me I am pretty. So I was wondering if it's possible for a natural born female can have the surgery?

It's definitely possible. If you're sure about it make sure you research and find a reputable surgeon.  (+ info)

Looking for online feminization partner?

I'm a 25 year old guy and have had a cross-dressing / feminization fetish for a long time and want to find a domme/mistress/partner to correspond with to lead me down the path.

Email me  (+ info)

how much would a male-female sex change and facial feminization cost in Ontario?

the costs are approx $37000 and your dignity  (+ info)

Is The Feminization of The American Male a Good Thing??

Recent studies have shown that today's generation of young men have almost 25% less testorsterone in their systems than young men of the same age 25 years ago did.

Also, young men today are more likely to shave their bodies, further feminizing themselves, whereas 25 years ago it was stylish to show chest hair.

Also, men of today are less likely to hold the door for a woman, pay for the date, or be chivalrous in general.

Today's males also have higher rates of body fat, which again is a feminine trait since women naturally have higher body fat ratios than men.

So, is the feminization of the American male a good thing??

The feminization of the american male should have stopped about 30 or 40 years ago. I am 29 and think there are not enough men's men out there.

To much pussification.  (+ info)

Makeover website for feminization?

What are some good websites to see what you would look like as a girl?

Seventeen has a makeover thing where you upload a picture and you can add makeup and hair and stuff.  (+ info)

does anybody know about Testicular feminization syndrome and its relation with islam?

well are they considered as a female and can they marry guys.need to know that.hope someone who has expertise on islam can answer this . thank you

yes they can nothing wrong with it  (+ info)

testicular feminization syndrome?

i ve testicular feminization syndrome.. i had undergone vaginoplasty and clitoroplasty in childhood.. one of my testicles is removed and now i hav one which is undecented.. i find problems getting around.. need somethin that wil simulate male external genitalia..plz help

Once again, you're bsing. No such thing. You're just being naughty.  (+ info)

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