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Transexual Hormones Advice in the UK?

Im a man looking to get some advice about feminization through hormones. Im embarassed to speak to my doctor & would be grateful if anyone knows where I can get some independent counsel or advice.

Im really looking for someone who perhaps can advise me & who I can talk to as I dont feel I can approach my doctor.

Also, do you know how safe spironolactone is with estraderm(estradiol) patches. After researching they seem safe options though again, I would prefer to be monitored safely by a medical practioner.

If you know any sites aswell, please let me know. Thanks!

There is nothing to be embarrasy, if you want talk your doctor as far your concern. Your doctor will be happy answer for you. If I were you to search the transgender groups in your area and they will help you to find a doctor in your area. That best bet for you.  (+ info)

Another simple baby name game.?

1. A boy's name that is common among movie stars.
2. A boy's name that has a huge historical significance.
3. A boy's name who's nickname is more often used than it's whole first name.
4. A boy's name that is in the name of a band.

1. A girl's name that is associated with someone with red hair.
2. A girl's name that is used in a song.
3. A girl's name that is an unusual feminization of a boy's name.
4. A girl's name that was really popular at least 30 years ago, and you feel should/ is making a comeback.
1. James. So many actors are named James.
2. Henry. George.
3. Zach.
4. Aiden

1. Ginny
2. Ruby
3. Antoinette
4. Marguerite.

1. Matthew seems to be the name of a few (Matthew Broderick, Matthew McConoughey, Matt Damon etc)
2. Shakespeare Darwin (as in William Shakespeare and Charles Darwin)
3. Nick (nickname for Nicholas)
4. Nirvana

1. Anne (Anne of Green Gables had red hair)
2. Lucy (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles)
3. Jane (feminine form of John - not too sure what you mean by 'unusual')
4. Jennifer or Christine.  (+ info)

Masturbating while reading "certain" stories and viewing "certain" pictures?

Ok, I'm a 15 year old guy, and I've started masturbating recently, but only while at the computer, reading sissy stories, pictures, etc. Stuff about forced feminization. And I do it while wearing my clothes, so my underwear gets "stuff" all over them.

I used to think it was ok, but now its started bugging me. It's not the masturbating that's bugging me, it's what I'm doing to masturbate. I'm worried that someday when I get married it'll be harder for me to get an erection, and have sex with my wife, without viewing the stuff I mentioned earlier.

I just feel bad after masturbating while reading those stories, and I'm not sure why. I want to quit(reading the stories, not masturbating), but whenever I try, I always tend to go back to those websites.

Another reason I want to quit is because a lot of those sites you can get viruses from, and I've already gotten viruses on my family's computers before, and I don't want to anymore.

By the way, I wasn't sure where to post this question, so if you know of a better place, please tell me.

Please help me, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Nah, don't worry about it. No matter what kind of stuff turns you on, you don't have to be sexually dependent on it. Believe me, we all have some crazy, kinky, or unusual thing that turns us on. When you are older and are with that naked lady next to you, you find that it is much easier than ever to get an erection.

And it will be super easy if you find a girl that in to the same stuff and she's willing to participate.  (+ info)

Gynecology Questions???????????

A 7-year old girl addressed to the gynecologistwith complaints of bloody discharge from genitalia, sudden intensive hair growth in the pubic region and growth of mammary glands. Ultrasound examination revealed the ttumorin the region of right ovary, 9 cm in diameter, unicameral. What is the diagnosis?
A.Premature incomplete sexual development, ovarian origin.
B.Premature sexual development, central origin.
C.Premature sexual development, ssupra renalorigin.
D.Testicular feminization.
E.Gonadal dysgenesia.

A 16-year old girl addressed to the gynagynecologisth complaints of absence of menses. In anamnesis — acute meningitis at 5 years old. At objective examination: height— 170.0 cm, relatively short trunk, hypoplasya of the mammary glands. Level of gonadotrophins in the serum and urine is decreased, osseal age corresponds to the calendar. Diagnose is retardation of sexual development of the central origin. What is the most adequate treatment:
A.Oestrogens during one month.
B.Progestagens during three months.
С. Oestrogen-gestagen complex during three months.
D.Vitamin therapy.

Why do you keep asking questions like this? Are you trying to cheat on an exam or test our own knowledge?  (+ info)

Why do people like the name Jaden so much?

It's a made up name. It has no meaning.
At least the other super-trendy names had a real meaning at one time...
Aiden means fire
Madison means son of Maude
Olivia is from a Shakespeare play and is a feminization of the name Oliver
Et cetera...

But Jadon seems to me like it's just a name that people pick because it's the thing to do. If Britney Spears hadn't named her kid that, people would never have even heard the name.
And then just to make it "unique" everyone adds a 'Y'. If people want a unique name, they should pick one that hasn't been in the top 100 names for the last 3 years.

Why don't people want their children to have a meaningful name?
I care because I work with little kids, and when I say "hey Jaden" six kids look up and say "what?"
Jadon is a Biblical name.

But Jaden is not. They're not the same name.
Why not just use Jadon?

Alot of people do not look at the meaning they say the name and love the way it sounds with their last name.

I picked a VERY different name for my son but we did look at the baby books for a german name, Diesel. ANd that has not been a top 100 list anytime. I think people are too scared of how there kids will be made fun of for their names so they try to stick with what everybody else is doing!  (+ info)

Why do vegans who eat soy instead of meat ignore these crucial facts ?

Soy contains estrogen, which can force young girls into puberty too early and cause feminization of males.


So why do vegans insist that soy is somehow healthier than meat, which is rich in vitamins and minerals including iron?


Dairy is ten times worse than soy, so if we're going to talk about un-healthy foods we must talk about that as well. It actually is a risk factor for osteoporosis, despite the dairy industry's expensive PR campaign. It causes acne, asthma, and all kinds of health problems.

But that's beside the point. It's not an either/or situation. And the healthiest way to eat meat is fresh and raw, just like animals eat it in the wild. We do neither and the meat that is available commercially is really horrible. Actually the best diet for humans is one similar to what gorillas and other apes eat. That diet is fresh fruits and vegetables and raw insects. That is actually the proper diet for humans, not meat, and especially not meat that is cooked. It's very acidic and humans need a diet that is far more alkaline.

About soy, I think the problem with soy is that most vegetarians eat it extremely processed. If you were just eating edamame all the time, it probably wouldn't be that bad for you. All the food items that scientists are finding are really bad for you (trans fats, corn syrup, etc.) are normal foods that have been very altered. When people eat a lot of soy, they aren't eating it in it's natural state, they're eating it after it's been processed until it no longer resembles soy beans. That's the problem if you ask me.

But it's not like soy is bad so meat = good. Processed soy and meat are both bad for you. Do some research, high meat intake is a risk factor for cancer.

Although I have a feeling this isn't as much about the facts as it is getting vegans all riled up, now is it?  (+ info)

Do you think Petticoating is good idea for a Discipline boys?

A male subjected to proper petticoat discipline initially feels the
intense shame and humiliation of being petticoat punished.
Over time, however, he will likely accept the petticoat discipline
as his natural state, and will become more feminine in his behavior
and come to take pride in his forced feminization appearance.

Petticoat discipline (or petticoat punishment as it is also called) involves the use of forced cross-dressing as a means of inflicting humiliation punishment on a male. Reports of various kinds indicate that at certain times and places, this was a rather common method of punishment for boys and petticoating was used by mothers, teachers, babysitters, and others, without it being considered inappropriate. Instead, petticoat punishment was considered to be a very effective way to punish a boy without having to utilize corporal punishment, although reports also indicate that combining petticoating with spanking was also quite common.
For example, in reports from the late 1800's in England, many men recall from their childhoods having been put into panties and other girls’ clothes as punishment and then taken over their nanny’s knee for the further humiliation of a spanking. Indeed, anything that could be done to intensify the humiliation of the experience was considered beneficial, and thus the use of petticoat discipline in schools often involved a boy being cross dressed by the girls in the class and then publicly spanked with his panties pulled down right in front of all the girls and the other boys.

Today, it seems that petticoat punishment and petticoat discipline are less common than in the past, and many people consider humiliation punishments of this kind to be inappropriate. Nonetheless, there is also reason to believe that it does go on in certain homes, and news reports surface from time to time of school teachers using the methods as well.

" the use of petticoat discipline in schools often involved a boy being cross dressed by the girls in the class and then publicly spanked with his panties pulled down right in front of all the girls and the other boys."

I don't know what they may have called it in England (or if it's made up by child pervs), but in America it's called CHILD ABUSE. If you or any teacher did that to my child, I'd report you for being a child molester.  (+ info)

Would you teach your kids these things?

I was watching Tyra and one episode was showing some st*pid wh*res teaching their daughters to marry only for money, not for love. Now I understand that 99.5 percent of the young American female population is like that. Also, there's a rise of the feminization of young men.

I wouldn't be asking this question if the episode didn't premiere these evil, catty sl*ts.

So white women, would you ever teach your daughters to be man eaters and that it's okay to hit a man? If you have sons, would you teach them to only serve women?
To the 6th answerer: Look at TV. See what type of women are on there the most?

I am dominant in some ways, but my fiance is dominant in other ways. He is shy. I am very outgoing. He is the bread winner, but I am the goddess of the house.  (+ info)

I'm Becoming a Sissy...how can i do?

hi everybody i'm Barbie a Prissy Sissy , 18 old guy and im turning into a beautifull prissy Sissy...i always liked to be a cute princess ..i like strong men and i want to be a sissy Slave learn to give pleasure to my men...i have long honey hairs and feminine figure, i pass like a very bobmshell when i'm dress, but i want more, i wanto completely feminized with plastic surgery and sex change...
are there some misstress can help to feminize my body
i want to become like a very bombshell with big boobs and round derriere
are there some misstress can do this kind of feminization?
So i want to be a tender servant and a total feminine bobmshell like a barbie
how can i do ?

hi by barbie prissy

There are several websites that you can put out a personal ad in and maybe find someone that will take pity enough on you to assist you in your quest.

try Club Sissy.

However, if truly what you want is to serve and be a slave to someone. lose the desire of what you want to look like. that will be up to your Master or Mistress.  (+ info)

Anatomy, i am stuck on these questions. please help?

1. Follicle cells of the thyroid gland produce thyroglobin, while follicle cells of the parathyroid produce calcitonin
a) T
b) F

2. Most Type II diabetics do not produce insulin
a) T
b) F

3 While glucagon is a small polypeptide, it is nevertheless very potent in its regulatory effects
a) T
b) F

4. All of the following hormones are secreted by the adenoypophysis: ACTH, FSH, LH
a) T
b) F

5. The endocrine gland that is probably malfunctioning if a person has a high metabolic rate is the parrathyroid
a) T
b) F

6. Ovulation occurs near the end of the ovarian cycle
a) T
b) F

7. Gonadocorticoid(s) ?
A) hypersecretion can result in adrenogenital syndrome, also called feminization
B) production by the adrenal gland is insignificant compared with sex hormone release from the gonads during late puberty
C) secretion inhibition is highly dependent on a negative feedback loop involving ACTH
D) synthesized by the adrenal medulla are primarily androgens

1. False
thyroglobin is produced by the collodi cells

2. False
most do produce insulin, their bodies' just don't react to it properly

3. True

4. True.

5. False
the role of the Parathyroid is regulation of Ca++ and PO4 levels.

6. False
Ovulation occurs around mid cycle in humans

7. C.

A wrong becauses produces masculinization effects not feminization

B. although this is true in males, it is definately NOT true in females

D. adrenal CORTEX not medulla  (+ info)

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