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I'm confused and don't know what to do?

Ok, I'm 15 year old guy and so I've started masturbating, that's normal obviously, but I do it while I'm wearing my clothes in front of the computer, reading sissy stories, and forced feminization stuff.

Well, I used to think it was ok, but I just did it again, and now I sort of feel bad about it, becuase I had stopped for a while, and then I just did it again(on a SUNDAY, too!)

I also used to want that stuff to happen to me, too, but now I'm not so sure, because I sort of know that it is very very unlikely. I still think crossdressing is ok, but I can't really do that because I'm only 15, so I can't drive to the mall to get clothes, or hide things in my car or whatever.

I'm not sure if I should just try to stop cold turkey, ease off, or stop at all.


Becoming fixated w/ x-dressing is nothing wrong in itself. But can cause anxiety because of others attitudes . U CAN stop if U really want to, but it can be as difficult as quitting cigarettes (which SOME find IMPOSSIBLE) . The longer U go w/o doing it, the less U will associate it w/ sex. 'Thinking' about it (or any fetish) is safe & harmless ! If "easing off" it via improvisation works 4 U, all the better ! REMEMBER: U have NOTHING to feel guilty about !!  (+ info)

Baby Naming perception and opinion?

I've noticed this "trend" lately of traditional spelling nazis and ppl against what is considered "surnames"...true i have my own preferences, but let's be honest here...

- traditional spellings. Not one spelling of a modern name (anglicanized spellings that is) is "correct" or "accurate". I had someone tell me in a question i asked "Thank you for using the classical spellings. I can't stand made up spellings just for the sake of novelty with no consideration that a real child will have to spell/defend it." Now i can understand using Kelsey instead of say Cailsee or some such silliness...but just as an example and for sake of argument here...
Ezekiel for instance. this is a Hebrew name. the traditional spelling of THIS name is Yechezqel (or יְחֶזקֵאל as it's written in Hebrew).
the spelling Ezekiel is modernized for OUR English speaking eyes.

so there are MANY "moderizations" of names. just because you might think one is correct and one is not, doesn't make it so.
i think that most people who are "traditional spelling nazis" have NO idea about true origin or spellings. they just like to blow smoke up other ppls backsides. but then...that's JMO ;)

-as for surnames
well that's a matter of opinion really.

David, Brandon, Sean, Elliot, Connor, Michael, Matthew....etc are ALL surnames as well...but are "acceptable".

TONS of first names (esp boys names) were at one time surnames, or meant 'son of'. And girls names are just feminizations of commonly used BOY names...some of the more obvious ones being- Roberta (for Robert), Rhonda (for Ronald), Michaela (for Michael), Gabriella (for Gabriel) etc.

So....to be honest, i see no big difference here other than, some are accepted and others are not.
i truly think people need to stop taking to heart what silly baby name sites like babynames.com or something tells you about names...those origins and meanings are not accurate, nor is their name history. it's a site for "modern" meanings and origins...instead look at sites like behindthename.com they are more historically accurate.

So....no matter what you prefer there are no right or wrong "truly" just opinion. I do think meanings and origin are important but it takes tons of research to hunt down just where ONE name truly originated from and what it's purpose and meaning was.

What do you say??
of course if little Yechezqel's mother and father are immagrants why should they change THEIR "traditional" spelling just to apease your American hide?

....just saying. I personally prefer most anglicanized spellings...never said i didn't like what YOU are calling "traditional" spellings. just said there are different opinions of jus what IS traditional. hullo...

and unless you have a magic 8 ball w/one heck of a kick to it...how to you truly know little Yechezqel will have a hard time in school?
I've gone to school w/boys named Ashley and kids named Vadim (vah-deem), Ahmet (ahh-met), and Sveinn (Sfin)....sure we might have asked in getting to know them..."how do you say that" but then everyone got it, and no one said a cross word about it.

I didn't say i liked "yoo-neek" spellings....matter of fact i sighted how silly i think some spellings can be (ex. Kelsey- Cailsee instead) i did say it was "silliness"...but ya know, pick and choose what you will outta my post.
as for the "confusion" and constand spelling....well ya know, even the most simple of names gets screwed up.

My first name is Jennifer. I cannot tell you how many people ask me, "One N or two?" or " is that J-e-n-i-f-f-e-r?" I thought everyone could spell Jennifer! I've had mail that was screwed up, legal documents that needed correcting, class schedules in college that were totally a mess due to spelling it incorectly, and even a driver's licence that i had to replace (at MY cost no less) because of a misspelled name.
no one is immune to idiocity dear. all one has to say is..."Can you spell that for me please". i dont mind...i want it done RIGHT. i dont see why anyone else would mind...ya know...considering it's their name and all.
I agree w/you to a point ramen... but just a bit of FYI...I dated a guy named Jonh (John) and a guy named Jeromie (Jeremy).

Had really good friends named Rosheal (Rochelle), Chaunda (Shaunda) and Veronikka (Veronica).

never thought any less of them really. Knew them since kindgergarten....they were just my friends...dont know how others thought of them, but they were well liked people, and i'm not a "younger" crowd teen or 20 something either, i'm 32.
Again i'm not saying i like "Yoo-neek" names here. I usually dislike them completely.
there are spellings i prefer and they are based in certain origins...that's all i meant here.

I've seen people correct spellings saying that THIS way is the ONLY way to spell...say....
Madeline, when a variant of this is Madeleine.

or Veronica...when there is a legitimate spelling of Veronika (which is Nordic).

I've seen people say that Shivan is the only "correct" way to spell the Irish name Siobhan, or that Rosheen is the only correct way to spell the Irish name Roisin.

THIS is what i am refering too.

I'm not jusifying the use of Rowburt for Robert or Ahndreeah for Andrea or some such nonsense.

I, for one, am fully aware that most of the names we now consider "classic" or "traditional" have been adapted over time. That said, I would be fine with naming my kid "Colin," as opposed to "Coilin," which is the traditional Irish spelling; however, I would never allow any child of mine to be called something like "Cuhssandruh" instead of "Cassandra." The former spelling would make me look like an illiterate moron, and people would assume my child is just as moronic. Studies have actually been done on this issue, and we know for sure that the less WASPy the name, the poorer the perception of the child. Would you rather hire Charlotte or Sharllit? Would you rather date Geoffrey or Jeffuhree? As much as we want to believe the world is free from prejudice, it's not, and that fact is reflected in how we perceive names.  (+ info)

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