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my brother is dignosed with Avascular Necrosis on the femur.less blood supply to femur which is head on legs.?

want to know the best treatment centers in ayurveda or the best doctors in india who specilises in this field n also how much it will cost.want to know what is the best ways to cure this.pls advice if someone has good knowledge about it.

I live in the US so I don't much about doctors in India, but I have found a few websites that may help you with treatment options :.
From what I've read on these websites, there are several treatment options, so I'm sure your brother will be okay :-)

1- http://arthritis.about.com/od/avn/ss/avn_5.htm

2- http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/926046182.html

3- http://www.hmc.psu.edu/healthinfo/a/avascularnec.htm

4- http://www.niams.nih.gov/hi/topics/osteonecrosis/index.htm

I think the third website link that I gave you will probably have hte most information.
I hope your brother's condition improves! :-)  (+ info)

Should I be concerned if my ultrasound showed the femur length to be smaller in comparison to head and abdomen?

My doctor went over an ultrasound I had when I was 26 weeks. He said the head and abdomen showed that they measured at 29 weeks and the femur length measured at 26 weeks. He is sending me for another ultrasound to double check. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this is an indication of a defect or abnormality in my baby boy. The doctor told me he thinks the baby is just "big and chubby". Should I be concerned that something may be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

they may have not been able to get an accurate reading let them do the next one and they will let you know if they think something is wrong  (+ info)

Why does steroids cause avascular necrosis of the femural head?

This comes in context of Hodgkin's Lymphoma where prednisolone is give as a drug for it and one of the complication is avascular necrosis of the femural head.

Good question. (femoral)
Here's an excellent analysis from emedicine/WebMD updated recently in August 2008. Various mechanisms are discussed if you read this article, but the bottom line is that no one really knows for sure.
http://www.emedicine.com/RADIO/topic70.htm  (+ info)

Is there a Partial Hip Replacement procedure that replaces just the Acetabellum not the Femur Head?

I have had artroscopic surgery on my hip.... I have arthritis in my hip socket but my femur head still has normal cartelege (or so I have been told). Is there a procedure out there that just replaces my Acetabellum? And if there is not procedure..... why not?

Yes there is a partial surgical option. It is called a hip resurfacing arthroplasty and there are a number of ways to approach it. I have included a link that illustrates and explains this in greater detail. Ultimately, it will depend on how much arthritis you have and the judgment of the Orthopedic surgeon about the best choices.  (+ info)

How long should I be in recovery from a broken femur head?

Not the best way to start te new year, but I was shot in the groin area on the 4th of Jan and the bullet actually fractured the femoral head. I just needsome inforamtion on what to do now thati am in crutches and if i need to go to PT. Grateful for any suggestions. Thanks

I broke my femur, not the head but the middle. I was on crutches for about five or six months as I recall. That is a long time but then mine was an unusual situation. Regarless, your doctor will likely ask you to participate in PT. I did it for about six weeks.  (+ info)

About how fast must a car go to result in a broken femur in a head-on accident?

I know there's obviously no exact answer. But does anyone know what the ballpark estimate is of the minimum speed required in a modern car that could cause one to fracture a femur?

There are too many variables to answer this. Some variables ar the type of car, the type of impact (with what) and how the impact was.

I believe it takes approximately 6 to 12 pounds per square inch to break a bone. The support of tissue surrounding the bone and ones' bone density also play a role as to what point it will break.

In many accidents the occupant has an increased margin of safety when they wear seat belts. This is because there are at least two more collisions which take place within the accident time. The first is the initial impact between the vehicle and the other object which cause the sudden stop.

The second is with the occupant colliding with the seat belt and or steering wheel.

The third is where ALL the internal organs can collide with the bones.

When the occupant does not wear a belt, they get thrown all over the place inside the car and end up having more injury causing collisions.

For the femur to break at its' easiest point, the blunt force would have to come from the side or oblique angle. This does not predicate that it can not be broken from a head on collision.

I would approximate the speed to to be general and relative to about 30 to 45 MPH for a broad side collison and about 60 to 75 for a head on...

If two vehicles travelling in opposing directions collide and they are both travelling at 70MPH, then the spead at the moment & point of impact would be equal to 140MPH  (+ info)

What would be the DIAGNOSIS under the WHO ICD-10 for a patient that has fractured their head of femur?

How would you outline a clients condition, that is, the diagnosis under World Health Organisation International Classification for Diseases version 10 if they have fractured their neck of femur?

Hip fracture, S72.0. Not sure if this helps.

http://apps.who.int/classifications/apps/icd/icd10online/?gs70.htm+s720  (+ info)

Is the femur or head circumference measurement more accurate in an ultrasound?

The femur says 21wk4days......... the HC says 22wk5days ..which is more accurate??

Me and the father are both tall

The femur measurement matches my LMP but the HC matches the ultrasound I had at 13weeks

  (+ info)

How can vascular necrosis of the humeral head be treated?

I guess the question is whether its worth it to get a hemiarthroplasty of the humeral head. In other words, replace the humeral head with a artificial humeral head. This is like getting a partial hip replacement. The surgery is more difficult and less frequently done than hips. The question you need to ask yourself is how bad is the pain or discomfort and does this problem limit your functionality and quality of life and will you recover from and survive the surgery? If the answer is yes to all three counts than replacement surgery may be an option.  (+ info)

20 weeks preg, can the femur be measuring smaller than the head/belly?? normal?

I just had a dr appointment and they told me i needed to go for a 2d ultrasound because the baby's head and belly were measuring larger in comparison to his femur.... FREAKING OUT, please help

  (+ info)

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