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fetal growth?

my neice is 17 weeks pregnant , she went to see the midwife and was told that her baby is 22 weeks and that she will have to have injections to slow the babys growth shes really worried please could someone give good advice .
she has had a scan at 13 weeks and they said the baby was also 13 weeks , and due another scan in 2 weeks so she said she will wait to see what they say then , thank you for all your help.

Hmm...you said she is 4 more weeks pregnant by the midwifes calculations...and she needs shots??? Whoa horsey!!! Did it occur to anyone that maybe your neice had a period the first month she was pregnant???? I think you better have her get to a ob/gyn for a much better exam. Don't start messing with things before everyone is absolutely sure of what is going on.  (+ info)

Fetal growth????????????

Im 26 weeks today by my last 2 U/Ss.....yesterday I had a U/S and dr said everything looked good, i asked for a report copy for our memory book and read it and was surprised to see that according to my U/S i dated 24-25 weeks not 26??? Also the baby is only in the 36th percentile for growth? and yet the doctor said she looked great....what gives? are babies just variable in size at this point?

Yeah I would imagine so. My ultrasound showed the baby is only 18 weeks for days but I should be going into my 20th week on sat. Not into my 19th. They said my baby was average. Which Im taking to mean not too small and not giant. Just average. Im ok with average though. :)  (+ info)

Does consumption of iron and calcium supplement at the same time have any effect on fetal growth?

My wife is 20 weeks pregnant. We recently came to know that calcium and iron supplements are not to be taken at the same time.However, till the 16 th week my wife was taking both the iron and calcium supplements at the same time. However, her diet was rich in calcium and iron supplements.Will these have any effect on the fetal growth.

There should be no effect on foetal growth, as the foetus draws it from Mum to Mum's detriment. You can still take both - but you need to ensure that the iron is not taken within 4 hours of the calcium (ie you could do one at night, and one in the morning, or one morning and night and the other at midday). Tea, legumes, rice and grains can reduce the absorption of non-haem iron as well, so moderate their ingestion. Vitamin C helps with the absorption of non-haem iron, so eating fruit throughout the day will assist maintaining or building iron levels and/or stores.

(FYI non-haem iron, like what is in most enhanced foods and fruit and veg, is less readily absorbed by the body. The best iron is haem-iron, like in red meats).  (+ info)

Is it normal for fetal growth rate to vary from time to time?

I am just wondering if when I go in for my ultrasounds, is it normal for my baby to be in different percentiles from time to time? Say for example, is it normal for one time the femur bone to be in the 27th percentile, then when I go back a month later, it is in the 13th percentile (as in my case)? I remember when I had my son, after he was born, his growth fluctuated, so is that the case with a fetus or is that not a good sign?

It's the same thing. My doctor told me not to worry if the baby measures big or small by a week or two and that it is typical.  (+ info)

What exactly is a diagnosis of a "poor fetal growth - antepartum" (65653) (ultrasound)?

My wife is 2 months pregnant and is scheduled to have an ultrasound, but the diagnosis her OGBYN wrote up for the ultrasound is "poor fetal growth - antepartum", code 65653. What exactly is this, and should we be worried? Doctor says everything is "fine", but we have our doubts in believing him. Thanks.

To be honest, there is a chance that it really does not mean anything.

Most insurance companies don't like to pay for ultrasounds unless they are medically necessary (which they are not in most pregnancies).. so a way for the doctors to get around it is to cite that there may be a problem with the fetus that requires them to do an ultrasound examination so that insurance will pay for it.

At my 19 week ultrasound I noticed on the paperwork for the exam that the box for "suspected fetal abnormalities" was checked and I freaked out and asked what was up with that and she said nothing, they just have to mark it like that so insurance will cover it.  (+ info)

what can be done to compensate growth for a baby born small because of intra uterine growth retardation?

I had no gain weight the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, baby was born at 39 weeks -he is 5 month old but small -every other thing is normal about him and the doctors were not even sure if there is intra uterine growth retardation they just guessed because of baby's size

How small? My son was only 5 lbs 6 oz and he wasn't classified as IUGR - there are other factors they look at when a baby is suspected of having IUGR... the umbilical cords should look thin and 'sickly'... not thick and shiny healthy. The baby will also most certainly have a low APGAR score.

Anyway, if he's normal now, just go with it. Your baby will take off and grow sooner or later. My son is still small for his age, still looks about 9 months (he's almost a year), but he's shooting up very quickly now. He grows almost 2 inches a month atm.

Just make sure your son gets all he wants to eat, don't try to force him to eat. When he gets older, you can feed him high-calorie foods, but odds are you'll end up with an overweight infant. Just feed him like you would any other baby.  (+ info)

Has there ever been any record of fetal retardation from early marijuana use?

Lets Say the girl found out she was pregnant when she was 15 weeks pregnant and stopped smoking mariijuana right away,do you think everything would be ok?

None that I have heard of. Remember, there are people out here who use hard drugs there entire pregnancy and their baby is fine. All except withdrawal. So, this person should be just fine. I've worked labor and delivery for 3 years and I have never seen any problems, not even withdrawal for Mary Jane use in the beginning stages. As long as she has stopped the second she found out, she should be just fine. Good Luck to whom ever it is  (+ info)

does anyone have any personal experience or knowledge with IUGR or fetal growth restriction?

My sister has just found out that her baby has IUGR. She is in her third trimester. We have read and researched a ton of online information. We were just wanting some first hand knowledge or experiences
We just found out today so we don't know the cause at this point. They told her to come in so they could talk about the options
She is gaining weight normally. They found out by her ultra sound. The babies measurments are about two months smaller than normal at his sga

  (+ info)

Is it possible that growth retardation occured after 16 weeks?

Yes, Growth retardation can occur at anytime during delivery.  (+ info)

Does a vegetarian diet affect fetal growth during pregnancy? If so, how?

Is it safe?
Will the baby develop normally?
It's for a project.

This site: vegsource.com - Sabina's vegetarian, site has pictures of her son and twins - they are fine. You just have to eat right and make sure you are eating a balanced diet and getting enough protein.  (+ info)

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