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Are there any disorders that resemble mild Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Are there any disorders that resemble mild Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

The CDC reviewed nine syndromes that have overlapping features with FAS; however, none of these syndromes include all three FAS facial features, and none are the result of prenatal alcohol exposure:

* Aarskog syndrome
* Williams syndrome
* Noonan's syndrome
* Dubowitz syndrome
* Brachman-DeLange syndrome
* Toluene syndrome
* Fetal hydantoin syndrome
* Fetal valproate syndrome
* Maternal PKU fetal effects  (+ info)

when is it most important for nutrition (during fetal development)?

this is for a sciench assignment. all of the answers i seems to be getting is that it's always imortant. i'm thinking in the first trimester. can anyone speculate? thanks

different things are more important at different stages of pregnancy but an overall balanced diet is best for the baby. folic acid is most important before 6 weeks. but omega three is most important at 8 months so there is no one time that it is best to get a complete diet because you never know exactly what your baby will need at any given time.  (+ info)

Which of the following is not a common side effect of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)?

Please list the side effects.........Are you doing your homework?  (+ info)

Any good book recommends on nutrition, health, eating disorders.....?

Can anyone recommend a good book on nutrition, health, eating disorders or weight issues?

This is not really a book, but there is a book that recommends it called Mars and Venus Diet solution and exercise.

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I have had great results with a product called Isagenix.

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where can i find good articles on Nutrition/ mental health disorders/ fintness/ training techniques?

yeh try this  (+ info)

How can we educate people more about good nutrition?

With all the obesity and eating disorders going on, it seems like maybe we're not educated about nutrition and exercise enough to eat healthy .I know for a fact that they didn't teach us squat about nutrition or weight loss in public school, which is in my opinion a major concern.
But we already have good, healthy food that you can grow in your backyard : fruit and veggies :)
Thanks, I didn't know about Michelle Obama!! That is an awesome thing she is doing.

I think it's the FDA's and parents' fault, really. They try to get schools to serve healthier lunches (which, by many standards, are still not very healthy.) Additionally, excessive attention is paid to Calories, while very little is paid to what TYPE of Calories are being consumed (i.e. protein, carbohydrates, fats).

The harm of fat is also grossly overestimated, and importance of avoiding simple carbs hardly mentioned at all (most people don't know that sugars are simple carbs, let alone that many of their favorite non-sugary foods also contain simple carbs).

I asked my school why we can't be served whole milk, considering that fat-free milk contains as much as 10 more grams (roughly 2.5 teaspoons) more sugar than whole milk. They said that they have no control over what they feed us.

The other day, we had a school-wide (girls and boys separated) assembly (I'm a senior in high school), where we were handed a tiny flyer telling us how to "eat healthily." It involved a number of moronic comments, including living a low-fat lifestyle with NO MENTION of sugar.

I admit that not everyone has the capacity or desire to understand how their bodies function, but everyone should at least be given the opportunity. Even health classes don't give any justice to a truly proper diet. They make it sound as if you can eat as much of your favorite desert as you'd like, as long as you get your servings of fruits and vegetables, and DON'T EXCEED 2,000 CALORIES.

I can say for a fact that my base metabolic rate is around 2,500 Calories, and that is just the amount I need to SURVIVE with zero exercise while maintaining the same weight.

With the amount of exercise I do (1 hour a day, roughly), I need at least 3,000 Calories a day. Factor in my desire to gain muscle, and I need to eat as much as 4,000 Calories a day.

Education does nothing for people that have not opened themselves up to learning. People need to have a desire to read about it, learn about it, and change their lifestyles.

A large part of it is also parents and how they feed their children. I know kids who have been raised on hamburgers and cheap food, who now think that they can eat McDonalds for the rest of their lives because they haven't gotten pudgy at the age of 17 or 18.

I also know kids who claim that cigarettes increase their metabolisms to the extent that they can eat significantly more. I think much hope is lost, and we'd frankly be better off with many of these idiots dying. If someone doesn't respect his or her body to that great of a degree, I doubt the person's capacity of respecting anyone else.

To finish off on a completely misanthropic and cynical note, some people really should not breath.  (+ info)

what is the job description for dietitians who work with eating disorders?

what is the job description for dietitians who work with eating disorders and nutrition ??? i specificly want to be a dietitian for young teen girls with this disorder mixed with nutrition and exercise PLz help! also would like to know the job title

They don't have a special name. They are just Dietitions. :)  (+ info)

can sonograms pick up fetal birthmarks or skin disorders?

No a sonogram is exactly what it sounds like :sono-sound so sound waves are transmitted thru your body to make an image appear on the screen...its like a basic outline of your baby. Maybe a 3D sonogram could pick up a raised bump but most likely no because there is no color and you can't really see any texture. Have you ever seen a sonogram pic before?   (+ info)

when dieting what is the danger for eating disorders,not getting enough nutrition and loss of stamina?

There is no danger if you get on the wright plan. I lost 35 pounds in two months and I have kept it off for two years. I will leave a website that will get you started with a free sample and literature pack.  (+ info)

Do you think meat and general ignorance of nutrition has led to so many illnesses and conditions?

depression, acne, etc. were never really found amongst Aboriginal peoples. With all the chemicals, dyes, processing, pasteurizations, abuse, and mutiliation done to foods and animals and pesticides and chemicals added to veggies & fruits we wonder why illnesses like cancer, swine flu, obesity, and this circus of mental disorders is worse than ever before?

Do you have a link or a reference for your claim that 'Aboriginal peoples' didn't suffer from depression?

Just to pick one of the illnesses you mention - there hasn't been a significant increase in the number of cancer cases in recent years or decades. And nobody knows the causes of cancer - there is no scientific evidence to link meat, diet in general or modern day chemicals to cancer, which is an ancient disease that has been around for as long as humankind and longer.

It is received wisdom on this board that veg*nism reduces the risk of cancer, but there isn't any actual scientific proof of that.

I've been vegetarian most of my life and had been vegan for several years- eating a largely organic diet, minimal junk food and plenty of raw stuff - when I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.


The asker of this question has accused me by email of ''slandering vegetarian or vegans or discouraging ppl of it'' in this answer, told me to ''stop and think that maybe your cancer was a unique situation'' (as I told her, through cancer support networks I have met 3 other vegans with cancer and dozens of vegetarians with cancer), and suggested that my cancer '' can be cured if you stop being negative''.

And she says '' I know I won't get cancer or anything else b/c i work hard not to''. Actually, even by her own dubious figures - she says vegetarians are 40% less likely to get cancer than meat-eaters - more than one in six vegetarian women and more than one in four vegetarian men will develop cancer at some time in their lives.

Thank goodness this kind of smugness and, arrogance and certainty that one is right usually wears off sometime before the age of 30. Nauseating while it lasts though.  (+ info)

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