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How can I get harmed from having sexual fetishism or masochism?

How can I get harmed from having sexual fetishism or masochism?

You can get harmed if you get involved with something with someone that doesnt know what they are doing, or doesnt stay with in safe boundries. This could involve going into anything too fast, especially involving masochism. As far as fetish, same consept, but depends on the fetish itself. There are some fetishes that can be dangerous and even deadly if pushed too far (like choking/aphixiation).

Part of it is knowing where to draw the line between fantasy and reality.  (+ info)

How long is a person required to stay at a psychiatric facility when a 1013 form has been signed?

My dad needs some major mental help. After being admitted to the ICU for a seizure condition, a psychiatric elavulator has signed a 1013 form to have him transfered to a psychiatric facility (which is what he needs and our family wants for him). I am hoping that he will have to stay until he gets some help, but I am afraid that legally can only keep him for 72 hours...is this true?

I thought it was only fourty-eight, but you would know better than I.

If he really, truely needs to stay for more help than it is possible to hold him against his will in the hospital, but I think you need to go through the legal system.

Do you have a social worker or anyone of that nature to speak with ?  (+ info)

How much power can a psychiatric hospital exert over a patient in this situation?

This is a hypothetical situation.

Suppose a patient committed to a psychiatric hospital refuses to take showers or otherwise partake in any sort of personal hygiene. Would the psychiatric hospital have any ability to intervene--in terms of physical force--to make sure this patient is hygienic, or would it simply be relegated to letting the patient be?

This is a hypothetical answer:

If you're talking about hosing down a patient like one sees in the movies - it will never happen that way. First course of action would be the psychiatrist and treatment team talking to the patient to first determine why it is the patient won't bathe. Many times just asking why can result in a resolution. Perhaps more privacy is needed, or the patient is having fearful thoughts about the issue that a change in medication would help, or will only use certain products that aren't available and could possibly be obtained. Finding an answer to the "why" is probably the most important part.

At the other end of the spectrum, if the patient is a health problem to himself or others, he could be placed in seclusion until a court order is obtained to have him sedated and then having a nurse bathe him, much like you would a person who is hospitalized for an illness - perhaps restraints would be necessary, but most likely I think would be a last resort as to not further traumatize the patient.

I would think just letting him be would not be an option as it's not in the best interests of anyone to be left unbathed and this might also be considered abusive treatment of a mentally ill person, by not providing him with a clean and hygienic environment.  (+ info)

What tranquilizer is most commonly used in psychiatric hospitals to quell violent behavior quickly?

Suppose a person is completely out of control in a psychiatric setting; what is the primary drug they use to sedate the patient into submissiveness quickly as to limit the danger to the patient and others?

Usually, but not always, Haldol, an antipsychotic, by injection.  (+ info)

How can you get psychiatric care or counseling without insurance?

My girlfriend suffers from Bipolar disorder, depression and anger issues. But, she has no health insurance and can't get the psychiatric care or counseling help she desperately needs.

Can anyone tell me of an organization or facility in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area or a national program that could help this sweet but tortured girl get help?

Yes you can get treatment without insurance. Texas and most other states have a community mental health system.

Through these clinics your girlfriend can receive services such as: doctors visits, medications, skills training, housing help, vocational help, case management, and counseling.

In Texas these are county offices. In Dallas County it is MetroCare Services http://www.metrocareservices.org/

In Tarrant it is MHMR of Tarrant County http://www.mhmrtc.org/

If you are in a different county please contact me and I can get you the contact information for that agency.

Hope this helps. Good luck and remember you can encourage her, but she has to be the one to seek services and make a change.  (+ info)

What are the steps to take to get a psychiatric services dog?

My therapist (LSW) has diagnosed me with social anxiety and panic attacks. I would like to get a psychiatric services dog but even on the main website I found there aren't clear steps to take. I'm in NY State if it makes a difference. Can I just get a letter from my therapist or do I also need a letter from a doctor? What after that?

A letter from any doctor does not make an animal a psychiatric service animal.

Step 1: be disabled. Having a diagnosis is not enough because it isn't the diagnosis but the extent of how that impairment limits your ability to perform major life activities which determines whether or not you qualify legally as disabled. Note: major life activities (seeing, hearing, thinking, grasping, walking, learning, etc.) are not the same as daily life activities (getting out of the house, going shopping, etc.). So ask your therapist if he/she is willing to testify in court that you are severely mentally ill to the point of being substantially limited in your ability to perform major life activities.

Step 2: apply with service dog organizations. Here's an article on how to find a program: http://www.servicedogcentral.org/content/node/262

If you decide to train your own dog, understand that this will require advanced training skill beyond what ordinary pet owners have. It also typically takes 18-24 months to fully train a service dog, including a psychiatric service dog.

Remember that "[a]nimals whose sole function is to provide emotional support, comfort, therapy, companionship, therapeutic benefits, or to promote emotional well-being are not service animals." (U.S. Department of Justice, the government agency charged with regulating and enforcing the ADA, and the agency that wrote the legal definition of "service animal")

So the dog has to be trained to do something you cannot do for yourself because of your disability and that mitigates your disability. The dog also needs training in reliable obedience in spite of distraction and how to work unobtrusively and professionally in public.  (+ info)

What is the criteria that people get put in either 72 hour holds, or psychiatric hospitals for doing?

Trying to make a list of criteria people can be put in a psychiatric hospital for, the most subtle, minimum thing and the most obvious ones ?
Curious to know also if there are any trivial things that you would never really expect could get someone put into a psychiatric hospital or 72 hour hold for ?

You can be locked up for excessive crying? This sounds more like the mafia to me. I never did trust them, and I never will. It's really best to keep your mouth shut if you're in doubt. Who's really sick here?  (+ info)

What is the difference between a psychiatric evaluation and a neuropsychological evaluation for an 8 yr old?

I was advised by legal council to have my 8 yr old son receive a neuropsychological evaluation. My son has already had a psychiatric evaluation and the Doc found nothing. The clinic where I take my son does not offer a "neuropsychological" evaluation. What is the difference between the two evaluations?

Psych evaluations seek out emotional and or chemical issues in the human brain. Some examples would be clinical depression, hyper-activity, bi-polar disorders and a myriad of others.
Neuro-Psych evaluations seek out physical issues in the human brain, Some examples would be brain trauma due to injury, Alzheimer's (though not in someone as young as your son) birth defects among many others.
In short think physical (neuro-psych) vs. emotional (psych).  (+ info)

What to expect during an initial psychiatric evaluation?

My daughter is having an initial psychiatric evaluation tomorrow. It is scheduled for 90 mins and I am wondering what to expect during this time frame?

You aren't too specific about if your daughter is seeing a psychiatrist or a psychologist. During a psychiatric evaluation the evaluator will asses- suicidial-homocidal ideation, alcohol or other drug use, level of depression, level of funtioning (this is also reffered to as a GAF score on the DSM-IV), and screen for possible symptoms of depression, anxiety or any other mental illnesses listed in the DSM-IV. In addition they will look at certain things such as Appearance, Flow of Speech,Content of Speech, Affect/Mood. Social Behavior.

Depending if you are going to a psychologist they may do a genogram to analysize the family history of the problem (not sure what symptoms she has or what she is suffering from but somethings run strong in families). If a psychologist believe that there is a specific disorder (again I dont know her symptoms) than they may choose to administer an assessment to determine if she is suffering from a particular disorder.
Depending on the doctor or psychologist you choose in some cases psychiatrists and psychologists work hand in hand. This is often the case in in-patient settings as well as some offices.
Good luck with your daughter  (+ info)

Can i admit myself into local Psychiatric hospital for suicidal thoughts?

I don't know what is wrong but i can be fine all day then all of a sudden feel very low and suicidal. I think i need help. I live in Glasgow. Can i just admit myself into local psychiatric hospital and tell them how i am feeling. That i feel like killing myself?

By all means, go in and talk to them....they can advise you on what your next step should be. There are such things as self admittal, but they may advise you to try something different.  (+ info)

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