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How long after having a blood transfusion myself, can i become a blood donor?

I had a blood transfusion after giving birth in December and as a result of this, i would like to donate my blood to save someone elses life as i would definitely have died if i hadn't had the transfusion. Just want to give a little bit back. But not sure how many months you have to wait.

Just call the Red Cross in your area and then they can not only tell you when, but where you can donate when you are ready too. Thanks so much for thinking about doing this. I truly wish I could do the same, but do to some health problems can't. I had a transfusion years ago, so I do understand what it means. Please get the local number, and remember that your doctor should always be the first place for any medical questions too. Your baby isn't the only person to have a great person in their life. Good luck and God Bless  (+ info)

Would you take blood transfusion if it meant the difference between life and death?

One religion that i know of, don't believe in blood transfusion. Then again, there are pros and cons against taking others blood.

I don't take blood transfusions. God's word does tell you not to take blood. If you have a bible it's in Acts 15 : 28-29 & 21:25 ( I think thats how you spell it in english) In spanish is Hechos. I'm spanish speaking person so my bible is in spanish. But I believe thats how you pronounce it in English. Our own blood is sacred to God. The religion your talking about would be the Jehovah's witnesses.  (+ info)

How many times can a blood transfusion be given in the hsopital in a week?

My friend went into the hospital with adominal pains,it turned out to be stomach ulcers.While she was in ICU,she had a blood transfusion.Why would medical staff give her another one,when she was about to be released from the hospital

depends on doctors orders. Many may order so many units of PRBC (packed red blood cells) or FFP (fresh frozen plasma) within a certain amount of hours. Depending on how severe the anemia is, a doctor may order a blood transfusion every 3 to 4 hours. This may run into the next day. Every individual is different.  (+ info)

Can a blood transfusion effect a person who is already a diabetic?

My grandfather is a diabetic that has always managed it by his eating habits. A month ago, he had to receive 2 units of blood due to bleeding resulting from a polyp removal through colonoscopy (he was on blood thinners due to past stroke). Ever since the transfusion, he can not control his glucose levels and they often get as high as 300! He's now seeing a different doctor, but has not been of any help. So, can his transfusion be the problem?

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How long does a normal blood transfusion take?

My Mom is having problems with her white blood cells & they want to do a transfusion. How long does one usually take to have done on the average?

There are three major groups of blood cells: White cells, Red cells and Platelets. White cell transfusions are virtually never given. Red cell and platelet transfusions are frequently given. Sometimes when people have problems with their white cells they also have low platelets or red cells. This is because they are all produced from a common source, the bone marrow. So I think your mother is probably having either a red cell transfusion or a platelet transfusion. Red cell transfusions generally take 4 hours, but these can be sped up in emergencies. Platelet transfusions can be given over a shorter period of time (1-4 hours). So I think the average would probably be 4 hours. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

Why would a blood transfusion be necessary for an Appendecomy?

I had a blood transfusion in 1984 during an Appendectomy. The surgery took 3 hours. Does anyone know what went wrong or why I needed the transfusion?

That is pretty strange, unless there was gangrene, and some intestine had to be cut out?  (+ info)

Why give a blood transfusion to a mother that had a Uterine inversion?

20 year old had a rough delivery. She had surgery already and was sent home. Today she woke up with swollen eyes so she was rushed to the ER. They are saying she might need a bllod transfusion.
Why does she need a blood transfusion? What could be wrong with her?

She obviously lost an awful lot of blood during the delivery, surgery and after she got home. The transfusion help to increase her blood supply until her body is able to create blood again.  (+ info)

How does one get a blood transfusion when they have no insurance?

I'm doing a paper for class on how people would get an transfusion of blood , emergency or non emergency transfusion when there employerr doesn't offer it and they aren't covered ?

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How dangerous is an Aortic Valve Replacement without a blood transfusion?

And what to expect, after surgery? How long will they be in the hospital? I'm traveling to see a family member this coming week, who is having surgery and want to be there with them, till i know they are alright, how long should I plan the visit? (I am flying) How dangerous is the surgery without a blood transfusion (religious reasons)?
Thank You very much Maytoi, for your answer and that link. That has helped me with feeling a bit less nervous about the procedure. Next Thursday, is when my father is getting it done.

I believe everything will be ok. Hope for the best as always!

I have a friend who is in the hospital who is having the same procedure on his heart and he is one of Jehovah's Witnesses (religious group that can't get blood). The surgery was done successfully.

Also, a few years ago my dad didn't use blood when he had almost the same procedure too. Later they sneaked in a transfusion and his immune system all the sudden started acting up and he was all shivering. It all took place when he was recovering.

Doctors these days know what they are doing, at least I hope so. So, don't worry about your family member. Not only that, having a transfusion without blood is safer because you never know about blood. It maybe true they make sure you don't have a diesease in the blood but, there can always be something undetected.

Hope it all goes well for your family member!!  (+ info)

What is the usual cost of a blood transfusion for a dog?

My dog has a blood disorder. The vet had to get a blood transfusion from the animal pound to keep him alive. Besides asking the vet at the moment how much the blood transfusion was, does anyone have any idea what the cost would be about?

Lots of money. I just saw a show on the Animal Channel that said the cost could be up to $400/unit.  (+ info)

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