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What is the best option for Ossifying Fibroma, Total Resection Surgery or Conservative Surgery?

Ossifying Fibroma is a benign tumour located in mandible (jaw) area. My wife has this on his right mandible and so far no surgery has been done yet, but the tumour is growing however not aggressively. We are searching for the best option for her. I'm really not resolved about doing any surgery as I have read some of the negative effects on people of same illness after surgery though some were successful.

Honestly, its better you consult a specialist to find out what's best for you. I really want to help but I don't think I can give better answers than specialist do. Sorry.

good luck

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Central Ossifying Fibroma: If this is diagnosed early, is a mandiblectomy necessary?

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I have non-ossifying fibroma in the right arm from my shoulder to my elbow. I am 42 years young. does anyone know what this is?? Thank's for all the information..in advance..

Non -Ossifying Fibroma - Fibrous Cortical Defect

Non-ossifying fibroma (NOF) is a well circumscribed, solitary fibrous proliferation. This lesion is found mostly in children with 75% occurring in the second decade. The lesion is found in males more commonly than in females and may occur in as many as 35% of all children.' It is a non-neoplastic process that occurs in the juxtaepiphyseal region of the long bones. The most common site is the femur followed by the tibia .
Clinically, non-ossifying fibromas are asymptomatic and are usually discovered as an incidental finding on x-ray. Occasionally, a larger lesion presents as a pathologic fracture. The classic scenario is a child who has a minor injury in a sports contest and a plain radiograph is taken in a local emergency room. A lesion is seen and the child is referred to an orthopaedic surgeon for evaluation. Generally, a careful history and physical examination will show that the child's pain is related to the nearby joint rather than the lesion, and that the pattern of the symptoms fits that which is expected in a sprain or strain injury. If there was pain before the injury that seems to arise from the lesion, the diagnosis of NOF is highly suspect. Jaffe-Campanacci syndrome is a constellation of symptoms including multiple non-ossifying fibromas, cafe-au-lait spots, mental retardation, hypogonadism, ocular and cardiovascular abnormalities.
Non-ossifying fibromas have a very typical appearance on x-ray. They are eccentric, multi-loculated sub-cortical lesions with a central lucency and a scalloped sclerotic margin. There is sometimes cortical thinning but no periosteal reaction. Serial x-rays will show the lesion migrating away from the epiphyseal plate with time. If the lesion is not eccentric, has no sclerotic rim, or is not multi-loculated, the diagnosis of NOF is suspect and further evaluation is warranted. Since these lesions may be treated by observation only without biopsy, the physician should be quite certain of the diagnosis before formulating a treatment plan. If any doubt exists, the advice of an orthopaedic oncology specialist should be sought.  (+ info)

how long is surgey for jaw ossifying fibroma?

It is very quick. They will numb the area and remove the fibroma. The whole procedure should take 30-40 minutes tops Start to finish.  (+ info)

what is an ossifying fibroma?

It is a growth the occurs in the gums of the mouth.  (+ info)

What is a mouth Fibroma? Is it dangerous/can you get rid of it?

I have a lump on my cheek caused from biting it really hard about half a year ago - its still there. Last few days its been getting sore...

Are Fibromas dangerous and how can you get rid of them?

Unless it is malignant it shouldn't be a problem, but you should ask your doctor. If it does need to be removed it's only a quick out-patient procedure.  (+ info)

I fibroma a factor of risk for the cancer?

I would like to know the two numbers. How frequently the fibroma happens (I mean how many percentage of women have fibroma). I need just an approximate number. The second thing I would like to know is how frequently a fibroma cause a breast cancer. Does fibroma increase the risk to get the breast cancer and if yes, how significantly (numbers are very welcomed).

Fibromas are very common in both females and males. There is no way of knowing the number of women or the percentage that have them. Fibromas are never the cause of breast cancer and they do not increase the risk of having breast cancer.  (+ info)

How much it cost a surgery to remove a uterine fibroma in America, I live i Miami and i have no insurance?

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Does ultrasound can detect fibroma?

I has been told that the ultrasound investigation of the breast has detected a fibroma. Is that possible? I mean that fibroma, by definition, is a benign tumor and without biopsy we cannot say if it is a "benign tumor" or not. So, the next necessary step (after ultrasound) is biopsy/ Am I right?

They may want to do a biopsy to determine if its benign or malignant.... or they may just book for surgery, remove the mass then do a biopsy to check it. If then it comes back as malignant, they will follow up with more tests and chemo and or radiation therapy.  (+ info)

what cardio exercises can i do that are low impact on my tibias?

i have non ossifying fibroma in one of my tibias and i run the risk of a stress fracture from over exertion.
(my orthopedic doctor told me not to run on hard surfaces or lift over around 70lbs)

what cardio exercises can i do that aren't THAT stressful on my tibias?
i also go to a fitness center that has tons of work out equipment. so just name anything lol.

Hello Adrianna, Swimming, "treading water", or even laying on your back doing bicycle pedaling in the air might be good. If you plan well you could also raise your heart rate up by doing floor exercises all back to back with no rest times and try monitoring your heart rate to see if you can get to 50% maximal heart-rate. Some examples might be to do bicyle pedaling, "clam shells" for the glutes, bridges, abdominal crunch and pushups onset followed by another set (of different bodypart) with no breaks. Wear a heart rate monitor to see if you can get your rate up. Makes sure these are all mat/floor work so you don't put weight bearing pressure on the lower legs. Alternatively, I'd give the orthopedist nurse or a physical therapist yo may be working with and ask thier advise. I hope this helps.  (+ info)

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