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What is the name of this bone??? Its driving me crazy!?

It articulates posteriorly with the palatine process of the maxilla but it ossifies completely with the maxilla in adults. It contains the incisive foramen.

I do believe it is the premaxilla. It bears the upper anterior teeth, and if it fails to merge with the maxillae/palatine bones then some variety of cleft lip/palate will emerge.

For more info on varieties of cleft lip and palate:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleft_lip_and_palate  (+ info)

did i stop growing? I'm 19 years old, turning 20 on Feb.?

I'm 19 yrs old, 170 cm in height. At my current age, does the cartilage in my epiphyseal plates stop from growing that makes the epiphyseal plates ossifies & gives me the sign that my bones have no potential from growing???????

i would think your done growing at 20.  (+ info)

I have never wanted sex in my life,?

and then I was diagnosed with a mioma (fibroma), and they said it was hormonal. Do you think that I never wanted any sex because of hormonal imbalance as well, or because of something else?
I am not old or premenopausal.

Absolutely, I have struggled with the same thing my whole adult life. It has caused more relationship problems than I can even begin to say. My hormonal imbalance not only caused sex related problems but my temperament has always been an uncontrollable struggle. Unfortunately in order to correct my problems I was thrown into early menopause (I'm 44) so my struggle continues but I am feeling a little better these days.

Hopefully since you are young you will be able to get your chemistry intact and be able to enjoy a normal life. Good Luck.  (+ info)

What do you think about these names?

Max Mara
and Almond?
or Snow White?
or Lauren?
or Lauren?

You ARE attempting to make a joke, right?  (+ info)

womb swollen after period?


the week after my period, my womb is so swollen that I can feel like a bump if I press over the bladder area.
I didn't notice that before.
Do you think it might be a symptom of fibroma or anything else?

thanks for your help

i wouldn't know if it was, but if your really concerned about it, then you should see your doctor
try not to worry about it too much
:-)  (+ info)

Please help?

I need to know If endometriosis is the same thing as fibroma?
Where can I find out? Is there a doctor out there that knows this answer?
I have already looked at some sites about them both but I am not sure if they are the same thing.
They sound similar in all the sites but non of the info says they mean the same.

As far as I'm aware endometriosis isn't the same thing as fibromyalgia. You can read more about these 2 conditions at the websites below:





The following website have some details about possible links between woman with endo and possibly developing fibromyalgia:


Hope this helps answer your question. Good luck.  (+ info)

Can this turn into cancer??

I found a lump a couple of weeks ago and it keeps getting bigger. It is on the bottom of my foot on the arch of my foot under the skin. It hurts! My doctor said it was plantar fibroma. BTW i went to an orthopedic. I was wondering if this could turn into fibrosarcoma. Can it?

A plantar fibroma is not cancerous. Many plantar fibromas will go away without treatment.  (+ info)

Question about brain scan?

I just got my results back from my CAT scan and the report said PROBABLE OSSIFIED LEFT FRONTAL MENINGIOMA.I googled it,but do not understand all the medical jargon.Can you put it in simpler terms for me.Please do not answer if you really do not know.I am nervous enough without the wrong information.The nurse that gave me the report said I have to make an appt with my primary care physician which is in 2 weeks.I want to know now.

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BirthControl pills???

I am 21 years old. I recently started having sex, i would say 1 or 2 weeks ago, I would like to know whats the best for me to prevent pregnancy. I was told that MIRENA was the best for me but i was reading on their page that u have to have at least one kid. other thing is that i also have fibroma in the breast and that they not recommend me birthcontrol pills

help me!!! i would like to be secure about my future
and i dont want kids now

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skin growth?

Eight weeks ago I noticed a tiny tiny bump on my skin, skin colored in nature. I picked at it, it went flat and then started to heal. When it started to heal a white growth started to come from it. It looked like a pimple but it could not be squeezed out no matter what I did. I picked and prodded at it till it came off. Then when it began to heal again, the white spot grew back again. It grew to about 1 mm high and about 2 mm wide, always in a circle. My doctor told me it was an ingrown hair. I put hot compresses on it and it did not go away, but the whit growth peeled off, only to grow back again. Everytime it grows back it is about 1 mm high, and two mm around with a red ring around it and white in the center. I got fed up and went to another doctor, mine was away, and he told me it was either a cyst or a fibroma and put liquid nitrogen on it. Then I went back to my family doctor and she said it was a dermatofibroma and it should have been cut out so it could have been tested. Now I worry that I shouldn't have been so hasty and it could have been something serious that I'll never know about.
Please answer these questions for me if you could...
Can a fibroma be peeled off like that and keep growing back?
Why couldn't I squeeze anything out if it was a skin cyst?
Do cysts grow right on top of the skin, I thought they grew under..
Can further excision happen after cyrotherapy, or am I doomed to wonder for the rest of my life?
Please help me if you can...
Kim Vasdani

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