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What are some abdominal workouts that will give me an eight pack?

I have a friend who bet me that in six months I could not get an eight pack. I already have a pretty solid six pack and I eat healthy and exercise daily. That's not good enough to get an eight pack. I need some workouts for the abdominal area that would strengthen my abs and make them a rock solid eight pack in six months. I'm researching this and need to come up with a plan for the abdominal area. Anything is appreciated and ideas are welcome.

Get an ab mat and do situps on it, or I don't know if you know about GHD machines?

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhoNNt3YMES32mV1bHfV5Insy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100323192531AAkROt4  (+ info)

Experiencing abdominal discomfort during the time my period would normally come?

Im only 4 wks pregger but im experiencing abdominal discomfort. Not cramping just discomfort. This is around when my period would have been due. Is this normal?

TOTALLY normal!

i was ready to go out and buy tampons when i was 4 wks pregnant. I was so sure my period was coming. had strong positive pregnancy tests since 8 DPO and the pains at 4 weeks were so bad that i thought for sure i had miscarried and my period was coming at any minute.

cramping will continue throughout your 9 months and if you worry about every little ache, pain, twinge and cramp you wont enjoy your pregnancy.

congrats :)  (+ info)

How can I work on my abdominal area without loosing keeping my hips and buttocks?

I am going to start back working on my abdominal area. However, I would like to keep my hippy shape. I have worked on my abdominal area doing sit ups and lower abdominal lifts. Will this help me to get my abs flat without loosing my hippy shape.

Have I found IT
Best over all core work out and fun

Belly Dancing
And.. no it doesn't have to be all "that" we it can be if you want it ;-)
But serious core movement. Lots of videos on the net.

Really gives you great movement utilizing all of your stomache muscles (male or female) you feel great.  (+ info)

How can i make my abdominal look perfect?

I train everyday for my stomach, abdominal. But mine is just strong, hard, it doens't has good form, like atletic people. What i have to do, how should i train to make my abdominal look perfectly athletic and also very strong?

You have to have a low body fat percentage and there's only two ways to get there.

#1 exercise like athletes with 6 packs (sprinters, gymnasts, dancers, etc..)

These athletes exercise 4-6 hours a day. Sorry, but it's the harsh truth.

#2 eat a nearly perfect diet.

Football players workout a lot, but alot of them eat cheeseburgers, fries, and pizza all the time.

Working out by itself (especially recreationally) may not be enough to get a six pack.

check out this site for some workout and diet tips http://www.ab-core-and-stomach-exercises.com  (+ info)

How do I get my abdominal muscles to show?

I have abdominal muscles, and when I press my fingers into my abdominal area with them flexed, I can feel the muscle, but I have a layer of fat or something between them and my skin (very small, as I only have 6% body fat). How do I get rid of this layer of stuff?

diet and cardio ab work makes abs stronger it does not burn the fat on top of them  (+ info)

Is it possible to overload on abdominal exercises that can turn into negative results?

Hi I am a pretty condition athletic but my abs aren't as strong as they can be. So I plan on doing some intense exercising over the summer that includes abdominal/lower back exercises. I plan on doing 5 different types of abdominal exercises.

I am planning on doing perhaps 250 (50 each exercises). If I did that every day could I overload and receive negative results?

  (+ info)

Can you work your abdominal muscles everyday without any repercussions?

Or do you need to break it down to every other day to give the muscles time to regenerate. I’m trying to maximize results in a short period. If you have any suggestion to maximize visual results of lower abdominal muscles please let me know. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Abs are muscles, too, and they need rest just like any other muscle. So, yes, break it down to every other day, and try doing some leg lifts, too.

To make your lower abs more visible just keep lowering the body fat percentage to about 8 or 9. So keep eating healthy and do cardio 4-5 days per week for about 40 minutes each day.  (+ info)

How do you work the very upper abdominal that gives you an 8 pack?

I have all the muscle it just feals like the muscle was never used....I want to increase the size of the very upper abdominal so they are like my other abdominal muscles.

honestly, what works for me is the regular crunch... they seem to only target upper abs... also try the abs belt... it doesnt burn fat but it makes your abs bulge like crazy  (+ info)

How do I lose abdominal fat while still gaining muscle mass?

I am 19 years old and also an ectomorph, currently has high carbs-moderate protein diet. Just wondering on how could I remove my abdominal fat without burning muscles. Doing cardio will burn my muscles since I am an ectomorph. Will low carb-high protein be a better diet? Will this diet burn my muscles?

Being an ectomorph it is true that you will be burning some muscle mass when doing 'extensive cardio', but if you keep eating the right foods and continue with your exercise program the fat storages will continue to burn up.

I would stick with your current routine, but eat high calories. You are probably very skinny and you body is burning the foods your consuming fairly quickly. Remember to space our your diet accordingly.

If you want a great diet and exercise routine to help you put on and conserve muscle while loosing your fat stores, then i would be happy to help create one. Check out my site at www.tofitness.ca or you can email me at [email protected] and i will send it to my business account (for spam reasons).

Wade  (+ info)

What are tattoos called on the lower abdominal?

Are there any special names for them or are they just called lower abdominal tattoos? I am looking for a tribal one for my lower abdominal where the hips are sorta like a tribal tattoo. Any ideas or websites?

Actually, the lower abdomen is not a tramp stamp.
It's the lower back that's the tramp stamp.

You can just say in between the hip bones.
Or just "Lower Abdomen".

If you go into a tattoo parlor, just show them where you want it.
You don't need to say, "I want it on my forearm."
It'd be easier for them if you just pointed where.  (+ info)

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