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left flank pain worse when i walk or move?

i have had severe pain in my left side (Flank Pain) it feels as if there is something there and is painful in sitting, standing, laying down and worse when i move about or walk or when i get from sitting to standing sometimes its so severe i bend in two although i haven't been to the doctor as yet i intend going tomorrow i just wonder is there any point in going if it is only muscular pain.

I had the same problem after Chemotherapy and they could not find any thing wrong with my leg.  (+ info)

Why might I have sudden onset flank pain?

In the last few hours, I've developed flank pain that isn't debilitating, but it makes me feel nauseous whenever I stand up; however, it doesn't bother me at all when I'm sitting down. My concern is that it could be a kidney infection since I have a history of recurrent UTI's (5 in the last year). I have noticed that I seem to be urinating less and am often woken up once a night to go to the bathroom, but I have not had the frequency or pain that is usually the indication that I have a UTI. Is this something I should get checked right away, or should I wait and see if the lower back pain persists? Thanks for any help...

Kidney stones can manifest themselves in a million different ways. Check it out with your urologist a KUB x ray would show a stone.  (+ info)

5 1/2 months pregnant, right Flank Pain, cannot relieve pain, please help?

Does anyone know what this can be? The pain comes in waves the past 2 days and when it hurts I cannot find relief in any position. It is tender to the touch.

Hello Shawnee,

Congratulations on becoming a Mum!

It could be that your baby is pushing up against you on the inside. Babies do this as they grow.

If you are in pain and feel that it is wrong, ring the hospital where you are booked in to have your baby. You should be able to speak to a midwife who can ask you pertinent questions and allay your concerns.

If the pain is unbearable then you really should see a Dr as your life and your babies life is too important to leave to chance and online diagnosis.

I wish you well :))  (+ info)

Iam only 7wks pregnant. Iam feeling a little stabbing pain on my right lower flank (lower back) Is that norm?

al? It just started today and it doesent really hurt its just a little shooting pain. What could that be??

  (+ info)

Can Irritable Bowel Syndrome present with severe right upper flank and side pain?

Severe enough to make the person cry and to break through 15mg of Lortab? Would it also have a gradual (over a month) onset at the age of 25? [Gallbladder is removed, so it's not cholecystitis.]
Appendix removed as well. Pain isn't mine, but thanks all the same! :)

You need medical attention!

It IS possible to have biliary colic (related to the common bile duct or the liver) after gallbladder removal. You could also get stones after gallbladder removal. Another possibility is scarring in the area where the gallbladder was removed (either on the bile duct itself or the intestines).

The timing of the pain is important (i.e. is it immediately before or during a fatty meal?). Also, the presence/abscence of fever is also critical. Is the urine turning dark? Is there nausea/vomiting accompanying? Are you turning yellow? All of these are very worrisome and should be seen immediately.

Lortab is NOT a good medication for any type of bowel complaint. The main reason is that it causes constipation. If you have IBS (which is possible but a diagnosis of last choice) you could be making it worse with lortab. You should not be taking this medication for bowel pain, but if you must, you should buy some Colace or Magnesium Citrate at the drug store and include them in your daily regimen. If you get a fecal impaction, life will get very unpleasant.

Another possibility is a kidney stone. The kidneys are located in the flanks and so you could have right upper quadrant pain radiating through to the back, etc, with a right renal stone. Blood in the urine is a sign, but the abscence of blood does not mean you don't have one.

I recommend you get some lab tests: Liver function panel, urinalysis and a CBC. To get them, you will need to see a doc. Don't let this type of pain go, you could have a serious problem.

If you have scarring/obstruction of the common bile duct, you could be at risk of liver failure and death. I don't mean to be dramatic, but your history of prior cholecystectomy brings this up.  (+ info)

Flank pain please real responses only (prefer medical professionals)?

I wanted to ask some medical professionals out there a question. One of my best friends has been having pain in his back by his right and left flank. he is also complaining of dark color urine. What could this be? Could this be serious? Should I take him to an ER or a Doctor? please only real answers.... thanks

Hi Fire Norv,

It sound as though it might be renal calculi (kidney stones) I have put the medical term in incase you hear someone mention it and get frightened if you don't know what it means.

He should see his GP and get it checked out. If this is what is causing the trouble it can be very painful so the sooner he gets it sorted the better, Don't worry though it isn't life threatening, just very uncomfortable.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I do suggest he goes to his doctor.

Love Mel.X  (+ info)

What could be causing recurrent Flank Pain?

Here's a link to a site that will help you,, and it's free

http://www.uclahealth.org/symptomnav_large.cfm?id=671&oTopID=47  (+ info)

Back/Flank pain, nausea withOUT vomiting, pain when taking deep breaths, frequent urination.what is this???

at times the pain ceases. and then it starts again. besides a kidney/pancreas infection, what could this be?

  (+ info)

Right Flank pain continues 3 years after two separate 7mm and 14mm stone removal and no stones on X-Ray ?

Not all stones appear on x-ray. Generally an ultrasound is a better choice for looking for stones and also measuring the kidney and tracking blood flow as well as being able to detect any distention. Go back to your urologist and ask for a more complete work up to figure out the source of your pain and whether it is kidney related. good luck.  (+ info)

Right Flank pain, what is this?

I hurt myself about a year ago trimming hedges...not sure what it is, My right flank after doing that was burning and the pain was so bad it made me vomit. I was laid up for about a week and since then the pain will come back on and off out of nowhere. Does anyone know what could be injured? It doesn't feel like a muscle pain but hurts like he\\.

*No I did not go to the doc...couldn't be bothered.

Right flank - doesn't tell us exactly where it is - If it is in your buttocks - it is probably Sciatica -a pinched nerve that runs from your spine. across your buttocks and down your leg -- Anytime you compress the nerve- you will have added pain. If it is your hip - as in the hip joint - it could be muscle, ligament or joint involvement. Suggest you see an ortho Dr. if it gets worse. In the menatime- try Aleve (Naproxene) and an ice pack - if it is sciatica- put the ice on your spine where the tenderness originates.(usually lower back)  (+ info)

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