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being vegan i eat beans and legumes and lots of veggies meaning lots of fiber and lots of gas. any remedies?

Phazyme  (+ info)


i frequent produce flatulence always not only by eating legumes or other flatulence triggering foods

It may be an allegy to something in the regular foods you eat, as long as you aren't having the probs of the squirts with them, use Beano to control it. But if you are having other problems as well with your stomach and lower abdominal tract, you might want to see the doc and see if it's your body that has the problem instead of the foods.  (+ info)

What are some low flatulence foods that would appeal to children?

My daughter will be turning 5 yrs old this month and has a problem with any foods or beverages that produce flatulence. She cannot drink out of straws or any bottle with lid you have to suck out of. She cannot have any dairy, red meat, corn, bread, apples, citrus, bannanas, and other foods. I have been sticking with alot of soy products, salads fish and fowl. I am running out of ideas and she has slowly stopped eating everything. I live in a small town and cannot find any specialty grocery stores. If there is a website anyone knows of that I can order from that would be nice. If not I will accept any good ideas for foods I can make or buy to help my daughter eat more.

Oh, my dear, I can SO relate-and I can help. Here is a link to my food allergy yahoo group. If you click on the join button, you can go to the files section, where you will find lots of info, tips and recipes. I highly recommend you read the post about raw milk. I also recommend getting her off of the soy, ASAP! I know, you are wringing your hands saying, oh no, not that too! But most soy is genetically modified, and if consumed, especially by young children, will cause other allergies. Google "roundup ready soy" for more info. If you dont join my group, feel free to IM or email me. I have loads of ideas and tips for you. My 12 year old and I avoid wheat, soy, eggs, commercial dairy (we do great with RAW) all meats, poultry, barley and other things. Our diet is widely varied and we enjoy more foods now than we ever did before. Here is the link http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/foodallergynetwork/  (+ info)

Which foods are best for increased flatulence?

I have recently joined the London Bottom Symphony orchestra and I play the trombone. I need to maximise my wind for our next concert, in a week's time. Please can you tell me which foods I can eat to induce maximum flatulence.


Can my night time flatulence give my girlfriend a sore throat when she wakes up?

Sometimes I can be very gassy while I sleep, my girlfriend often complains and tells me to go open the door because my extensive night time flatulence gives her a sore throat. Is this actually possible?

No Sir, this is not possible unless you emitt pure hydrogen sulfite  (+ info)

What can I do about flatulence that causes fecal leaking?

I'm a generally healthy 65-year-old woman, and for the past several years, I have experienced discharge of small amounts of liquid feces when passing gas. The symptom comes and goes but usually lasts for several days. I am a vegan and ingest much fiber from fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, which I know can cause increased flatulence, but I wonder what I can do about the leaking. Any ideas? Thanks.

You can find some remedies in a web search for "anti anal leakage agents".  (+ info)

Are there any types of beans that will not lead to flatulence?

In other words, are there any beans that will not make you have gas? I know this is due to the presence of the sugar rubinose in the beans which I and other cannot metabolize. I am not willing to constantly take simethicone to prevent flatulence, so I want to know if there are any kinds of beans that do not contain rubinose.
Majnun99 - Rubinose is the Australian term. Also beano is an enzyme product not simethicone.

Check this link out...
I hope this helps. :-)  (+ info)

Is flatulence of a bad odor a sign of bad digestive system health/hygiene?

Somedays, when i eat more pungent food, or non vegetarian food, the next day, my flatulence is of a bad (sometimes terrible) odor. Is it an indication from my body that such foods are not recommended for me? Is it an indication of bad digestive system health/hygiene? Answers would be appreciated, i wanna get rid of stinky farts!

Some foods will cause more flatulence than others will. I have to be careful sometimes, because it can really cause problems if I eat the wrong stuff! But seriously, the flatulence is caused by the colon trying to relieve the pressure. It's the bacteria in your system expelling waste products (like feces almost), and it causes the bad smell. Some vegetables and other foods high in fiber can cause this. But, if you find that certain foods cause you major trouble, then avoid them for a while to see if there's a change.  (+ info)

Does defecating reduce the smell of flatulence?

I've noticed on a couple of occasions (the few times I've actually paid attention) that if I was having bad smelling flatulence and then went to take a BM, my farts would smell less after the BM. Does it actually work this way, or was it just a coincidence? I've searched, but haven't found info on this particular relationship. Does defecating reduce the odor of flatulence?

The smell comes from the gas passing stool in the intestines so YES defecating will reduce the smell of flatulence.  (+ info)

why do beans cause flatulence?

flatulence is embarrassing what foods don't cause it?

All foods cause flatulence without it you will die. Everything natural that our bodies make is there for a purpose. All animals release gas. You can avoid some of it by not eating foods that have high levels of fiber (i.e. beans, peas, peanuts, dark bread, etc). But then you will miss out on all the great foods.  (+ info)

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