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Does anyone get scared when they take a huge BM, and the dump is so huge you're afraid to flush. What do you do?

This is just gross, but I guess you could go a little and flush half way thru.... LOL)%*#$)*%!)#$*%  (+ info)

When dumping medication down the drain or flushing, who or what is in harms way?

Who or what is being harmed when you dispose of unused or expired prescription or over-the-counter medications by dumping them down the sink or flushing them down the toilet? I know it isn't safe to throw them in the trash, since both people and animals can get access to them. I have wondered about this for years.

Dear Chicken Little,
The water is processed so I don't think there is that much harm. I work with hospice and what we are taught is to dispose of narcotics via sink, garbage disposal, or toilet system. I've had many clients concerned about this and have wondered about this myself. My thoughts are it would be far worse for an animal or person to get the meds in full dose than to have it cleaned and many times diluted through our public water system.
When people consume the medication, what is not processed still goes to our public waste system--whether med is elimanated as feces or as emesis.
This was a good question.  (+ info)

Do you like the urinals that flush automatically, or do you prefer the self-flushing urinals?

Just curious guys - do you prefer manually flushing a urinal that you just used? Or, do you prefer the urinals that automatically flush at set time intervals? Please explain why.

I have news for you:I don't like urinals to begin with:they stink like hell.Whether they manually flush or not.
Avoid them to all cost.
Colors  (+ info)

Why am I flushing after an hour of working on computer?

After of so many hours of doing in front of my computer, I always notice that my face is flushing, and I notice also that my thinking become not so clear, I lose my focus and concentration after. So, it is an axiety? If it is, why is it happening to me eventhough I'm working in a slow pace and relaxing manner? Please tell me.

what type of monitor are you using? if you're using one of the older tube style monitors, you could be getting some rays from it.. believe it or not, I actually got a sun-tan from my monitor years ago when I had a large screen tube monitor and I was using my computer a lot.. (I know, it's probably not healthy).. now I have a LCD monitor so it's not an issue..  (+ info)

Why am i not flushing with niacin anymore?

I've been taking 1000 mg of niacin at a time, and up until 3 days ago i got the flushing effect which is key in what i'm trying to achieve. I've even tried boosting dosage to 1500mg but i don't know if i should pass that, any suggestions?

Ask your doctor. Not the quacks on yahoo answers. Good Luck!  (+ info)

Do kids ever get in trouble for flushing things down the toilet?

Do your kids ever get in trouble for flushing things down the toilet that they shouldn't be flushing? What are some of the things that they flushed? Did it jam up the toilet to where you had to call a plumber?

I didn't even read the other answers. My son is 3 and he is OBSESSED with flushing things down the toilet. My husband has pulled the toilet up more times than I can count. My son has flushed tooth brushes, Lego's, and most recently MY GLASSES. Yes My GLASSES. We have tried all locks but he can figure them out!!! If you find a solution please tell me.  (+ info)

Something to stop my 3 year old from flushing toys down the toilet?

My son LOVES to flush toys down the toilet but i HATE it. I would like to know if there is something out there that would prevent him from flushing more toys and flooding my floor , but will still allow him to go pee and poo.

A toilet lid lock.........That way you have to unlock it for him to use the restroom, but it stays locked at any other time to prevent the toy flushing.  (+ info)

How do I stop my facial flushing when I smoke?

I have started noticing some pretty severe facial flushing when I smoke marijuana. Is there anyway to prevent this or at least lessen the redness on my face?


Try adding a cooling wet washcloth after you smoke weed. Just dont do cigarettes, waste of time, waste of money, waste of lungs.  (+ info)

How successful is pregnancy after haveing a tubal flushing?

I had a tubal pregnancy in august and have been unable to conceive ever since. i have been on clomid and novarel which did very well in producing 3-4 large eggs every month but for some reason i wasn't getting pregnant. I had a HSG and flushing and found that there was a small blockage in my tube was was removed. what are my chances of getting pregnant now??

I've heard good things. In fact, I had one done today and the radiologist even told me that its been said pregnancy rates are slightly higher as the ink dye from the test, flushes out debris and other unseen blockages. Even can reopen any scar tissue there might be! WIsh me luck, as I will wish you luck as well, and lets pray for baby 2009!  (+ info)

How do I get my almost three year old to stop playing with potty water/flushing random things down the potty!?

It seems the second I turn my back she throws something in the potty and then tries flushing it down. She also likes to put her hands in the potty after flushing when shes done using it, then puts her hands in her mouth thinking its funny. I just can't get her to realize that it has germs.

Sounds like you neet a toilet lock :)  (+ info)

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