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What can be done about frontal sinus hypoplasia?

I have significant paranasal sinusitis and frontal sinus hypoplasia. What can be done, I tried searching the web only to find that hypoplasia means that the frontal sinuses are underdeveloped. I can't get an appointment with an E.N.T. doctor because of insurance, could anyone please tell me what they would do if I could go.

Whether it's acute or chronic (lasting more than 8-12 weeks) sinusitis, treatment should be aimed at sinus drainage and curing any infection. Nasal sprays, such as phenylephrine, can be used for a limited time to constrict the blood vessels; similar drugs taken by mouth are less effective. Some antibiotics can be taken, but since you can't go to the doctor, then you can't do that one. Nasal corticosteroid sprays and corticosteroid tablets can also be taken to help reduce inflammation in the mucous membranes.  (+ info)

What size dermal anchor and dermal punch will I need for the face?

I am considering doing my own dermal anchor/micro dermal piercing below my eye. I know what tools I need and how to do it, I am just not sure of what SIZES the anchor should be as well as the dermal punch? I need to know the length, height/rise, and gauge of the anchor and the gauge of the punch. Yes, I am aware that this is a dangerous procedure that should only be carried out by professionals.

dermal anchoring is best done by a pro piercer. they are not normal piercings...they are considered implants

my and my fiancee have some on our fingers


the gauges for the dermals are 14g and 16g a believe

you want to do a dermal punch on your face?

dermal punches are for ear cartilage and septum piercings.
these are done best by pro piercers too.

i have 2g dermal punches in ear ear at the tops of my ear.

the dermal punches come a range of sizes.  (+ info)

I have a question about mild/moderate generalized enamel hypoplasia?

I have 3 cavities needing to be filled. One or two of the three in the front I think.
My dentist recommended that I get ZOOM teeth whitening done, THEN get the white fillings matched to the new shade of my teeth.
I read the consent form for Zoom and it said something about open cavities and the bleaching gel getting into will cause substantial pain.
So then why is my dentist not doing my fillings first, then the ZOOM?
Also, I have mild/moderate generalized enamel hypoplasia and she said the ZOOM would blend all my white spots in (and my teeth are a bit yellow to begin with).
I did read something about ZOOM being less effective on white spots...so am I going to end up with blotches?
What are your opinions?
BTW, I have heard having ZOOM done is like chewing on tinfoil.

Your dentist is not doing the fillings first for exactly the reasons you stated in your question. There are some people who have decent sized (large) cavities who can expect the pain that you describe, but if you have "garden variety" average cavities, it should not be a problem. If you are really afraid about this, you can ask about the slower but less "shocking" home whitening treatment. The incidence of sensitivity is much, much lower this way.

I would never tell a patient that any whitening will "even out" the white spots as this is very unpredictable.  (+ info)

How long does it take a dermal piercing to heal?

I have been wanting to get a dermal piercing for a wile now....i was thinking about getting two on each of my wrist's. but im in cheer and tumbling so i don't want there to be a chance for them to get torn seeing that im moving and using my wrists a lot. how long does it normally take for a dermal to heal? and would it heal faster seeing that my skin isn't very thick on my wrist's?

They heal pretty fast, within a week or two the swelling goes down and it shouldn't really hurt. After 3 weeks you should be able to change the ball too..  (+ info)

Is a bump on the monroe dermal piercing part of the healing process?

My daughter got a monroe dermal about a month ago && it has a bump right on top of the piecing. It kinda looks like a pimple & when we went back to the studio he sayed that the skin is getting adapted to the skin. But i really haven't seen any improvement. She cleans it often with h20 ocean the purified ocean salt water. Is anyone else having this problem with ther dermal piercing?

Is it a microdermal on the upper lip? Or a monroe piercing?

Either way, the bump is from too much friction. If it is a monroe piercing (were the jewelry has a flat back and goes inside the mouth) tell her to stop moving the jewelry. This can be from twisting the jewelry, playing with it with her tongue or teeth, or changing the jewelry too much. If it is a microdermal, the jewelry is moving around under the skin too much. She should consut her piercer immdiately, because the jewelry may not be secured under her skin.

I had a liquid-filled bump on my monroe piercing when I first got it done. I got it done when I was 16. It happened because I was playing with my jewelry too much. Once I stopped playing with it and started using saine solution on it, the bump fell off and never came back.  (+ info)

How long can you keep a micro dermal piercing in?

I just got a micro dermal piercing on my chest just an inch below the curve where my collar bones meet. I was wondering how long I can keep it? Is there some point where I have to remove it? And will my skin bond to the jewelry eventually?

you cant remove it unless it's taken out surgically. your tissue grows around the jewlery so its in for good. i'd suggest reading up on piercings like that before just going and getting them done :x  (+ info)

How old do you have to be to get a dermal hip anchor?

How old do you have to be to get a dermal hip anchor in California with parental consent?

Can you use an older sibling (19 years old) to take you to get it done?

No reputable piercer is going to do dermals on a minor...with or without parental consent.

And even if they did, no you could not take an older sibling. It's called PARENTal consent for a reason.  (+ info)

What exactly is a dermal anchor piercing?

and does anyone have pix? I recently overheard someone say she wanted a "dermal anchor" and I wasn't quite sure what it was except for that it was a piercing. So, I tried to look it up, but nothing really is coming up that isn't confusing. Help please?

here is a pic for starters...


me and my wife have these done.
these are what they look like (not actual size) they are really small


you can put these ANYWHERE,,,and from the first pic posted....it is my wife and i's wedding rings/engagement rings/promise rings  (+ info)

How long do dermal punches take to heal?

Last monday was my eighteenth birthday. I went and got 2 gauge dermal punches on the outer conch close to the tip of my ear. It stopped bleeding within an hour and has barely bled since. It still has some crusted blood but i cant scrape it off cause i cant get a qtip close enough. How much should i worry about infection ( i rinse them with salt water 3 times a day) and how long will they take to heal?

it sounds like you're taking good care of them. since it is a chunk of skin that was pushed out it will take longer to heal then normal piercings.

if you plan to stretch it at all i wouldn't recommend it until a years period.

i dont know a whole lot about dermal punches but i'd say after 6 months you'll be safe. but possibly a little sooner  (+ info)

How much does it cost to have dermal filler on nose and is there a chance to have it forever?

Also, what about after it is gone, will my nose be the same as before? is there anyone who had a dermal filler on nose? how long did it stay? and what was is like after the dermal filler is gone?

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - health-quotes.isgreat.org  (+ info)

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