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how many people are living with congenital adrenal hyperplasia?

I need to know for a project. thanks.

There is no way to know this. The frequency for CAH is one in 10-15,000 births in those countries where it has been studied (western countries). However, in developing countries in particular, most children with CAH die in the newborn period. Also, in certain countries it is much more frequent due to consanguinity (marriage within related family groups, like cousins). In Vietnam for example, CAH affects 1/2500 children. In one center in India, the frequency was 1/1200. But since most of these children will die, there is no way to come up with an accurate estimate of the number of people worldwide with CAH. These numbers also are only for classical CAH. Nonclassical CAH is very common but most people who have it genetically never develop symptoms that cause them to seek medical care. Since CAH is fairly rare, there is not a lot of studies that look at these kinds of population based data, unlike cancer or diabetes.  (+ info)

what is lymphoid hyperplasia if it is malignant?

can you describe me what is lymphoid hyperplasia if it is malignant?

It is just an overproduction of cells. As I am entering my answer I and looking at hyperplasia on my hands, it's not cancer and will never become cancerous.  (+ info)

If you had a mammogram taken and they wanted you to have an ultrasound done on a breast for a Nodular density?

...magnification,does it mean it's cancer? Will they be satisfied with the results and no other action will be necessary? or does it mean they want surgery to remove it?

No, it doesn't specifically mean that you have cancer. Sometimes women have "cystic/bumpy" breasts, which means naturally your breasts are just bumpy or dense...this makes abnormal lumps or areas more difficult to detect on a mammogram. Sometimes when women have these kinds of breasts, the doctors will do an ultrasound as well just to make sure that everything is okay. Most likely, they'll do the ultrasound and not find anything wrong. Sometimes, they catch small tumors with the ultrasound and then you can start treatment for cancer, if that's necessary. This is how Barbra Streisand caught her breast cancer, and now she's been cancer free for quite a few years.   (+ info)

Is there another treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) besides Doxazosin and Flomax?

I suffer with an enlarged prostate and the two medicines that I take now (Flomax and Doxazosin) causes my tongue to swell. Is there another medication I can take that doesn't cause my tongue to swell. Help me please!

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Is SAW PALMETTO effective for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (bph) or enlarged prostate?

I have this illness and is planning to take saw palmetto but I'm not sure if it is effective.

There is quite a lot of data in respected literature regarding the efficacy of Saw Palmetto Berry (Serenoa repens) in the treatment of BPH. I would recommend you take a jaunt on pubmed and see for yourself.

The key influence of Serenoa is the inhibition of an enzyme that converts regular testosterone into an extremely powerful form that generally is not supposed to last very long in your system. This powerful form of testosterone is responsible for enlarging the prostate and probably has a hand in prostate cancer. It also is the culprit in a lot of male pattern hair loss. Why is that strong hormone sticking around longer than it should? We think it's because of the Western diet -high in red meat and junk. Our livers are responsible for neutralizing that strong hormone and when they are taxed with all the junk and extra hormones of our modern diets they cant keep up. In Western cultures -esp US, we expect about 50% of men over the age of 40 to have this condition.

When you do the research you'll see the tremendous science -but, you will also notice recent snipey reports trying to debunk it. This is from the pharmaceutical industry which is trying to push flowmax, proscar, cadura, avodart, etc......
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Has anyone ever been diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, and been able to have children?

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for years. When I finally went to the doctor about my unusual cycles, I was diagnosed by a specialist as having endometrial hyperplasia. She didn't really explain to me what it was, other than it could be cancer. The only treatment she gave me was birth control to regulate my periods, but I stopped taking it, for obvious reasons.

Anyone ever been through this?
What are our chances of ever having children?

I had endometrial hyperplasia (although my GYN used the term uterine hyperplasia.) I'm sorry, but you need to control the thickness of the endometrium by controlling your periods.
My GYN told me hyperplasia put me at risk for cancer. In addition, mine went untreated (because my symptoms were misinterpreted by GP doctor) so I got to the point where big bloody globs fell into my underwear without warning. Trust me, you cannot live your life that way.
The preferred way to control this is with birth control pills. However, I resisted "the pill". So I started by taking progesterone pills for about 10 days every month or two. This did cause the endometrium to bleed out regularly and adequately controlled the hyperplasia. However, I had side effects from the medicine. It gave me uncontrollable appetite and I gained weight. So I went on the pill. I'm glad I did. I haven't noticed any side effects.
You could consider the progesterone treatment. But I'm pretty sure your doctor won't prescribe it unless he/she is sure you are not pregnant and won't become pregnant. But if you are really dedicated to this, you might work out a schedule with him/her. If you abstain from intercourse for about 2 weeks and pass a pregnancy test (negative result) then is might be OK to force the period with progesterone.
I'm not saying that avoiding "the pill" means you can achieve pregnancy. I think we get hyperplasia because our hormones are not cycling normally. That might mean you don't ovulate anyway.

For any woman with irregular cycles who wants to achieve pregnancy, I strongly recommend Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes. Practicing NFP will show you the pattern of your hormones and when/if you ovulate. Google "natural family planning" and "classes to find one near you.  (+ info)

what is the prognosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia?

for how long would the person live after the surgical procedure and is there a chance for the disease to reoccur again? pls help me..

The prostate does increase in size as a man gets older. Sorgery is unlikely to affect the length of his life.
The benefits of surgery are long lasting, but because only part of the prostate is removed, some men may eventually need another operation.
Surgery usually offers relief from BPH for at least 15 years. Surgery for BPH leaves behind a good part of the gland, so it is still possible for prostate problems, including BPH, to develop again. However, only 10 percent of the men who have surgery for BPH eventually need a second operation for enlargement. Usually these men had the first surgery at an early age.  (+ info)

Nodular goiter, an impediment for Australian migration?

I have nodular goiter, a case where I have a node on my thyroid gland. I had it checked and it was diagnosed to be benign and I now take medicines to help it shrink. I'm just worried since I'll be submitting my application forms for permanent resident visa in Australia soon. Do you know if my Nodular Goiter will cause some problems or will result Australian visa rejection?


You are safe this is not something you can give to anyone its your body and this stays with you .  (+ info)

There is focal hot uptake noted in the left facet joint L5-S1 also the left first Melatarsophalangeal joint?

This is the results of a Nuclear Medicine Planar Bone Scan that was performed. There is focal hot uptake noted in the right and left acromioclavicular joint, both elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. also, there was focal hot uptake noted in the left facet joint L5-S1 also in the left first metatarsophalangeal joint. These multiple joint involvements problaby symmetrical, may be related to my Lyme Disease.

I recommend you ask your question at http://lymenet.org. Click on "flash discussion," then "medical question." There will be people there who will be able to give informed comment about it. Good luck.  (+ info)

How much do the Bausch & Lomb Multi-Focal Contacts cost?

My mom wants to get the multi-focals but she's afraid that they are going to be too expensive. How much on average do they cost and are they easy to adjust to?
Thank you!

@ 1800contact.com or at Walmart vision Center (These two companies are now merged with one another and have the same prices) these contact run around 44.99 per box. If she orders the entire year supply at one time, then the price would be reduced to 40.99 per box, which would bring her total down to $327.92.  (+ info)

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