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What is the best brand of shoe for someone with a club foot?

I was born with club feet. I'm 46, so this was before surgery was common for correcting this deformity. Casting was used and my left foot appears normal. My right foot is fairly straight, but I tends to wear out the right shoe quickly. What is the best brand as far as comfort AND durability for someone with a slightly crooked foot, big ankle, and a foot that just isn't normal?


RedWing has a large selection of sizes .They will mix sizes if needed. I have had a near club foot .  (+ info)

Where can one get shoes to fit a foot deformed by Charcot Osteoarthropathy, apart from a hospital?

Someone I know has severe foot deformity due to Charcot arthropathy caused by diabetes. Hospital footwear clinics have long waiting lists and he is desperate for some shoes. Does anyone know any shops/ companies that specialise in making shoes and slippers for large/deformed feet?

Depending on where you are, see if there is an orthotics company near by. In the US, I recommend Hanger.  (+ info)

What type of foot disease or deformity can cause the entire foot to turn inward? Is surgery the solution?

  (+ info)

Why do I have a foot deformity while my identical twin doesn't?

I was born with hallux valgus (bunions) on both of my feet. My identical twin sister does not have this deformity. How is this possible?

You are identical at the level of cellular DNA. But how each of you develop in the uterus is dependent on many things aside from DNA. I other words this deformity is not dependent on DNA, but occurs during fetal development. That's a very individual thing.  (+ info)

What are some common baby deformities and their causes?

I'm aware that many babies nowadays are being born without thumbs, especially if an older sibling was killed in a freak accident.

What are some other baby deformities that you've encountered?

-Occult Consultant

Gril Babby not fittin on riet. Legs danglin inna coles.  (+ info)

What foot cream is good for really tough feet?

I have tried several OTC foot lotions/creams. I have gotten professional pedicures too. I have even used the "ped egg" and various foot files. My feet get very tender after using these files, but the rough skin is still there. What is an effective foot cream/product to soften my feet?

Zim's Crack Cream. Ridiculous name, fantastic product. My ex had extremely dry, cracked and tough skin on his feet and the tips of his fingers. When it became particularly bad (i.e. during the winter), he would slather a bit of this stuff on and wrap with a rubber glove (on the hand) or a sock (foot, obviously), and sleep overnight with it on. That is only necessary in extreme cases, because I have used it before on less severely tough skin of my own without having to cover it with anything and it worked great.  (+ info)

Can Relapse of braces cause jaw deformities during puberty?

Can Relapse of braces cause jaw deformities for a kid( during puberty) that has worn them half way thru but then took them off himself and refuses to wear them again?

what yer goin on about sister?  (+ info)

What part of foot hurt the most from wearing high heels?

I need to know because my GF is going to wear her new high heels (her highest pair, 4inches!!) on newyears evening and I promised to give her a foot massage afterwards. She's breaking them in at home right now but she already said that they are going to be painful nevertheless. I want to know what part of the foot need the most attention. I guess around the 'ball of the feet' area but I want to be sure. So girls where is this torture going on when wearing those killer heels?

Hi, I am going to be the same, brand new 4 inch heels for new year eve! I adore them but i know my feet will hurt like they are on fire. With heels that high your gf will be right up on her toes, so the 'torture' will be in the balls of her feet and her toes. Even more so if shes standing or dancing all night. So u will definitely owe her a good long foot massage afterwards. When u are massaging her feet u need to pay special attention to her toes, the balls of her feet and perhaps her arches.Good luck!  (+ info)

What is the difference between hand lotion and foot lotion?

OK, I know hand lotion is used on the hands and foot lotion is used on the feet. That I know. But as for the actual lotion itself, what is the difference in the types of lotion? Why different lotions for the feet and the hands? The foot lotion I have does not have anything in it which would take off dead skin or anything which can sometimes build up on the feet. It is lotion. Nothing 'rough' in it. So how in the world can I find out why there is a so called difference between hand lotion and foot lotion. I know one answer would be "the ingredients" but if ingredients is the answer, what is it about the ingredients that makes the lotions different? Thank you.

I only know about Mary Kay. The hand cream is designed to keep working even after washing hands often. Feet aren't exposed to water as often. That leads to another difference. The foot products usually have fragrance to help with foot odor or have a deodorant. Mary Kay's has a great mint scent.  (+ info)

What to do when one foot is a shoe size smaller?

My right foot is one shoe size smaller than left foot. I always buy the bigger size, but that means that my right foot slips in my shoe a little. Does anyone know if there are inserts or special socks you can wear to stop the shoe from slipping? This particular shoe on my right foot fits perfect in the toe area, but it is my heal that is slipping giving me a blister on the back of the heal.

Here are some links:
Some info: http://www.fittedshoe.com/SHOE_ARTICLES/Different_Size_Feet.htm
Nordstrom: http://www.orthopedicquestions.com/mes-pt/5462.html
National Odd Shoe Exchange: http://www.oddshoe.org/index.php
The Minus One Club: http://www.rcjone.com/
Birkenstock Special Orders: http://www.birkenstockexpress.com/Services/specialorders.cfm/topnav2.256  (+ info)

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