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How do exercise my right foot, just recovered from a bruise need to start playing soccer again?

I hurt my right foot last weekend and my coach said i had a bruise. I had pain for at least 3 days, i went to kick the soccer ball i felt pain in my foot. Now i can walk and run without pain, i am little bit scared to kick the ball, so i need to do some exercises. I have started doing ankle rolls. Need advice, need to start playing again next week have a major tournament coming up..

Do you have a trainer on the team too?

Try doing the ankle rolls in a little bit of water -such as in the bathtub... this will provide a little resistance for you and not only will it be warm, but feel comfortable too.

Here are some ideas that I used but these have illustrations and a more professional description I rather help then hurt you so here ya go



Be careful and dont overdo it  (+ info)

How to reduce foot pain, leg pain and back pain while standing at work for a long time?

Hi everyone.
I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to reduce foot pain, leg pain, and back pain while on the job at work.

Thanks! :(
I want to know if there is any foods, minerals, and what not that might be able to help me reduce the pain.

When standing still, have one foot higher than the other, it really works, like even a level of a 3" to 5" can make a difference when standing idle. If working on concrete, get soft soled shoes, like cushions. Trying exercises like walking on toes for a minute. Sitting down on a chair, bring your legs up and stretch your foot all the way forward and then all the way back (may have to have someone help you with this one), it stretches the tendons and muscles you have used one way all day.

Taking baths with epson salts helps (clear with GP). Make sure (via blood work) you have the right balance with potassium, magnesium, and calcium, to keep the leg pain away. Also stand two feet from wall, hold the wall and lean into the wall by relaxing arms, helps with legs. Also massage legs from foot to knee. Keep hydrated.

When you can get a break, put feet up, if you can, higher than heart, helps with the blood circulation. If your feet swell, make sure you have good shoes, see GP to make sure you don't have an underlying medical condition. Compression stockings for men and women are available to help keep the fluids from staying in legs and feet (see GP for guidance).

Back pain requires actually exercise and make sure there is nothing wrong first medically. Lot of stress from standing all day. Swimming is good as a relief, so is yoga and massage. Generally, people that eat right don't need supplements, but who eats right? Balance your meals with lots of greens, fresh veggies, light on meats and beer. Too much calcium like dairy can cause a buildup in blood, so balance is important. Try to stay away from corn products, seems there are people that are on their feet all the time, getting off of corn does help, but they don't know why yet.

Sometimes my son, after being on his feet all day says he feels like he was hit by a truck, God forbid, but he goes on his bike and weird, using different muscles helps the ones he overworked, so try it. If you have no medical problem, sometimes a hobby like bowling can make the difference because of the way we move or not move all day needs all the muscles working.

When tired, do put feet up, massage legs and feet, use pillows for back support and chill out.  (+ info)

How much foot decorations can I wear without it being too much?

I love my foot decorations. Anklets, toe rings, and polish...I also have a heart tattoo on one foot. How much is too much? Like, how many toe rings can I wear on a single foot? If it matters, I'm wearing open toed slingback heels tonight. Help, fashion police!

Too much is never too much if its what you like... I'm a personal fan of foot jewelry/decorations also.. but I think I would limit it to 2 or 3 toe rings per foot and 1 ankle bracelet on each ankle. I love open toed slingback heels, they are so hot and sexy! Your feet will look stunning and gorgeous with the tat and polish on. I like pretty feet.  (+ info)

Why do the toenails on one foot grow faster than the other?

The toenails on my right foot grow about twice as fast as the ones on my left foot. Does anyone know why this happens?

I think that my fingernails grow at about the same speed on both hands, but the nails on my right hand always break and split more, possibly because I'm right handed, so more wear and tear.

Just curious.

The fingernails grow faster on the hand you favor. If you are right-handed; your right fingernails will grow faster; likewise the fingernails on the left hand of a left-handed person. The middle fingernail grows faster than all other nails.
Don't be surprise if you check the exact size of your right foot and it will be bigger that left.  (+ info)

Is getting a foot tattoo in winter a bad idea because of after care?

I am planning on getting a long awaited tattoo on my foot-ankle on Wednesday and I am leaving for Vegas fri. Will it be an issue walking... And wearing shoes? Or any other special aftercare? It'd winter so I will definately be wearing boots

Winter is the best season to get a tattoo done, because tattoos won't be affected as much by sun damage. However, I would wait until you are back from your trip to get the tattoo. That way you can rest and let the tattoo heal. The more you move and rub it against thing (like shoes), the worse it's going to look. & you're recommended to stay away from pools, so forget the one at the hotel. If you can put it off until after your trip then I definitely would wait. It's just going to be a hassle if you get it before.  (+ info)

How long does it take a fractured foot to completely heal?

I fractured my fifth metatarsal over 2 months ago and the doctors told me it would take 6 weeks to heal. But ever since I've been using my foot again, my foot will start to hurt after prolonged usage. Is this normal?

fracture take 8 wks to heal, no less, so you may have gotten confused by what they did or what they told you;; a lot of people feel when the brace comes off, that they are "healed", or when they xray you & the doc says you're healing nicely, that you're all done;; takes 8wks & no rushing it, but you CAN delay the process;; if you still have your crutches, try going back to them & progressing your weight bearing tolerance;; just cuz your "healed" does not mean that the leg is ready to go & behave normally;; you still have excess scar tissue to defray (causes "stiffenss" or incomplete range to the foot);; then the foot actually needs to BUILD it's weight-bearing ability, along with the muscle strength;; so what you're feeling is normal, it's also normal to have a slight to minimal increase in symptoms because of these changes that you have now introduced to the ankle;; remember it's been out of sink for 2months;; it's a lot weaker;; progression is the key & if you're not too sure about what you should do, try PT;; get your doc to hook you up & ask a lot of questions so that you can take over the continued care/rehab...good luck!! but your rehab will be a lot shorter if ya get hooked up with a professional, cuz it's really not just common sense, & it's really not all about pain...  (+ info)

What exactly are you feeling when your arm or foot goes to sleep?

I hate it when my arm or foot goes to sleep. I always have to smack my hand or foot against something when it's asleep because the feeling is so aggravating. That sharp tingly feeling is annoying lol. But I started wondering: Where does that feeling come from.? What causes your foot or hand to fall asleep scientifically speaking? Anyone know?

Bloodflow, or lack of it in an area.  (+ info)

What are some painful lifelong deformities/conditions?

I was researching some painful lifelong conditions in which people have, and I know one which I am familiar with, Madelung's wrist deformity, but I wanted to some more.... Deformities that can only be treated around early and middle childhood. Not ones which can be treated in latter adulthood.

the elephant man  (+ info)

Why has my foot gone numb after a long day of football practice?

Yesterday I had my first day of two-a-day practice for football. We spent basically the whole 8 hours of the day running around, doing drill, plays etc. When i got home I noticed that the portion of my foot between my heel and my pinky toe on the right side of my foot was completely numb. I figured it was just from running around all day so I didn't think about it the rest of the day. But then this morning my foot was still completely nub and I' starting to worry about it. What could it be from?

My first thought was that maybe your footwear did not fit properly....but it seems like something more if you were still experiencing numbness the following morning. Ask your coach what this could be from and if the answer doesn't satisfy you and if the numbness continues then I would see your doctor.   (+ info)

How long can you keep a home made foot scrub in a container before it expires?

I am make a foot scrub today for someone and I am using brown sugar. Since ppl have all kinds of skin types I want to make sure that this product I am making is going to be safe for a long time to come. Was is the timeline for a home made foot scrub before it goes bad?

honestly i would say as long as they don't use it on their feet and then eat it, it shouldn't be dangerous. Let them use it until its gone. Most products that are homemade will last forever.

P.S. i think its really cool that you made it. What is your recipe?  (+ info)

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