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Why are the two smallest toes on each foot smaller then the others?

Im just wondering because normally they gradually taper from largest to smallest, but mine look like they belong on a foot that is about a half size smaller then my foot is. I didn't break anything while growing up so i know that cant be why.
Thank You.

If there was no injury then it could be hereditary. May be your one parent had the same like you. I have seen one father and one of his child having small and the 3rd toe much smaller as compared to the rest.  (+ info)

How do i get rid of my husbands foot odor the natural way without buying a product?

yuck, hes asleep right now, and i can smell his feet all the way from the pc,.. ewww, how can i get rid of it by using a home product instead of a foot odor product?

Naturally, just chop off his feet and throw them away! LOL!

No, don't do that, just joking. Odor usually comes from moisture around the feet, unless he has some form of Viet Nam jungle foot fungus. The sources of the moisture are the reason for the odor. To start with, buy new or different shoes, if necessary, but look at everything else. Why are his feet moist? Most likely, a little powder will help keep things dry. You don't always have to buy special foot powder, as a little talc that you already have can help. But, sometimes the special foot powders are better in difficult cases. Remember that the wrong type of socks trap moisture. Cotton absorbs and traps moisture, and many type of polyester also trap air. Just like hose keeps women warm even in winter, this same material is now trapped inside a shoe and sweating. Wools breath better and trap less moisture, if you can stand them (I think I am allergic to wool because it causes a severe rash on me and then the scratching starts).

Also, avoid insulated boots or shoes if you are active in any way. the insulation is meant more for those outside and standing still, such as a duck blind or deer stand.  (+ info)

How do i make my foot look brusied and swelled of april fools day?

I am pranking my friends at school and I need some help with the "look" of my foot.

Halloween make up. You can get fake skin and pile it on to make a "swollen" look in several places. There's also halloween make up to make bruises and fake blood and such.

Or you could pile on a bunch of big socks and get one of those foot braces to wear.  (+ info)

What is causing the blisters on my left foot?

I am an avid runner. I run between three and eight miles a day (usually closer to the eight). Recently I have been suffering from blisters on the bottom of the right side of my left foot. It started a while ago, towards the very beginning of the summer, but then went away. Recently though I got new running shoes (same brand) and now I have a blister in a different spot on the same section of my left foot. So, any ideas as to what is causing this?

Blisters on your foot are most frequently caused by excessive friction. This happens a lot when you get new shoes before they are broke in. There are some commercial products that can help like ezfit booties that can end this problem. You can also tape your foot in the problem area untill your shoes are broke in well.
If you already have a blister, get some blister pads (round cushions with a hole cut in the middle) to put over the blister. Wear it all the time for about a week or two to keep pressure off the blister and give it time to heal.
Good Luck!  (+ info)

Does the left foot hurt less than the right when you get a tattoo?

Ok so I'm getting my first tattoo in a month and it's going to be on my foot. Now I know everyone keeps saying that you should get your first one somewhere else but there isn't any other place that I want to get one right now.
My questions though, I've heard that it hurts less on your left foot then it does on your right, is this true? My other question is I'm getting in on the side of my foot verses on top of it, will this help relieve some of the pain?

Any advise anyone can give would be fantastic!

It turns out, if you are right handed, it usually hurts more on the left side, and visa versa. Thats how it was with my arms. On the foot, I would imagine the same effect. You put more pressure (oddly enough) on your right foot if you are right handed. So that foot can handle more pain than the other. Just remember, tattoos only hurt for a few minutes when they first start. Eventually, the area goes numb and you barely feel anything at all. Carpe Diem & good luck to you!  (+ info)

What is the best electric foot massager?

I am looking for a foot massager. It should work for a long time and also must have pressure points. An all in one sole and calf massager would be better. Guys do not look online and answer. I appreciate answers who are using a product.

Having your wife massage your feet. mmmmmmm
Or having your girlfriend massage your feet. mmmmmmm
Having your wife and girlfriend massage your feet.... probably not the best thing  (+ info)

How to cover foot odor after being on my feet at work all day and going bowling right after?

Im constantly on my feet walking around so obviously i sweat and have foot odor after work but a bunch of us are going bowling right after, any suggestions to cover up the smell besides changing shoes and socks before we leave?

Wash your feet in the sink real fast. And for the future buy foot powder or shoe spray to help with odor that way you won't have to worry :) hope that can help a little  (+ info)

What is the best athletes foot cream out there?

I have athletes foot, and I am wondering what is the best product on shelves right now? Lamisal? Lotrimin? Tinactin? Gold bond? I'm not sure which one to buy, and all of them are around like $10 so I'm trying to purchase the one that will actually work instead of wasting my money.

Lamisal is the best

There are other ways to treat it or prevent it in the future

To treat it
ware white wool socks ( they ones that are not bleached)
and sandals

The fungus needs a warm / moist/ dark place to grow

So get those sponges that girls use to keep their toes apart when painting their toe nails and place them neat the ends of the toes so the bottom of the grove has air at it and on sunny days go out side and let the sun at them

Basic foot care to prevent it from coming back

Wash feet daily with a good soap Ivory or baby soap
scrub between toes
once out of shower dry between toes very good and use a good foot powder like gold bond or you can use cornstarch

Go bare foot as much as possible and ware sandals as much as possible

If you have a job were you have to ware dress shoes take them off when you are sitting at the desk

When you are at home go bare foot

They now have sports socks that whisk away the sweat and they keep your feet dry  (+ info)

What is the best solution to get rid of athletes foot?

I got athletes foot and its starting to get quite bad, its sore, really wet and smells so bad! I've been washing the infected area, drying and applying foot powder but it doesn't seem t be getting any better, if anything its getting worse!

Can anyone give me any extra advice on how to get rid of it, along side using shop bought athlete foot treatment.

you need to wash the feet every night and also let them breath, try to avoid wearing socks or runners and perhaps go a few days in flipflops this way the foot has time to breath and recover.  (+ info)

How can I reduce sensitivity on my foot?

I broke three metatarsal quite recently on my foot. I had to get my foot operated and now i have a scar on my foot. 6 months after the accident I notice that my foot is sensitive. A little slap will hurt my foot. Does this sensitivity have to do with the injured bone or the scar tissue? How do i reduce the sensitivity?

Strengthen it up.

Walk barefoot...


If you start hurting, then stop barefoot walking...

I'm trying to stress that barefoot walking will heal quite a bit of lower body problems.  (+ info)

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