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what diseases would result if we keep on smelling bad foot odor?

i have a roomate and it her foot smells awful everytime she removes her shoes, would it be dangerous to us, her roomates who become victims of her smelly feet? HELP!

The odor is the result of the sweat accumulating on the socks which do not get dry and putrifaction takes place the the odor comes out. To get rid of this problem the following steps should be taken. 1 wear washed cotton socks everyday. 2. sprinkle nebasulf or some anti-fungal powder on to the toes and fingers before wearing the socks. 3. Drink plenty of water and pass good amounts of urine this would reduce the amount of salts sent through sweat thereby reducing the odor. 4. Try to avoid stinky fatty meat, beef, mutton, etc or in other words try to be a vegetarian and most of the odor problem is solved. Regarding the health of others except nauseating nothing more dangerous would happen but all the same the odor is so terrrible that others would be in hell. To avoid this ask your roommate to remove her socks and shoes in the toilet and wash her legs and come inside the room with bathroom slippers.  (+ info)

A question about possible foot diseases?

So, if you have some kind of disease in ur feet what kind of symptoms do you expect to see??

My mom is worried because when she walks she feels that there's a swelling in the heel part of her foot, but when I looked at it nothing appeared to be wrong. Do you think she should see a doctor? or is it normal?

  (+ info)

what is foot and mouth diseases and how is it transmitted?

I work in a daycare and want to know if i can pass it on to my daughter


What is hand, foot, and mouth disease?

Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common illness of infants and children. It is characterized by fever, sores in the mouth, and a rash with blisters. HFMD begins with a mild fever, poor appetite, malaise ("feeling sick"), and frequently a sore throat.

Is HFMD the same as foot-and-mouth disease?

No. HFMD is often confused with foot-and-mouth disease of cattle, sheep, and swine. Although the names are similar, the two diseases are not related at all and are caused by different viruses.

Is HFMD contagious?

Yes, HFMD is moderately contagious. Infection is spread from person to person by direct contact with nose and throat discharges, saliva, fluid from blisters, or the stool of infected persons. A person is most contagious during the first week of the illness. HFMD is not transmitted to or from pets or other animals.

Can HFMD be prevented?

Specific prevention for HFMD or other non-polio enterovirus infections is not available, but the risk of infection can be lowered by good hygienic practices. Preventive measures include frequent handwashing, especially after diaper changes (see "Handwashing" in: "An Ounce of Prevention: Keeps the Germs Away" at http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/op/handwashing.htm), cleaning of contaminated surfaces and soiled items first with soap and water, and then disinfecting them by diluted solution of chlorine-containing bleach (made by mixing approximately ΒΌ cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water. (See more about cleaning and disinfecting in general at http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/op/cleaning.htm). Avoidance of close contact (kissing, hugging, sharing utensils, etc.) with children with HFMD may also help to reduce of the risk of infection to caregivers.

HMFD in the childcare setting

HFMD outbreaks in child care facilities occur most often in the summer and fall months, and usually coincide with an increased number of cases in the community.  (+ info)

I really know that acupuncture cures some diseases but what about the the acupuncture foot mat.?

How it works and its really painful to walk over them.

Really? You "know" that do you? Which diseases do you think acupuncture cures, and please provide a list for me to rebut.

So no, acupuncture does not cure anything, and has no proven effect in the natural history of any disease process. The best evidence suggests that acupuncture is sometimes helpful for minor pain and nausea, but that it probably does this by activating the placebo response, not through any magical unblocking of your mythical chi.

Even people who believe in acupuncture agree that acupuncture mats are just cons for especially gullible people.  (+ info)

What diseases can i get if a rusted nail got into my foot?

If the wound is deep enough and the nail was in soil, tetanus.  (+ info)

I have a foot fetish but I have heard you can get diseases from lickiing feet?

what do I do?

Well, try moving onto something different as that is a turn off for most woman, me included. I surpose everyone has something but licking feet is pretty stomach turning. Good luck with things though. If its something you can do with someone who also enjoys this then your ok : )  (+ info)

Notifiable Diseases: Avian Flu (Bird Flu), Foot and Mouth Disease & Rabies?

Can anyone tell me the legislation and UK government prevention methods used to control them? I cannot find any decent sources anywhere, so even if you could just tell me a URL would be much appreciated :)

http://www.defra.gov.uk/foodfarm/farmanimal/diseases/atoz/rabies/index.htm  (+ info)

Are there any diseases other than Athlete's Foot that you can get from wearing previously worn bowling shoes?

I have a major foot phobia, and my teammates had to basically force the shoes on my feet to get me to bowl... I just HATE feet! Eek... anyhoo, my cheerleading coach and I were talking about while I had the shoes on; she said there isn't any other disease you can get... but SURELY you can get some diseases, freakishly or not... right? If so, GIMME SOME IDEAS, PLEASE! :D I wanna prove her wrong!

veruca plantaris also known as a wart they multiply! the only way of getting rid of them is to put acid on the suckers!
Onycomicosis, also known as foot fungus turns your nails yellow thick and smelly, eeww, the only way to rid of that is thru pill that can injure your liver if not careful! And you need to wait a year for results. Not only that but if they don't feel comfortable you can get a corn! known as a thick mass of skin and you need to chop it with a blade! ouch! And just remember bacteria like to live in dark moist areas so those shoes are filled with nasty crap nuff said  (+ info)

Who discovered the diseases athletes foot and staphylococcus? Please help.?

I need to know. I cant find it anywhere. Please help.

I did not find a smoking gun for you.. I know that you can not discover the staphylococcus cells unless you can see them. Staphylococcus are gram positive, which means they accept the gram stain. It could be that the person that developed the staining method discovered the bacteria...

The Gram staining method, named after the Danish bacteriologist who originally devised it in 1882 (published 1884), Hans Christian Gram, is one of the most important staining techniques in microbiology. It is almost always the first test performed for the identification of bacteria. The primary stain of the Gram's method is crystal violet. Crystal violet is sometimes substituted with methylene blue, which is equally effective. The microorganisms that retain the crystal violet-iodine complex appear purple brown under microscopic examination. These microorganisms that are stained by the Gram's method are commonly classified as Gram-positive or Gram non-negative. Others that are not stained by crystal violet are referred to as Gram negative, and appear red.  (+ info)

I stepped on a rose thorn and my foot is very sore, should I see a doctor?

I stepped on a rose thorn several hours ago, and now my foot is very sore, and a little swollen. I used peroxide initially, but it just seems to hurt more as time passes. I am a little concerned about infection, and soil borne diseases. Should I see a doctor? Do I need a tetanus shot?

i would go.
better safe than sorry!  (+ info)

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