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How do you treat a chronic foot ulcer that is Sickle Cell related?

The Ulcer is abt 2cms across and has been on the foot joint on the exterior side. Its been a year since it formed. No signs of healing despite use of Bactroban & daily cleaning using water only at home.

The patient needs to see a wound care specialist as soon as possible.

Wounds should not persist for a year, even on someone with sickle cell disease.

In fact, someone with sickle cell disease should be treated more aggressively that a non-sickle cell person.

Year long use of Bactroban will cause the Staph on the skin (MRSA or non-MRSA) to become resistant to the antibiotic. In addition, using just water to keep it wet can slow down the growth of new tissue, preventing healing.

The real danger here is not so much Staph bacteria, other organisms can take hold like Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

2 centimeters is a fairly large wound to be around for a year. You may need some debridement of the area, special wound care and some of the newer wound packing materials to stimulate new skin growth.

Good luck!  (+ info)

For diabetic ulcer foot infections what better ertapenem or Zosyn?

Zosyn is our 1st line for diabetic foot infections. It covers a broad range bugs: Gram+,- and anerobes. The biggie it doesn't cover is MRSA. We add Vanco/Zyvox on an individual basis.  (+ info)

I am diabetic and i think i found a foot ulcer can you help me?

i can't tell if it is a spider bite or an ulcer. the skin is not broken but it kind of looks like a blood blister on a callused part of my foot. there appears to be two small holes like bite marks. any advice would be greatly appreciated

see your doctor.  (+ info)

what is the best way to cure an ulcer onthe bottom of a diaberics foot?

I would definitely go to the doctor and have them refer you to a Diabetic Foot Specialist. Ulcers on the feet can be very dangerous and could lead to amputation if not treated.

My mom, who is a diabetic, had what started out as a callous on the bottom of her foot, and she never had it checked out until it was too late. She developed a staph infection, which nearly killed her, put her in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks, and the infection ate her tissue from bottom to top leaving a gaping hole in her foot. She has been off work for over 2 years because it has taken this long to heal, no to mention the other complications that arose from this situation. At one point she required to have a Pic-Line implanted because she needed to have IV antibiotics(she developed oral antibiotic resistance). When the Pic-Line was removed, she developed a massive blood clot in the arm which took months of blood thinners to get rid of.

And all because she didn't want to go to the doctor. The doctors told her it was a miracle that they didn't have to amputate the leg.

It's not worth it, go see the doctor.  (+ info)

Diabetic Nan who takes Warfrin daily, now got an Ulcer on foot?

She's been more or less bed ridden for ages, she's finally spoke up about a sore place on her heel, she went to GP yest and he said its the beginning of an ulcer.
It is not infected and the skin is not yet broken.
Is Mepore dressing the best option? is it possible to get it healed before it becomes a horribly serious problem?
Anyone had experience ? Im worried, any advice greatfully received.

Compression is best but it is not available at all hospitals or clinicws as the nurses have to have special training  (+ info)

what about the current stastitics of diabetic foot ulcer in kerala?

  (+ info)

is their any centre in around bangalore caring fr diabetic ulcer foot at free of cost?

in my sister village , next to her house a 38 yr old woman lives, deserted by her husband, no relatives to care of her, living alone, to her fate has developed diabetic wound on her foot. are their any centers free care to such persons around bangalore / Tumkur, karnataka

Yes not in around Bangalore but in Trichur, Kerala.

There is a naturopathic clinic PUNARNAVA NATUROPATHIC CLINIC (address: Kalamuri, Kaipamangalam. P. O., Trichur District, Kerala, Mobile: 9846839285 Dr.Jeeva K Sidharth,
E.mail : [email protected]
Website: naturopathictreatment.net

Please explain the pathetic condition of the woman to Dr Jeeva K Sidharth. I am sure that he will help to cure her diabetic wound with 28 days of in-patient treatment. He may not charge her due to her sympathetic situation. But expenses regarding travel etc have to be met by her.

This clinic is famous for curing Diabetes, Obesity, and other many incurable diseases in modern medicines.

The treatment starts from Alkaline Therapy and Diet control without any energy loss or side effects.
No medicines at all.  (+ info)

can you get a diabetic foot ulcer bandage wet in the tub or shower?

Yes, you can but then you need to change to a dry dressing or risk mold and more infection.  (+ info)

i just got diagnosed with a foot ulcer?

i had a blister from football and didnt treat it good. I was afraid to tell anyone that it was looking bad ecause i didnt want to sit out of football. I learned that it was a doumb mistake. Can anyone help me on what i should do. and ive already gone to the doctors and got antibiotics. my main problem is i cant take time off of football so no rest for the weak.

Is it worth losing your foot. You're already on antibiotics. If the wound gets severly infected, you could become septic, and the poison would go through your whole body and die. This happens a lot with diabetics,, who have a hard time healing. Amputations happen all the time.
Like the 1st guy said, tell your coach. You cannot play with an infected foot.
Hey, I love football, but it is not worth losing a limb over it.  (+ info)

Foot ulcer question... Are there any other major causes besides diabetes and sickle cell?

yes... the cause ultimately is poor circulation in the feet. this may be caused by things as diverse as congenital heart failure, clot, others.  (+ info)

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