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Why do they give you underarm rather than forearm crutches for injuries?

I have a weak ankle that is prone to injury so I've spent several periods of anywhere from a few weeks to three months on crutches. Hospitals and doctors always give people with ankle injuries underarm crutches but I don’t understand why. I personally find them almost impossible to use as they are painful and I can barley lift my weight on them. I always end up having to go and hire forearm crutches. Why is it that underarm ones are standard?

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For what types of injuries are forearm crutches used?

and how do they help you heal better than other methods?

I had polio as a child so i have them to account for the complete lack of leg mass.  (+ info)

What the Medicine for Forearm Overuse Injuries?

Overuse injuries of the elbow and forearm are very common in athletes.1, 2 Any sport that subjects an athlete to repetitive elbow flexion-extension or wrist motion can cause these syndromes. A simple way to approach these syndromes is to divide them into the different pathologies. Athletes can have tendinopathies of the triceps or biceps tendons.

Although lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis are both overuse injuries, they are covered individually in other articles within this journal. Pronator syndrome is covered as a distinct entity of median nerve entrapment. Radial nerve injury is also in another article.3 This article includes injuries to the elbow capsule and olecranon area.
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Is it standard practice to go to physical therapy after severing the major flexor tendon in a forearm?

I was in an accident and severed three tendons in my forearm as well as damaging the nerve. Physical therapy was never really suggested by my surgeon and I was not given any instruction on what to do while my arm was in a cast for 6 weeks. Is this normal? Everything I have read encourages physical therapy about a week after surgery for injuries to flexor tendons.

Surgeons can be very territorial when it comes to their work and have a set plan for recovery. Did you ask about PT and any exercises while in the cast. I would certainly bring that discussion to the doctor on your next visit, or even call. Be sure to have your questions written down, so you don;t forget anything when you have that discussion  (+ info)

Which of the following neuron injuries has the best chance of regenerating?

a. A small cut through the axon of the radial nerve of the forearm, destroying the Schwann cells.

b. A small cut through the body of a neuron in the radial nerve of the forearm.

c. A small cut through the axon of a neuron in the spinothalamic tract

d. A small cut through the axon of the radial nerve in the forearm leaving the Schwann cells intact and active

e. None of the above has a chance of neuron regeneration.

I would go with D. Schwann cells are responsible for producing the myelin sheath in nerves outside the CNS (in the PNS like the radial nerve) and regeneration.  (+ info)

Can hand grippers cause Carpal tunnel syndrome or provoke wrist injuries?

I've been using hand grippers for a few months, until today I staggered upon an article saying they can cause carpal tunnel or other wrist injuries. Is this true? If so how long would it take? I also noticed that the veins on my forearms are very noticeable now, which the article said is due to poor blood circulation cause by the gripper. If I stop now would it go away?

sorry I can not help you directly with this one man.

I must admit that I never had CTS but I did a bit of research on the topic and found 2 resources that deal only with carpal tunnel syndrome

here they are:


It won;t hurt if u checked them out, maybe you will find your answer there but I recommend that you check with a doctor beforehand because CTS can have various causes, like

- Injuries, including prior wrist fractures
- Medical disorders that result in constricted blood vessels, like Raynaud‘s disease
- Medical conditions that result in fluid retention or inflammation, including diabetes,
rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease and hypothyroidism

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Why does my forearm hurt from the pinky to the elbow?

It's on the inside on the pinky side, no injuries, but was working out more than usuall. It's tendonitis but don't know where it came from. it's ouchy
thx Douglas but I figured out I was having heart fibrilations

Tendons do shorten up every now and then for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of pain or perceived pain. When that happens in your wrist it kind of jams your hand and forearm together which can cause the pain you are having. Here is how you can release the tendons in your wrist to alleviate the pain:
With hand resting in front of you and your wrist bent half way closed, press down hard slightly behind the wrist and hold that pressure. After 30 seconds slowly open your wrist up as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your wrist open for another 30 seconds.  (+ info)

I was rollerblading and the side of my arm smacked into cement. How do I care for a bruised forearm?

Its sore but it doesn't hurt yes I know the difference so I feel like its only a surface injury would an ace bandage and/or sling be good or should I just leave it as is. I am already putting ice on it

Ice for 20 min on, 20 min off.

Keep elevated.

Watch bruising; look for swelling and discolouration.  (+ info)

My forearm bone and/or my forearm muscles hurt when I do triceps presses and bicep curls. Why is this?

It hurst on both arms, so I don't think it's just some random injury. I'm not quite sure if it's the tendon attaching the muscle to the bone or if it's the bone itself. All I know is that it hurts when I curl. What should I do?

you work your body to hard.
lay of for a week or so. if the soreness continues visit a doc  (+ info)

Could anyone please tell me about an injury with the elbow/forearm joint?

Please tell me what causes the injury and what happens with the injury. (what occurs that is not regular).
i'm not asking you do describe an injury that i have.. I'm just asking a possible injury type. Its for a project

we need to know what type of injury and what type of pain, and other stuff. Could be ligament strain, nerve pain, skeletal injury.  (+ info)

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