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I have a large scrape on my forearm. How do i take a shower>?!?

I was running a mile and I slid on gravel, pretty hard. I only have a few scrapes on my knee but i have the largest injury on my forearm. Probably because i landed there. It is pretty serious, but not serious enough just to go to the docters. I know i am going to have a scar there for life but I am wondering how i should take a shower?!

wrap it up in a bag, thats what you do when you have a cast on  (+ info)

How can I aide a forearm burn caused by scalding hot coffee?

I burned myself with a huge pot of coffee. I dropped the pot and it splashed my shoulder, then I tried to catch it (damn instincts) and it poured over my bare forearm. The shoulder burn isn't that bad because my shirt caught most of the coffee.. But my forearm is red and in pain. There is no blistering. I suspect it's just a simple first degree burn. It happened two hours ago.

all burns over 10p size should be checked out by yr local hospital.

if the coffee was made with freshly boiled water then all the more reason to get it checked out.

ALL burns get worse over the first 48hrs, it is not possible to fully assess the damage nor depth of the burn until that time.

The best dressing to apply is simple CLINGFILM, it allows the wound to be looked at and does not stick to the wound.

Hospitals apply a special cream called flamazine, it is the ONLY thing that should ever be applited to a burn.

DO NOT put on anything else, no creams, lotions, butter, dressings or any other old fashioned remedies!!!

If you do not feel it warrants a trip to a&e then please let yr GP check it out in the next 24hrs. The more superficial the burn the more painful it will be, take simple analgesia (deep burns/scalds have burned the nerve endings away thus dont hurt). Keep a watch for signs of infection.
Remember to drink plenty, any burn.scald damage to the skin causes fluids to pour into the area (expect swelling). If you get any blistering you must see a doctor, all burns blisters are de-roofed, the tops are removed as the fluid sitting in the blister collects infection.

good luck  (+ info)

How much would a tattoo on the forearm cost?

I want to get a tattoo on the bottom side of my left forearm. It's 4 characters long, regular letter; non of the fancy handwritten stuff, bold font, and the size is as big as my forearm. How much on average would it cost?

$50 to $100

I have a floral wrap around tattoo around my ankle with a heart hanging down w/ my sons initials and it was $200  (+ info)

How can I build forearm/extensor muscles with only a couple of dumbbells and a chinup bar?

I want to build my forearm muscles, but I only have some dumbbells and a chinup bar.

grab the dumbells and do circles with them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMJ4zIZzZxY  (+ info)

What is the best way to ask your girlfriend to remove forearm hair?

I have just started going out with this awesome girl, she is very nice, both in personality and looks. The only thing I wish I could ask, is that she wax , or by any other method, remove her forearm hair. Its not peach fuzz or anything,i'm talking like proper forearm hair.. she takes care of the hair on her legs and other places on her bodice, but not the forearm. i find it a bit of a turn off...I dunno how to approach her without coming off as insulting. I was thinking as a present buying her a free booking at the local saloon and spa, but it seems like a bit obvious without a special event that follows... like an anniversary... any other suggestions?
one thing for all the people who seem to think that i am being shallow, I will continue going out with this girl regardless- i'm talking about the best way to ask her a question not if i want to continue going out with her - i do- why else would i bother to try and find a way that doesn't insult her? if she doesn't want to make that small change.. thats ok with me- thats just her preference- but if i don't ask how will i know?

And to people saying i should try it and then consider the question; i do take care of the hair on my body regularily, despite the irritation

Okay, I'm gonna share with you lol. I have hairy arms...not stiff, black man-hair, not on the upper part of my arm or growing off my fingers, but light-brown, soft hair on my arms. My take on it is: I don't care. I keep my hair trimmed nice, shave the legs, the pits, trim for my bikini and do the eyebrows. I'm not about to add a couple more arms to the list. And once you start removing hair from an area, you have to keep it up because it comes back stiff and darker. Some women even bleach the hair on their arms to keep from having to shave them but that's a whole different set of problems.
Maybe she's like me about it....she wouldn't be offended, she just really wouldn't care what you thought about it enough to have to go thru one more beauty ritual to be that awesome girl for you. You sound like a good guy, a smart guy and very considerate to boot. Let it go. I can tell you after twenty years of marriage to the same guy, sometimes you come to love those things about someone that you used to see as flaws. (I gotta tell ya though....I WOULD draw the line with a mustache, that sucker would have to go!) Best of luck to you, dear.  (+ info)

How can you make your forearm and wrists a lot bigger and stronger?

My forearm looks really small and thin especially my wrist. What should i do to make it bigger and stronger? What kind of exercise should i do?

I train for hand and forearm strength. Because the movement of the hand and wrist is so complex, there are a lot of exercises to do to create all-around strength. I recommend reading "Mastery of Hand Strength" by John Brookfield. One can use mostly home made stuff to train with but a good resource for info and equipment is this website:


As mentioned by another person, wrist size is genetic. Lifting won't make them larger. However, you can make forearms larger. Many strengthening exercises do little to increase the size of the forearm.

In my experience, the two most effective exercises that will increase forearm size in a few months are: wrist curl and reverse curl. Perform these at the end of your workouts, 2-3 days per week.

Note: I did not write "reverse wrist curl". That is a OK exercise for strengthening, but not for size.

I wrote a few additional things in this thread that might be of interest.

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AmHR7BJxTXSgKlBrVdpGZ3Hty6IX?qid=20070213175846AArJ4wH&show=7#profile-info-AA11258166  (+ info)

How bad is the pain of having your forearm tattood?

I'm planning to get a paw print tattoo on my forearm or maybe my wrist. I'm leaning more towards the forearm. I had one done a year ago, on the side of my hip. It hurt like a f****r. I was just wondering how you would rate the pain of a tattoo on the wrist?

Pain tolerance is relative to the person getting the tattoo. It will probably hurt a little less than your hip however.  (+ info)

When getting a forearm tattoo should you get it facing you or facing other people?

I want to get a forearm tattoo of a heart (actual heart, not valentines day), but i'm confused whether to get the heart facing me or facing other people. i've seen people with forearm tattoos both ways, but what way looks best?

Well my forearm is covered but the writing of it faces others. The tattoo on my wrist however faces me. I got my wrist done first. On the forearm I thought it may look a bit weird if it were facing me which is why I got it facing the other way. It depends what it is I guess. A heart would look better facing others.

Good luck with it :)  (+ info)

How can I lighten my upper forearm and facial skin?

Well... Sun hits pretty hard down here; Id like to be all on one color, because I see myself comparing my facial and forearm skin to my legs or my chest and I see lots of differences. Can I get tips about being all in one color?


Use sunscreen and use SKIN bleach, or whitening cream. You can get it in Malaysia but i'm not sure about the states.. or Canada.

Be careful using the bleach.  (+ info)

How do I build up my forearm muscles faster?

I have two 5lb dumb bells and one 10lb dumb bell. They helped but how to I build up my forearm muscles with those same dumbells. I do that palm facing outward curl. I can't afford more dumbells. So is there any better techniques and if not, is there any house items I can improvise as dumbell substitutes?

Masterbate more.  (+ info)

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