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Are forearm tattoos of numbers insensitive and associated solely with the Holocaust?

I would like to get my grandfather's Marine Corps service number tattooed on my right forearm, just below my elbow joint. However, I am aware that Nazis tattooed those put in concentration camps for identification purposes. So basically I am asking: will people think it is a distasteful tattoo, given the history of number tattoos? Thank you!

Whether or not people will take offense to the Tattoo you are considering depends on their own beliefs.

In Auschwitz, tattooing was used as a method to keep a record of dead in the camp. Tattooing became an alternative to having serial numbers on clothes, because once a prisoner was killed, they were stripped of their clothing, and there was no way to identify the masses of bodies. When Serial Tattoos first appeared in Auschwitz, it was on the chest of prisoners. This proved to be impractical, so the tattoos were placed on the outside of the LEFT forearm, and occasionally on the inside of the left forearm.

I think that getting your Grandfather's service number would be a cool thing to do, and I wouldn't worry too much about being offensive, becuase it's your tattoo, and what it means to you is really all that's important.  (+ info)

What are these bumps on my forearm and side?

On the inside on my right forearm and and the right side of my abdomen are little bumps. I can't really tell if they're keratosis pilaris or just acne. Some of them look a little white like there's puss inside them, but acne treatment doesn't seem to be doing much. They're also not so densely packed together like keratosis pilaris, there's like one every square inch or so. If anyone has any ideas which these are or how to treat them that'd be much appreciated!

  (+ info)

How long should my forearm muscles take to heal?

A week ago I did some barbell curls, nothing major, 5 sets 5 reps of about 50 pounds. So 7 days later my forearms are still sore if I try lifting any weights. My biceps feel fine though. Do forearm muscles usually take longer to heal or did I damage them?

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How is it possible to break your forearm?

I'm just wondering - not asking how I can break my own.
Because I see how you can break your wrist or any other type of place like that (like a knee, elbow, etc) because you can bend them backwards... But what about your forearm, or thigh?

It's not just joints that can break or be injured, when you break a body part like your forearm or thigh, the bone(s) there cracks or breaks. Think of it like breaking a wooden chopstick in half: it doesn't have any bending parts like our elbows or knees, but it can certainly break.  (+ info)

How do I get my forearm to look like Popeye?

I want to have a forearm like Popeye the sailerman.

Big forearms but puny upper arms.

What kind of muscle training will allow me to have this kind of a physique?

look up forearm weight training. or ask a trainer.
wow youre gonna look kinda strange after youre done btw...  (+ info)

How much is a four letter tattoo on my forearm likely to cost?

Just looking to get AVFC tattooed vertically on the inside of my forearm, in letters about 1.5inches long. Just black.

My first tattoo, how much is it likely to cost?

It absolutely depends on the place and the artist you choose. A nicer place and more capable artist would definitely charge more. If you went to a shabby place you could probably get it done for $60. Some people charge by the tattoo and some by the hour. Usually letters without shading wouldn't cost more than $100.  (+ info)

What is this throbbing pain in my forearm and chest?

Since this morning I've been experiencing an on and off throbbing in my left forearm to my wrist. Every few hours throughout the day, today, I feel it hurting for at least 15 minutes straight. Earlier in the day this pain was accompanied by a dull aching on the left side of my chest. That has subsided but I am still feeling the forearm/wrist pain. I do not believe I have pulled a muscle. Also, heart disease does run in my family but I am only eighteen years old. Should I be concerned?

Could be you slept wrong and pinched a nerve in your arm, but just to be on the safe side, check with a doctor. They will tell you for sure. Some places have doctors that charge a flat fee for things like this.  (+ info)

How do you work out the bottom side of your forearm around the wrist?

How do you work out the upper forearm around the wrist?

What Ralph said is true. Is you don't have any grips, you can do wrist curls. Have your palm facing the ceiling, & curl your bar/dumbbells up. Put your hands on your lap, touching your knees, & wrist curl up. You can do either thing.  (+ info)

How badly does it hurt to get a tattoo on your forearm?

I'm planning on getting a memorial tattoo on my forearm and its going to be my first tattoo. I was wondering how bad its going to hurt. Obviously I know its going to hurt, but I want to know if its tolerable and if there's anything I can do to lessen the pain.

A forearm tattoo is definately not among the real painful spots to get a tattoo, like the neck or ankles for example.

You should do fine, just make sure you are well rested and have a meal before getting tattooed.

Dont worry about the pain too much, its very manageable. You'll see.

Good Luck  (+ info)

How much is a large forearm tattoo going to cost?

I want to get a black and white, solid tattoo of a treble clef wrapping around my left inner forearm... I need some advice on how much it's going to cost me, and how painful that spot is going to end up being. Also, I'm a minor and this is my first tattoo, so i don't really know how to go about getting one. Help pleaseee?

Any shred of class or dignity you might have.  (+ info)

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