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What is so bad about a women getting a tattoo on her forearm?

I am wanting to get a tattoo of my daughters name and the japanese symbol for daughter on my left forearm but my husband doesnt want me to get a visibal tattoo. He told me that its tacky for women to have visibal tattoos..Does any other guy think that?

I am a women and I dont feel anything wrong with it. Its far from tacky.I recently just got a half sleeve and I love it. I dont regret it and I got it for me, no one else but for myself. If someone doesnt like it then Oh well it not on them. My fiancee was pretty cautious about me getting it but I convinced him of how bad I did. Now he loves it. It makes me who I am. I got a picec of art on me that will always be there and I will always be proud of it and of who I am. I say if it would make you happy then why not?? IF you do go forth with it good luck and Im sure your husband will like it after its all done,besides its there forever he wont have a choice :)  (+ info)

What is the cause of my forearm pain during weight lifting?

I have read many of the questions and answers on this site regarding wrist pain while lifting wieghts and the reoccuring answer is Wrist restraints/wraps. The problem is, I use wrist wraps during every workout and I still get strong pains in my forearm especially during bicep exercises. Can anyone shed light on my situation and help me figure out what is wrong?

Its probably because you are using a barbell (http://www.nku.edu/%7Eissues/weightlifting/MVC-044S.JPG) to do curls. Just use an EZ bar instead, here are some pics:


http://worldfitnessnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/bicep-curls.jpg (ez bar on left, barbell on right)

Thats what it is 9 out of 10 times. Some people's wrists just can't take a strait bar. Also use an EZ bar attachment if your going to do cable curls and not the strait bar attachment. I will also give you some links to some more information, I have not read all the information, so some of it might be relevant, some of it might not be. Let me know if this solves your problem or not, but either way, YOU NEED TO TAKE A FEW DAYS OR A WEEK OFF UNTIL THE PAIN COMPLETELY GOES AWAY BEFORE YOU GO BACK TO THE GYM!



http://forum.bodybuilding.com/archive/index.php?t-114493541.html  (+ info)

What hip injuries can you get from falling off a horse?

Aside from breaking the hip, what bad injuries can a person get in their hip from falling off a horse?

I'm writing a story, and I want my character to have a bad hip injury that would lead to complications -- possibly arthritis or something. Can anyone suggest something?

Thanks very much!

Falling off a horse sideways and landing on their side. Could result in a dislocated hip causing arthritis or hip joint deterioration.

Thrown off to the front (flipping over the horse's head) they could shatter their pelvis, tailbone or vertebrae.

Thrown off to the rear (due to the horse rearing up) the horse could flip over and the saddle horn could cause severe internal damage to organs etc. due to the full weight of the horse landing on them.  (+ info)

How hard is it to hide a forearm tattoo?

I'm getting a forearm tattoo that is fairly big, but I can't let my dad see it (I live with him). How hard would it be to hide it from him? Suggestions on how to hide it would be appreciated.

Do you always wear long sleeved shirts? It might be easier to wait a few years - until you are either 18 or out of the home.  (+ info)

Why do i get pains in my forearm when performing bicep curls?

I started to get pains on the back of my forearm when i recently bought a barbell set and did some bicep curls. Is my technique wrong? Is that supposed to happen?

You're doing the right technique. Bicep curls work your biceps AND forearms.  (+ info)

How can I make a model of the forearm and wrist bones?

I have to reproduce the forearm bones as well as the wrist bones for a class. I have no idea what materials to use ... any suggestions?

Try going to a hardware store such as homedepot, lowes, or ace, or even your local hardware store and get thin plastic plumbers piping you will need a few straight ones and a few with the bend in it you know (L) This shape will and should be the out come. You will need some for of durable clay. Try looking around at a local craft store and see if you can improvise. If you have a Michaels craft store they seem to be the largest store ive been to with lots of neat stuff for ever craft possible. A bit on the pricy side but worth it.  (+ info)

Why do i have shooting pains down the side of my forearm while doing bicep curls?

It's down the side of my forearm when i drop one of the biceps i have shooting pains down it, it's also just down the side of my right forearm. Could it be the muscle isn't strong enough for the weight?

you are straining the muscle....x  (+ info)

How do I build callous on my inner forearm?

I'm an archer and the bowstring keeps bashing my forearm on its way out, but I feel like the various things I've tried using to cover up my arm and shield it from the blow are impairing, at least to some extent, my ability to shoot well. If I had a callous where the bow string hits, I think I'd be okay. Or, if not that, would excessive and repeated bruising to one spot on the arm cause actual damage or just pain? Because pain I can deal with.

Use a vinyl sleeve. It flexes with your arm, won't get in the way and will stop the bruising.  (+ info)

What are the 2 best exercises for the forearm and wrist?

I want to exercise my forearm and wrist but I don't want a whole list of things a person can do, I need if possible two exercises that are enough.

I am not going to give you a list of exercises but there are three functions that wrist does which should be exercise. These are wrist extension, flex and twisting. The wrist extension can be done with a barbell or dumbbells of a bench or sitting and off the edge of your knee. It looks like leg extensions if you can imagine your palms are facing down with the weight in them and you pull it up with only your hands moving and your lower arm still. The wrist flex is almost the same except your palms are facing towards the ceiling and you lift up, like a leg curl machine does. The twisting part requires that you have a traditional dumb bell or a specialize wrist twisting equipment that can be bought. Basically it is dumbbell handle that is loaded at one end with a weight. You hold the other end with your arm horizontal and you twist it back and forth to engage build wrist strength and stability.

One more muscle in the forearm that gets work when doing curling motion for the upper arm but does not receive alot of direct work. Hammer curls are work directly the forearm muscles and does not overlap the previous exercises. These are four exercise that work the forearm pretty well and does very little overlapping of the forearm and builds stability of the wrist.  (+ info)

What would be a good exercise to build forearm/wrist muscle?

For drumming, I would like to build up my wrist strength.

What is a good exercise for building up strength in the forearm/wrist area?

i think all guys know the answer to this question  (+ info)

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