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How do I remedy a staph infection on my forearm?

I have 5 inflammations on my forearm--puss and blood-filled irritations. It also spread to my thigh because I supposedly rested my arm on my leg once upon a time.

Help!!! They are frightening me. I have had them for about three two and-a-half weeks total now. The first week's worth died off over spring break, and a second wave came in bigger and badder.

Will they go away on their own if I opt not to pop them?

don't pop them - it will just get worse and get more infected. Use anti-bacterial soap and gels and try to keep the area clean and dry. If you want a fast way to get rid of it - go see the doctor. I had staff infection from a cut on my leg. I tried every remedy for months to get rid of it - nada. I went to the doctor eventually b/c i was starting to get really pissed off - he wrote me a prescription for something similar to penicillin (i can't take penicillin) and told me to keep doing what I had been doing = keep it clean with anti-bacterial soap and rub some anti-bacterial gel on it. It was gone in 2 weeks. Good luck  (+ info)

How do you get that cool vein in the back of your forearm?

I have big forearms and work them out. I want that cool long vein on the back of your forearm that some people have. What exercises should I do to get that?

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How to loose really bad skin near bicep and forearm?

I've never been overweight and was really skinny when I was younger so it's definitely not from weight loss and it's not fat because when I pull it it's just thin like skin. The skin is really bad when I flex my biceps and it's between my bicep and forearm ( you know what I mean) any type of lotion or something I could use? Not looking for surgery obviously because I'm only 15 and I doubt my parents would let me. Thanks.

I got the same thing, I asked the doctor and he said your arm will eventually grow enough to fit into your skin better.  (+ info)

What injuries do you get from a motorcyle accident, that can eventually kill you?

I'm writing a story, and the guys dad dies from a cycle accident, but I don't know what injuries could kill him. Help?

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How do you prevent cramps in the forearm?

I was playing piano for a while and then my right forearm started to cramp up. its been about ten minutes now and its still hurting. how do you stretch out this muscle (forearm on the outside) to prevent future cramps?

Gentle bending of the forearm might be of some help but I am also going to include the link to a site that might help you find even more information. The link is at: http://physicaltherapy.about.com

I would also recommend checking with your doctor to see what they say.  (+ info)

How can i build forearm muscle using dumbells?

How can I build forearm muscle using dumbells, also is there a way of builing leg muscles at home without using equipment? I need to become stronger. I know strength isnt always amount of muscle its how its used but muscle helps. Right? :P Please help, thanks

No problem....

Forearms.... Do forearms curls and reverse curls.


As for legs using your dumbbells.... Google goblet squats, sumo squat, dumbbell swings, weighted lunges.

You can get a great workout with nothing more than bodyweight and a couple of dumbbells. Just limits the variety you can put into your workouts some.

Be well.  (+ info)

What could cause the hand to swell after getting a forearm and elbow tattoo?

There was no tattooing in the hand but 4 days after lots of forearm/elbow work the hand is really puffy and swollen... fingers look fine. Anyone experience this?

If you also start to get red, more sore and it feels warm/hot, you have an infection, get to a doctor right away!  (+ info)

Any ideas for persuation on getting a tattoo on my forearm?

My dad doesnt want me to get a RIP tattoo for my mom on the forearm, says somewhere unvisible. But i know i can cover it up with a medi-bandage pretty much anywhere. So any ideas so i can convience him?

"Dad, I'm mature enough to realize the effects of a tattoo. I know that it's permanent and I understand where your coming from but it would really mean a lot to me if i had your support on this because your opinion means a lot to me"
say that and your golden
good luck :]
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What is the best exercise to build muscle in the forearm?

What exercises can you do to build muscle in the forearm reasonably quickly? is it best to use heavy weights and do less reps or lighter weights with more weight?

If you use lighter weights then you wont develop any new muscle. Keep in mind that muscles don't want to grow larger and so you must force them by lifting heavier.

For your forearms the best exercises are:

Seated barbell reverse curl. To do this grab a barbell and sit down with you back straight up. With the barbell in your hands make sure to rest your forearms on your thighs and that your palms are facing the floor. While keeping your forearms in place, extend your wrists up with effectively lifts the barbell. Rinse and repeat.

Seated barbell wrist curl: The same as above except the opposite direction. So your palms will be facing toward you.

I use have used Vince Delmontes program (http://www.puremuscle.net ) for years and its where I have learnt about muscle development and also helped me gain real results.

All the best on getting those forearms looking great.



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How much would a tattoo cost the size of my forearm?

To be specific, I wanted a tattoo on my forearm of avenged sevenfold's death bat. You can google it to see what it looks like. I want it to be all black. Thanks alot.

Depends on who you go to.. I just got my inner forearm tattooed, with The Rev's Death bat and Lyrics "Take These Chains Away That Are Holding Me Down" from Eternal Rest. That takes up almost my whole inner forearm.. Looks fantastic, got it for $180 with a $35 dollar tip.. Think about it before you get it though, tattoo's are forever... I love mine and will forever, plan on getting more. But make sure its what you want.  (+ info)

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