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is it possible to get gangrene from a sunburn?

my sister got sunburned yesterday, her face is red from the burn. Today we r planning on going out and my mom is telling us she can get gangrene or something like that cause she is sunburned. I think my mom is just saying that so that we dont go out, but i still want to make sure....can she get that from a sunburn if she goes out?

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Is there any negative effects from exposure to gangrene?

I had to be exposed to someone with gangrene (they eventually had the limb amputated). After hospitalization I had to house-sit for about the equivalent of 40-50 hours. The gangrene odor was all over the entire house and every object in the house had the smell in it. Is there any negative effects to myself from breathing this (and serious garbage odor?) in for a few days?
Any relavent information that may help with your answers:
From cleaning the house I cut myself a few times (open wounds!!) and experienced three nose-bleeds (this is atypical for me as I haven't had a nose bleed in many years) - the nose bleeds may be from the dry air in the night, though.
Anyway, any help would be appreciated. I AM going to mention this to my doctor and ask any questions on Monday, but any heads up would be nice until then.

Hey go to these sites they will help you.  (+ info)

Will I get gangrene from being aroung it or touching an item an infected area may have touched?

My dads roomate at the hospital had a leg amputated due to gangrene and I was around it constantly for about a week & I just want to be sure that there isn't a chance that it is contagious & that I could become infected with that. The thought of that is a bit scary & it completely repulses me to think I could get it.

No. You are safe. Gangrene is the degeneration of dead flesh caused by decrease or lack of blood to the tissue in question. Often associated with diabetes because a result of diabetes is decrease of blood flow to the peripheral body parts, ie: legs and feet. A wound or sore is caused very easily because of the thinning of the skin layer and the lack of blood flow seriously hinders healing. Therefore the wound may become infected with gangrene. You won,t get gangrene from proximity. The stench of rotting flesh may make you think of infection, but you are safe.  (+ info)

How can i get rid of a tiny spot of gangrene on my finger? please help!?

Ok, so today i found a tiny spot on my middle finger that has some green on it and my finger is starting to swell a little. im freaking out because my friend said it was gangrene. please help me!

Unlikely to be gangrene, but probably infected. See doctor. Get antibiotic, shot or oral. (Do it before people start complaining about the smell, because THEN it WILL be gangrene.)  (+ info)

My father has gangrene and the hospital will not operate?

I took my father to an emergency room when he lost his toe nail.It developed gangrene.At first it was just in the toe and now after 7 days it has spread to 3 other toes.They tell me he is not a candidate for surgery.He is in Nevada.Is this possible?He will die if they do not amputate.Can the system be this cruel?

I assume he is in the hospital now? The doctors have to tell you why he is not a candidate for surgery. If he will not survive a surgery for some other health reason, they can refuse to to the surgery. If the gangrene becomes more of a threat to life than attempting the surgery, then they will do it. If they will not give you answers then have him transferred to another hospital ASAP. Your father has rights as a patient and they have to tell him what is going on so he can choose what to do.  (+ info)

Evidence for the successful use of natural treatments in early stages of diabetic gangrene?

There are instances in many diseases where natural treatments are better or just as good as conventional medicine.

I was after scientific articles displaying evidence for natural treatments in gangrene...of course, taking into account the co-use of conventional medicine such as antibiotics.

The only treatment for Gangrene, is amputation. If it is Gangrene the tissue is dead and there is no blood flow. antibiotics are useless at that point.
The best treatment is prevention. Listen to your Dr, learn about the disease, eat right, exercise and live.  (+ info)

I need a funny tagline for the disease Gangrene?

I'm doing a project and I need to make a traveling brochure for a traveling bacteria. I chose Gangrene. The brochures need to be written up as if the bacteria were looking to go on a holiday. I need to find a catchy slogan to go with the brochure. Anything will help. Thank you.

Do you want to keep your blood where it is? Call Gangrene!  (+ info)

Whats the difference between a blood blister on the toe and gangrene?

will gangrene start off as a black blister?

Gangrene is a complication of necrosis or cell death characterized by the decay of body tissues, which becomes black (and/or green) and malodorous( extremely smelly). It is caused by infection or ischemia, such as from thrombosis (blocked blood vessel).
And a blood blister is a type of blister that forms when subdermal tissues and blood vessels are damaged without piercing the skin. It consists of a pool of lymph, blood and other bodily fluids trapped beneath the skin.
hope this helps
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If someone is diabetic and needs a toe amputation due to gangrene, Is the Doctor suppose to use anesthesia?

My friends dad is diabetic and he had a toe amputation do to gangrene but they did it without anesthesia and he was screaming in pain as they were practically ripping his toe off.. Are they suppose to use anesthesia? thanks

We usually anesthetize people for amputations. There are several different options for anesthesia (local, digital block, ankle block, spinal or general). There is no excuse for proceeding with inadequate pain relief.

Diabetics frequently have decreased sensation in their feet from peripheral neuropathy, but they still need a little anesthesia for amputations. One reason is that you have to cut back into living tissue or you get a wound that won't heal.  (+ info)

Do you know that gangrene is the one of most infectious diseases of the muscles?

Because when one of your toes are affected by gangrene and you just don't go see a doctor it can affect your whole foot or maybe even your whole leg.

Added Information:It is not infectious to other people but it is infectious to your other leg.

Gangrene is NOT a disease. It's a condition caused either by inadequate blood circulation or by a bacteria called Clostridium perfringens. (then, it's "gas" gangrene")

The first isn't 'infectious" at all.

In the second, it's likely that if it started in the foot, then the person would die before the other foot was involved.  (+ info)

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