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how do you know if youre getting gangrene?

Lately my toes have been sort of red and a little numb. They used to have this tingling feeling but now they don't. I dont have any cuts or bruises or anything though. How do i know if im getting gangrene? My nails are also light pink colored. Should i be worried?

With your toes going into gangrene usually there will be severe pain and backish discolouration with warmth in that area.But if you are diabetic you may not experience pain due to peripheral neuritis and just purplish black colour of skin and warmth around it is the sign of gangrene.Fell for the pulsation of the dorsalis pedis artery on the dorsum of your foot. often the pulsation goes before a vascular insult to your leg.  (+ info)

What are the chances of getting gangrene in your hands?

Yesterday i was watching TV and i had an itch on my hand so i scratched it, and a tiny little blister is on my hand.

Hi Keith,

It is very unlikely that you have gangrene.

With out seeing the blister on your hand, I can only guess that perhaps you have a little contact dermatitis.

If you get more blisters on your hand, take yourself to a pharmacist and get them to take a quick look. There are a number of creams that you can use to help that go away.

L  (+ info)

What are the chances of getting gangrene from cutting yourself?

Wellll me and my friend were having a fight earlier about this.. so yeahhh.. and it's not me thats cutting it's our other friend.

The chances of getting gangrene through a cut is very rare, This is because a cut wound is usually cleaned and dressed.

Usually gangrene follows chronic unattended injuries in diabetics or patients with peripheral vascular disease.  (+ info)

How likely is it to get Gangrene?

The chances of getting Gangrene from a cut? Does it have to be a massive wound?
Info would be appreciated.

The chances of getting gangrene from a cut, regardless of the size, is not all that great if you keep it clean and dressed. An antibiotic ointment is helpful. If you are injured and the wound is dirty it should be irrigated immediately. Gangrene commonly occurs in diabetic patients whose extremities do not have good vascularization and oxygenization, and bedridden patients who acquire bed sores. Internal organs can become gangrenous also, such as the gallbladder when it has been obstructed by gallstones for a period of time, or the colon if it is obstructed or twisted on itself and loses it's blood supply. A healthy person who is able to heal a wound normally is in little danger of contracting gangrene. It's usually people who are in some way compromised.  (+ info)

What are the chances of living through treatment for Gangrene in the stomach?

My aunt has Gangrenein her stomach, and she is being treated for it right now by having tubes suck the infection out of her. Apparently, the doctors are saying it's pretty bad. Does anyone know what her chances of living through this are? Don't try and be gentle on me by lying, I am not close at ALL with this aunt, I just want to know what her chances of life and death are.


Please answer this, I really want to know!
To the person who just answered, yes she got the infection after an operation in her stomach. Yes she is also on a LOT of anti-biotics. Oh and also last night and today she's been having trouble breathing, so they had her get up and walk around some but that didn't work. I don't know if the doctors are good or not though...

From my previous research of this, I'm sorry but in my opinion she will not make it. Depending of course on how long since she developed it and when treatment was started.

Normally gangrene starts in the extremities (hands and feet, but most typically toes). If it is caught almost within hours or days of the first black, dead tissue on the toes spotted, then normally the foot is amputated. Sometimes, they will amputate to the knee, because the germ is already in the tissues but not visible or caused dead flesh yet.

Generally speaking too, once it spreads to beyond mid thigh where no more amputations can be done, death is quite quick.  (+ info)

Is it true if you pirce your ears non professionaly you can get gangrene?

I just did so and my friends are telling me that i may get gangrene

  (+ info)

Can you get gangrene from wearing socks to bed?

Well, I think wearing socks to bed and my parents told me that I would get Gangrene.

It is highly unlikely. If you were the socks of a leapor, then possibly. The bacteria that cause leaporacy can attack your feet and cause gangrene.

Gangrene is a rampant infection resulting from the complete collapse of the body's systems, including immune response and circulation. This differs from sepsis, which is an infection of the blood with the immune system still fighting and systems still working.  (+ info)

What exactly is gangrene? Is it like a foot infection?

I saw it on the movie Alive and in the novel Slaughterhouse Five. What's the difference between gangrene and pneumonia? Can they affect other areas of the body besides the feet? Thanks.

Wow, ok, where to start on this one?

They are completely different issues. Gangrene is tissue death, and can occur anywhere in the body. Dry gangrene occurs when blood supply is cut off to a certain part of the body- usually the ends of the limbs. The tissue begins to die, and ends up looking black, dry, and shriveled.

Wet gangrene likes to develop in moist areas. The smell comes from the bacteria that infects the wound.

Pneumonia is an infection of the lung. It has many different causes, but can only ever affect the lungs.

Sooo.. there you go. Not terribly in depth, but as long as you get that they have nothing to do with each other.  (+ info)

What´s the difference between gangrene and an hematom?

Plz tell me
Thank u very much, im afraid, ive my arm "purple" i guess its blood

Do you mean a Hematoma? If so gangrene is when a part of the body literally starts to die, and is extremely difficult to reverse. A hematoma is basically a bruise, like when you bump your head on something really hard and you get a lump, it eventually goes away.  (+ info)

What is a name for gangrene that starts with the letter P?

We are trying to remember what they had on the paper.
I remember it said Psudo somthing

Putrifaction?  (+ info)

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