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what can be done for an ulcerated toe with possibility of gangrene?

It has a bad smell.

if there is gangrene, the toe has to be amputated. If this isn't done immediately gangrene can spread into the leg (which will have to be amputated) and eventually get into the blood which could lead to death.   (+ info)

What are the symptoms of Gangrene?

What are signs of Gangrene? I am a diebetic smoker. There is a cut on my leg and there is a ring spreading from it. Is this Gangrene?

Sounds like cellulitis not gangrene. You seriously need to stop smoking or you'll probably die of a heart attack or kidney failure within the decade.  (+ info)

What's the white stuff over the black stuff on a gangrene infection?

it's for a project i just want to know what it is scientifically

It is probably dead tissue.  (+ info)

I recently got burned and im not sure if i have gangrene?

i dont even know if thats how you spell it but my mom said if i didnt put anitbiotics on my burn that i would get gangrene? what does it look like and is it a bad thing to get?

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Is this gangrene or some type of necrosis?

About a month ago I noticed that there is a small patch of skin on the side of my ankle/foot that is extremely dry and light brownish black in color. It feels rough too.

There is no pain but it does look/feel weird :(

By the way i'm only 19!
BTW this patch of skin is about the size of a penny and is on the left ball of my foot/ankle.

If it was it would smell really bad because both those terms means your skin is rotting. It sounds like dry skin, just use lotion and an exfoliate.   (+ info)

What s the best way to clear gangrene off finger tips and underneath the nails?

If it truly is gangrene, surgery is your only hope. All affected tissue has to be removed. Get to a doctor for a firm diagnosis, A.S.A.P.  (+ info)

How long until gangrene spreads?

My dads got gangren on his foot. How long does he have until he dies. will he have a few months or will it be sooner? it is spreading fast up his foot to his leg. drs wont do anything becaue he is very sick and dying.

My dad is having the same problem. It seems to be spreading pretty fast. I can't say how long a person will have to live, but if I am able, I will update with any new information I get.  (+ info)

diabetes and gangrene at the top a toe for a patient in bed paralyzed any suggestions how to get rid of this?

patient had a stroke in may 2008, recovering slowly but surely, had a nail problem a few months back and difficulty with the healing process. currently doing passive exercises, massages, warm compresses nothing seems to work
We have a doc that is monitoring the wound but with no recommendations to improve just a comment of if it gets worst we ampute so I am looking for other solutions aside from amputation.

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How do you eliminate fourniers gangrene?

fourniers gangrene is a part of the disorder of Necrotizsing faciitis

Antibiotics (often double or triple drug therapy) along with aggressive surgical removal of the diseased tissue is required immediately for an optimal outcome. Without early treatment, bacterial infection enters the bloodstream and can cause delirium, heart attack, respiratory failure, and death.  (+ info)

i want info on supplements taken in gangrene? or any alternative therapy?

any medications for gangrene, which will increase the bloodflow in the body.

If you have gangrene, please see the doctor immediately!  (+ info)

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