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where does the hyaline cartilage come from to assist during the bone fracture repair?

hyaline cartilage transforms into the bone callus during the bone fracture repair. is it the same cartilage that is formed in the epiphyses of the long bones?

i didnt think that it helped with that. i thought it was the oesteoblasts and oesteoclasts that helped with repair and cleaning of the fracture. But i am a little rusty! sorry!x  (+ info)

can acupuncture and qi gong treatment help my knee cartilage grow back?

i had a knee fracture that resulted in surgery 1 year ago. now i have some chondral damage. ultimately western doctors say nothing can make it come back. so i have pain and less range of motion. but im going to an acupuncturist/qi gong master who says that its possible to grow it back and get my knee to normal. is this true??? anyone know?

Absolutely impossible I'm afraid, acupuncture has been proven time after time to be no more effective than placebo treatment, don't get me wrong placebo can have very powerful effects on SOME people, but it only works first of all on a small percentage of people, and second only on those ailments that are susceptible to placebo treatment, ie vague pains normally associated with stress, not any underlying medical condition or trauma.

Acupuncture cannot cure diseases or medical conditions that need surgery, acupuncture MAY help you with the pain and exercise MAY help with the range of movements but it cannot make cartilage grow back.

If he claims he can make it grow back he would definitely qualify for James Randi's $1,000,000 challenge, homoeopaths have already tried and failed, he has announced that he's looking for someone like your gong master to take him up on it.

Just take one example from my second link which could be applicable to people like your good your good self:-

"Typical of the kind of flawed research methodology Hr√≥bjartsson is referring to would be that of surgeon J. Bruce Moseley who performed fake knee surgery on eight of ten patients. (Fake surgery involves making an incision on the knee and stitching it up.) Six months after the surgery all the patients were satisfied customers. Rather than conclude that the patients didn't need surgery or that the surgery was useless because in time the patients would have healed on their own, he and others concluded that the healing of the eight who did not have surgery was due to the placebo effect, while the two who had real surgery were better because of having had the operation. Irving Kirsch and Guy Sapirstein have been accused of making the same kind of methodological error in their controversial meta-analysis that found that anti-depressants work by the placebo effect, rather than that anti-depressants are unnecessary and useless".  (+ info)

I have a stress fracture and bruised cartilage! how long wont i be able to do sport for?

well, i broke my ankle by playing football and i am hoping to be back by the start of june, i have a stress fracture on the outside of my ankle and i have a bruised possibly torn cartilage, anybody know how long it will take to heal please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The two below aren't really that helpful, but thanks, how long will it be before i can play football again, by the beginning of march?

  (+ info)

Does cartilage still turn to bone in people past the growing stages of a baby?

I know that in babies, a lot of cartilage turns to bone as they grow, but how common or likely is it that cartilage will turn to bone in a teenager or adult? Say a broken or fractured bone heals not bone on bone, but with cartilage...will that stay cartilage forever or will it eventually harden and turn into bone?

Most of your bones will no longer be cartilage after a few years of age. But you do have a growth plate in your bones, which is a layer of cartilage that grows and occifies (turns to bone) at about the same rate when you are growing. When you are no longer growing, the cartilage stops growing and the bone eventually takes over, fusing your bones. All of your bones usually fuse and stop growing by the time you are in your twenties. You clavicle (collar bone) is actually the last bone in the body to fuse.  (+ info)

How long after a cartilage piercing heals do you have to wait before getting a second one?

I got a cartilage piercing five weeks ago but it takes 8-12 weeks to heal.After these 8-12 weeks are up, how long do I have to wait before getting a second cartilage piercing?? I love my cartilage piercing so much that I want another one.

You don't have to wait at all. You could've gotten two on the same day if you wanted. Pretty much the only downside is that the more healing piercings you have, the more of a chance you have for an infection. But honestly, you'd probably be fine to get another one now. If you want to play it safe, you can wait until your 8-12 weeks are up.  (+ info)

How bad does a cartilage piercing in your upper ear hurt?

How bad does a cartilage piercing in your upper ear hurt? I want to get one of those bars that connect two cartilage piercings and I actually have my nose pierced and my ears triple pierced which didn't hurt at all but I've heard mixed stories about cartilage piercings. Thoughts? Suggestions?

First things first - you should NEVER, EVER have a cartilage piercing done with a gun. Even the makers of piercing guns (Inverness and Studex) state right in their instructions that they should NEVER be used on anything other than your earlobes because of the trauma to the skin and damage to cartilage that it causes. Don't just go for "who has the cutest earrings" - wait until they're healed!!!

Cartilage can shatter (much like bone would) and with a gun piercing, will take far longer healing and much longer pain.

There are other reasons that you should never be pierced (at all) with a piercing gun, but we'd be here all day - for more info on that, go to the Association of Professional Piercer's website at www.safepiercing.org for more info on that (check out the FAQ).

All in all, do you REALLY want someone who's been "trained" by watching a 15 minute video that doesn't even MENTION cartilage? I doubt it.

There is no numbing that you can do for cartilage - and even so, if there were, they'd have to stick a needle in your ear in order to numb it. Topical ointments only numb the skin.

Helix (upper ear cartilage) piercings are generally one of the longest healing times for any body piercing, being 6 months to a full year or longer for a good solid heal - THAT is with a needle piercing. It's usually near twice the healing time for a gun piercing due to increased trauma.

The reason for this - although there is sufficient bloodflow to the area, the blood vessels are far too small to transport oxygen to the upper ear. Oxygen is needed to heal wounds, and since this is not an option, the healing time increases and you have to care for it much more than any other traditional piercing.

And last, but not least, unfortunately pain is relative to the person getting pierced - which means that some people will find it painful, while others will not. In general, a helix piercing, because it's through cartilage, will be slightly more painful than most other body piercings.  (+ info)

How long after a cartilage piercing should you start to clean it?

I got my cartilage pierced today (12th Aug) and i've read the aftercare guide for lobe piercings and it says not to touch or clean the piercing for the first 36 hours. Does this apply to cartilage piercings aswell? And some people have been saying not to turn the ear ring but when i got my lobes pierced i had to turn it everytime i cleaned the piercing. Do you still have to turn it for a cartilage piercing?

You should never, ever, ever rotate the jewelry no matter what the piercers at Piercing Pagoda or people online tell you. That is bad, outdated advice based on the myth that unturned jewelry will grow stuck inside the hole. It's physically impossible. All turning the jewelry does is break down healing tissue and present the risk of infection. Read the article below. It explains, in detail, why turning the jewelry is not good.


You should clean your piercing tonight with saline solution. Never use handsoaps, Bactine, ear cleaning solution from gun piercing salons, peroxide, Betadine, iodine, rubbing alcohol or antibiotic ointments. You can either purchase H2Ocean, isotonic contact lens solution or make the saline solution yourself.

Heat 1 cup of filtered or distilled water and add 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized (it must be a non-iodized salt) sea salt. Use a cotton ball saturated in the solution to gently loosen up crusting. Hold it to the front of the piercing until the heat dissipates. Repeat with a fresh cotton ball. Then do the same thing for the back. Rinse and then dab dry with a dry paper towel. Always make sure your hands are exceptionally clean when doing this.

Do this twice a day and that's it. No other treatment is necessary.  (+ info)

What are the chances of your cartilage collapsing if you get it pierced by a gun?

I heard the gun was unsafe, but if you do get your cartilage pierced by the gun, is it common for your cartilage to collapse? I was thinking about going to Merle Norman. Many people have said they have been pierced by the gun and their ear turned out fine. If i get my Cartilage pierced by the gun and clean it on a regular basis, will i be fine? Thanks for all the help!

I have peirced ears at claire's for a long time......I have heard that people say your cartilege can collapse if you get it done...however of the thousands of ears i have peirced not one thing has happened like that. even talking with my coworkers, they say its never happened to them. And all the ones i've seen them do nothing has happened. If you prefer a needle go that way, but a gun should not do anything.

I had mine done by a gun and it healed fine. You just have to be extra careful with it and when you can put in an endless hoop. Some times the pressure of the backing of the earring against your ear will cause a huge bump...that is what happened to mine. It takes about a year for it to not feel tender and weird anymore. Just make sure you clean it good and often. don't get nething in it and try not to sleep on that side. Mine got infected and i put a hoop in and it was fine....i just dont think I cleaned it enough

just be patient.  (+ info)

What are some different types of cartilage piercings?

I've already gotten a couple regular cartilage piercings, and am getting another one sometime soon. Can anyone find some pictures of cartilage piercings that have cool/different placement on the ear? No tragus, rook, or conch piercings please. Just cool placements of cartilage piercings.

anti tragus, snug, daith, industrial  (+ info)

How long will it take for the Cartilage piercing hole to close?

Hi! I got my ear piercings (on the cartilage) done approximately four months ago. The ears have not been healed and there is a little infection so I have taken my cartilage earring off and I want my piercing hole to close. How long will it take? I don't want my cartilage pierced anymore.

Alcohol may help to get rid of the infection. I'm sorry but the hole might not close. I had that problem. This was done years ago. Still today I can use earrings if I want to cause it never closed. I had to live with it. Maybe if you are a good healer, then it probably close. Good luck!  (+ info)

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