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Fractures are very dangerous due to the possibility of infenction because the fractured bone has broken throug?

___________ fractures are very dangerous due to the possibility of infection because the fractured bone has broken through the skin.

a. comminuted
b. open
c. closed
d. impacted

b  (+ info)

What is treatment for a closed fibula fracture?

My husband has a closed fibula head fracture in his right leg. he fell from a ladder tuesday. we see ortho soon. what is the treatment, is this something that will need set or casted. ER doc mentioned just a brace? what seems right?

I'm listing a link below I hope will be helpful. A brace is one treatment mentioned. If you're unsure of the treatment after you see the ortho., get a second opinion from another ortho or neuro.   (+ info)

HELP! sports asscoiated with closed, complex, complicated and open FRACTURES!?

Football and hockey would be associated with all of them, Probably also lacross.  (+ info)

I recently fractured my medial malleolus. It was closed and nondisplaced. How long will it take to heal?

I actually originally thought it was only sprained. I could stand on it and shuffle while walking. The x-ray reveals a pretty small fracture.

8 weeks approximately. ^^  (+ info)

Explain what an oblique closed fracture is?

A 14 year old boy was playing football when he received this fracture. It was at the bottom of his tibia towards the growth plate. Why is this area of his break so important?

Why is his age so important with the area of the break?

The "oblique" fracture is broken at an angle across the bone and is usually the result of a sharp angled blow to the bone. closed means the bone is no coming out of your skin. if it does not heal right your ankle could stop growing or grow funny or cause arthritis. when you are 14 you are growing a lot and are developing the most so you just have to make sure it heals correctly.  (+ info)

Is it true that if you yawn with your moth closed you may fracture your jaw ?

I know if you yawn with your chin on your chest you can get an agonizing cramp in your throat and jaw.

so untrue. i yawn with my mouth closed all the time during meetings. i think it's rude to yawn when someone is doing a presentation, so i hide it.  (+ info)

will a dentist fill really small fractures in your teeth?

i have one on my upper teeth, its about a half mm deep fracture , can a doctor close these kind of fractures? cuz i really hope so.

go see your dentist, they can tell you if it's possible or not.

some teeth get lines that look like fracture lines in them, sometimes due to biting, grinding, age, whatever. typically these tiny fracture lines are not filled.

from the web:

Craze lines are tiny cracks that affect only the outer enamel of the tooth. They are common in all adult teeth and cause no pain. Craze lines need no treatment. They do NOT extend into dentin. Hence, these cracks are observed in most teeth and are considered normal. They are the result of "wear and tear" on teeth.

Hence, the answer is no, not all cracks seen on the outside of teeth are bad.

http://www.endodovgan.com/Endoinfo_Cracked_Fractured.htm  (+ info)

How can i tell if my stress fractures are healed?

Sustained stress fractures during bct. Has been roughly eight weeks since. How do I know if it's safe to run on them again? There is still slight pain if I jog, but walking is no problem. Is this just residual pain? Is any pain at all at this point normal?

  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for spinal compression fractures?

My husband is 83 years old and has numerous compression fractures in his spine and we are trying to find ways to relieve his pain. Any help would be appreciated.

Does your husband have recent urinary/bowel incontinent problem or motor weakness or sensory loss in both legs? If so see a physician ASAP as he may be suffering from cauda equina syndrome. It is also advisable to see the physician as an MRI is likely to determine the extent of damage. Spinal decompression surgery might be warranted if spinal damage is severe. Unfortunately, at this point it sounds like over the counter medication will provide minimal help. NSAID (naproxen) can alleviate some inflammation and provide some relief, but it sounds like you need something stronger that only a physician can prescribe. Best wishes.  (+ info)

What might be causing these mysterious rib bone fractures?

A friend has been having mysterious fractures of her ribs, with no significant bone pain prior to them. She is in her 70's and had breast cancer a few years ago, which appeared to have been treated successfully. She has been to several doctors and had many diagnostic tests including a needle biopsy, but so far no definitive diagnosis. Now they are are recommending an open biopsy.

What could be causing these fractures? One obvious possibility is bone metastases from her breast cancer, but the symptomatology seems somewhat atypical for that.

It is very likely mets from her breast cancer. See it happen all the time.
Have they done a PET scan?  (+ info)

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