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How can i tell if my stress fractures are healed?

Sustained stress fractures during bct. Has been roughly eight weeks since. How do I know if it's safe to run on them again? There is still slight pain if I jog, but walking is no problem. Is this just residual pain? Is any pain at all at this point normal?

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What are the symptoms of Stress Fractures?

The other day I hurt my leg in a cross country race. Now it hurts to walk on it because my ankle hurts and the muscles behind my shin hurts. I am hoping its not stress fractures. Anyways what are some symptoms of stress fracture or does this sound like something else?

i have had stress fractures on my right foot many times and i now know if i have stress fractures on my foot because i can feel some pain or discomfort. so, a couple of days ago, i felt some discomfort / pain on the top of my foot. almost every step i felt some discomfort. from experience, i know what it was that i was dealing with. i went to the doctor and got some xrays and sure enough, some stress fractures.

now, the symptoms you describe sound like a stress fracture. for all i know, it could just be bruised. wait another day or two (or sooner if it hurts a lot), and see if the pain subsides. if it doesn't go see your doctor.

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How do I heal stress fractures the best and quickest?

I tried running about the equivalent of a marathon without training for it. I am athletic, but that is another beast to deal with. I couldn't even run much more than half of it.

I have 2 stress fractures in my feet. One in each. One near my left ankle bone and the other is on my right and is likely a metatarsal. I didn't have any X-rays to prove it. You just kinda know sometimes. I have gone over 2 months without running or serious sports and it's still not healed up. I was working some and maybe this slowed the healing, as I was on my feet and lifting some stuff now and then.

I've drank more milk than usual, taken some calcium supplements, actually laid off pop, which science has proven to contribute towards fractures later in life. Caffeine also leaches calcium.

I am 29. Have no insurance. Wanted to try a PEMF device(bone-growth stimulator), but not enough money. Is there a place I could rent one??

Have crutches at home, haven't used them much.

Suggestions, other?

The unfortunate truth is, even walking normally, you are "stressing" the fracture. I had this twice, once in the left 3rd metatarsal and later the right 4th.

Basically I had to have a "walking cast" that had a rubber ball on my heel to avoid "using" my feet in a normal fashion.

It sucks, but there is really NOTHING that can be done other than staying off it and looking like an idiot walking on your heel (walking cast or not) OR using your crutches for much longer than you feel that you need to use them. (a fracture is a fracture and if you don't lay off them, you will pay in the long run)

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Can you recover from tendinitis and stress fractures in the hip area?

I had an MRI done and she said that I had some stress fractures and leakage? I got out the military and they gave me a dissability for tendinitis? Can I do some type of weight trainig/stretching to heal without medication or surgery?

Both these conditions take time & patience to heal. I would suggest getting into a good physical therepist, I'm sure your doctor can recommend one. You don't want to do weight training without someone who can professionally monitor your progress so you don't create more problems.  (+ info)

Can prior stress fractures in your shins be a cause of Peripheral Arterial Disease?

I have been getting increased pain in my calves for about a year. At first I thought it was because of the access amount of stairs I climb a day, but my calves are so tight. They are stiff, sore, extremely tight, and feel like I'm constantly flexing. Once I sit down, I get weird feelings in my feet. I have a history of stress fractures and I'm wondering if I could have PAD.

No, there is no direct correlation between the two. PVD and PAD are complications of atherosclerosis.

The symptoms you are having should be investigated, however.  (+ info)

Is it good to alternate ice n heat for stress fractures?

I'm having extreme shin splints, I think borderline stress fractures. I have to do a run evaluation in 2 days so I only have the weekend to heal. What's the best way to utilize my time to heal? Is it ok to alternate ice baths with hot showers back to back? Thanks

I run track and cross country. What I do after any hard practice or meet, even if I don't have shin splints right away, is take a shower, then i put my legs under the flow of water and gradually turn the water to cold, and then back to hot. But each time i make it colder and then hotter as I go. Eventually i just sit in the hot water and I never have problems. Also if you are having shin splints, find a curb and put your toes on it, then raise your body. Trust me, they work. (you can also hang onto weights to increase it after a while)  (+ info)

What kind of exercise can I get with stress fractures?

I'm 15. I run a lot, 7 miles a day usually, and I'm really fast. But, I just found out that I have stress fractures again! How am I supposed to stay in shape? I'll just become a really fat person who will never be a good runner now. I do not want to gain weight. What can I do? And, what should I do about my diet? I mean, I generally eat very healthy foods, but should I limit what I eat a lot more now?

If you run on cement or asphalt, you are more likely to get stress fractures. Check to see that you have shoes which can act as shooks for your legs as you run.

You are not going to gain weight just because you quit running. There are plenty of exercises to give you the activity you need. However, that isn't running and it sounds like running is important to you.

If you are taking in the amount of calories in a balanced diet per day, then you shouldn't gain weight. Just change your style of exercise. Find another type that you enjoy. Maybe alternate the running with the other type of exercise you choose.  (+ info)

Who can answere my question about stress fractures?

I think I may have a stress fracture. Would it swell a whole lot if I had one? It hurts on my fifth metatarsal...really bad. But it's not that swollen. It is swollen, but not bad. It had a burning sensation. What type of brace is appropriate for stress fractures?

umm i suggest go to ur dr. bc i had a stress fracture and it had to be immobilized for 6wks.  (+ info)

Ho to get rid of stress fractures in feet?

When I was in the military I went in severly under weight.
I got stress fractures from my ruck sack, which was to heavy for me to carry,
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I want to get healed , So I go back in .

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How do doctors treat stress fractures on both ankles?

I'm a competitive gymnast and have been for 5 years. For the past year my ankles have been sore after every practice, almost to the point where I'm crying. I think I might have stress fractures in both my ankles. How do they treat them? do they put them in a cast? I can't have a cast on both ankles...

they are usually wrapped carefully in such a fashion that the ankles become immobile. Having a double stress fracture treatment is impossile unless you want to be confined into a wheelchair. However, i would advise you to treat this. stress fracture damage is permanent and later on in life, you may not be able to walk..here's more info..http://meltdownva.com/?u=Christine  (+ info)

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