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How long does it take stress fractures to heal?

I have them in my shins for 4 months now. I havent been running. What the normal recovery time?

Generally sw say:
Upper body: 8 weeks
Lower body: 16 weeks
If the patient is a child, we often half these times though. However, it depends on the shape of the fracture and whether or not its dislocated too (and to what degree).  (+ info)

can shin splints turn into stress fractures?

I have shin splints (had x-rays and mri to confirm not stress fractures) but the pain is very localized. I can find the specific points on both my shins on the inside about 5 inches up from my foot. I am playing division 1 field hockey in the fall (leaving in 20 days) and i have to keep running and doing my workouts. All i am wondering if it is common for shin splints to turn into stress fractures?

First off, I would talk to your doctor about this since they would be one that knows. I have shin splints too. Had them while I was in soccer and xc for 4 years and I actually still have them even though I haven't ran in a year. I'm starting to wonder too if I have stress fractures. And yes, I believe they can turn into stress fractures bc of the inflammation. But don't take my word on it, you should do some research on it.
I understand being apart of this hockey team is a big deal for you but if you keep doing the training you guys have to do, your shins are going to get worse. Most doctors advise to lower your training and not have your legs endure so much training. Whenever I had shin splints. It's not like I quit everything so I just dealt with the pain. I used icy hot a lot, took baths to relax them- put stress relievers in there, it helps, also iced them 3 times a day, and I had a specialist that made these soles for my shoes bc my foot was one reason that caused shin splints and the soles fit good in any type of shoe really. Also, walking backwards with your toes up helps. It's something my coach had me do before and after every practice. It hurts a lot but it does help. I advise you when you can, instead of running on hard flooring, ash plate and concrete, try to run on a soft ground like grass so your shins aren't so pressure. Another thing you can do. Not sure what they are called. It's basically a rubber rope, something from a bike I believe. And you sit down, not the ground, same level as a coach or a bed. And you put your heel of your foot in the middle of this rubber rope and your left and right hand holds the sides of it, one in each hand then you try to keep your leg and heel in the same place but move the top of your foot up and down so your muscles stretch if that makes sense, it's hard to explain. It hurts but it's suppose to help. Another exercise my cross country coach had me do. Well to answer your question as best I can, I think it might be common, just all depends in the person, what they do about it, and what they are doing- sport wise but the again, stress fractures are one of the common reasons that a person would get shin splints. I'm not sure if it's the other way around but just keep your eye on it. Pain is never fun but great athletics deal with it. Just remember, to know when enough is enough. I hope any of this helped. Good luck.  (+ info)

i have stress fractures from running how can i stay slim and get slimmer?

i always battle with stress fractures from running how can i get skinnier from exercises that dont involves high impact on the legs??!!! help please i will gain weight from not running! i am 5'4 and 110lbs

Swim :) When I got shin splints my coach told me to switch to swimming until my legs healed :) This works and is so much better for them :) Also, do more upper body stuff :)  (+ info)

I have a question about stress fractures?

I have a horrible habbit of putting a lot of presure on the ball of my foot. Now i have this pain in the middle toward the front near my toes. It only hurts when I walk on it, and if i touch the top of my foot. I heard someone say it was a stress fracture, but it isnt bruised or swollen. Does anyone know what this could be?

I had something similar when I was out out state at school. The Walk-in clinic was absolutely useless so I wouldn't bother with them.

Try to wear good padded supportive shoes. I got my stress fracture because my favorite shoes were so worn down in the sole. No support or cushioning at all. and try to stay off it. It will go away eventually.  (+ info)

I have stress fractures on my hips? What is the safest exercises?

I have deturating hip bones and stress fractues on my hips. I was wondering what kind of heeling excercises I could do for this???

  (+ info)

How can i know the difference between shin splints and stress fractures?

everyone tells me i have shin splints. however, the same people find it odd that my pain is so severe and lasts so long. i have been in almost constant pain for 4 weeks and the pain intensifies hours after exercise rather than during or immediately after. i haven't slept in 3 days because the leg pain has kept me up. please help!

X-ray  (+ info)

what is the difference between shin splints and stress fractures?

Im a senior in high school who started running cross country this year. Im a swimmer so running is pretty new to me. i had to take off a few weeks earlier in the season due to achilles tendonitis and now i have pain throughout my entire lower leg area. It hurts to sit on my feet while bending my legs in front of me and the pain i get after running a mile is excruciating.

Stress fracture pain is more localized and often runs parallel to the ground when standing. Shin splint pain runs perpendicular to the ground, and runs up the lower leg along the inside of the tibia (shin). They both have very similar symptoms, but instead of a fracture, shin splits are the result of inflammation of the sheath surrounding the bone tissue. Both are the result of the same thing, too much running without recovery. Or you did not do conditioning before you started cross country. You're going to need special souls in your shoes, a better form for running, and a lot of icing. That or allow recovery time between running days. If it is a fracture it will not heal if you continue running.  (+ info)

How long do stress fractures take to heal?

In the tibia.
Its been a month, I go for my follow up tomorrow. Do you think I will be cleared to swim? They are still sore, but not too bad

It depends. If you don't stay off of it it can take a long time to heal or even get worse. I had one a couple years ago after I started a daily running routine and it took many months to heal because I continued to walk on it. I think the best course of action is just to follow your doctor's advice.  (+ info)

I have stress fractures, and do not want to stop playing sports. What can i do to help them heal?

I don't want to stop playing. Is there anything i can do while i still play?

take anti inflamatories
and c a dr as soon as you can
fight through the pain
and wear a brace  (+ info)

Treatment for recurring stress fractures?

I am a teenage girl who plays soccer and for the past three years has had recurring stress fractures in my tibias. I've been put in a boot multiple times, I take calcium and vitamin supplements, and I've gotten into shape under he supervision of a physical therapist. Now that soccer has begun again the stress fractures are back. I can't go to see the doctor for another month and support from my parents is nonexistant, so what should I do ?

Is there some additional equipment you could wear to reinforce your leg? Extra thick guards or a brace? If not, your only real alternative is to stop doing that activity. It may sound difficult, but which is more important, a sporting activity or your health? You don't want to go through life with a "bum leg" so to speak. Recurring fractures could have life long implications.

You should try to find a sports physician who may be able to better help you find a good solution.  (+ info)

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