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Ok i had a slight case of frostbite. My finger tip turned bright white. Since then it feels odd, as if there is a bouild up of liquid under the skin. I am conviced that there is no nerve damage as i can still feel, pressure, temperature, and texture. My question is how long should this "odd" feeling last?

extra info
didnt blister
slightly darker than the rest of the finger but nowhere near blak

this sounds like something that happened to my friend. although, she did it to herself....but, basically, she put salt and ice straight on her arm, and gave herself frostbite. it was just a white mark on the skin, slightly raised and feels solid, which sounds like what happened to you. the next step was that the spot on her arm became less white and instead turned a red color, and it appeared that she had burned herself. about five weeks after she did this, the original spot (she did this four times) was healed, and there was no sign of scarring. that sounds something like what has happened to you. hope that helps you out! good luck. also, i researched frostbite for her, and it says you should not try to warm it up when it happens, at least not with water or something. if it happens again, what you're supposed to do is place the affected area somewhere close to your body, under your arm, etc. good luck, and i hope it heals. if it sounds like what i described, then you should be okay!  (+ info)


I was outside in the cold for 2 hours and my pinky toe on my right foot turned white while all the other toes are red...it feels funny to walk on it but it doesn't hurt.....is it frostbite and if not what is it?

when you get frostbite if its a purple, black or swollen then it could be frostbite if you see these symptoms put it in WARM not hot you don't want to heat it fast that could severely mess it up it .  (+ info)

How long does it take for dry ice to cause frostbite?

When holding dry ice, how long does it take for the ice to cause frostbite?

Almost immediately, if not 1 minute later. Have you done so?  (+ info)

Can you get frostbite on your tongue if you pig out on ice cream?

When I eat a ton of ice cream, my tongue feels really funny. Why does that happened? Can you get frostbite on your tongue from eating too much ice cream?
Ohhhh okay. I just wondered. I usually don't eat ice cream so I didn't know. But this one was so good so I ate the whole quart and then I couldn't feel my tongue. It was so hawd to fweel my twongue.

i doubt it the icecream melts too fast to freeze you tounge andkill the cells... frostbite. but you may geta a icecreeam headache  (+ info)

How cold and how long to get frostbite?

At 0 degrees Farenheit, and standing outside, how long would it take to get frostbite?

What about if you were jogging?

Can you find me a good source with this information?

When wind chill is
0°F to -19°F (-18°C to -28°C) Frostbite possible. Exposed skin can freeze within 5 minutes.

-20°F to -69°F (-29°C to -56°C) EXTREMELY COLD. Frostbite likely. Exposed skin can freeze within 1 minute. Outdoor activity becomes dangerous.

≤ -70°F (≤ -57°C) FRIGIDLY COLD. Exposed skin can freeze in 30 seconds.  (+ info)

Can you get frostbite while wearing jeans, gloves and a jacket in 25 degrees?

I was outside shoveling snow wearing jeans, a jacket and gloves. I came in a couple of times and I was wondering if I would have gotten frostbite, or if it caused me to feel ill in some way. By the way, my fingers are still sore and tingling after two days out.

It would depend on wind chill, and how long you were out in the cold.  (+ info)

what does first degree frostbite look like after a couple of days?

I think I might have first degree frostbite on my feet. I did not look at them right away it wasn't until the next morning. I have been trying to get answers from doing a search on the internet but not getting anything accompolished. My feet are very sore. They are red, swollen and feel like they are on fire. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions.

Go SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!! Longer you wait the worser it may become. It will also put your mind at ease. I myself would not risk losing my feet to wait for an answer on here.  (+ info)

Are people who have had the beginning stages of frostbite more susceptible after that to the cold?

My daughter got the beginning stages of frostbite last spring playing soccer. With winter here, and soccer starting up again, I'm just wondering if she will be more susceptible to the cold.

Not at all. Even when damage has occured, you are no more susceptible to frost bite.  (+ info)

Does anyone know a treatment for the black skin that comes from severe frostbite?

I got frostbite a year ago, and the side of my finger is blackened. What can i do?

The "black skin" from frostbite is necrotic tissue, (dead tissue) and it has to be "surgically" removed to avoid spreading and infection. It may or may not require amputation of the entire finger, depending on the severity. It can't simply be "scrapped off."  (+ info)

Could I have frostbite on my tongue from eating popsicles?

Last night I ate about 7 popsicles and when my tongue stopped being numb part of it started to burn when I touched things with it. It's a little bit darker than the rest of my tongue and bumpy but the bumps are little. If I do have frostbite how do I get rid of it?
Oh my gosh I just looked it up. I have nothing close to frostbite. I'm stupid.

Maybe....  (+ info)

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