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What are the signs of apraxia of speech?

My almost 3 year old is still very speech delayed although he has come along way, it's been slow, we are looking into apraxia of speech. For the record we had him tested for autism and he is not autistic.


This has tons of info - an entire online library you can check out.
Here is what it says about the points of diagnosis.

"Difficulty in achieving and maintaining articulatory configurations
Presence of vowel distortions
Limited consonant and vowel repertoire
Use of simple syllable shapes
Difficulty completing a movement gesture for a phoneme easily produced in a simple context but not in a longer one "  (+ info)

What will the future hold for my son with apraxia of speech?

My son was recently diagnosed with apraxia. We will be starting speech therapy next week. He's 28 months old. I'm worried about his future with school, college, jobs, and relationships with people. Anyone with any past experience that can share?

My nephew also was diagnosed at a young age, he went to speech therapy and by Kindergarten he was back in regular education, please don't worry.  (+ info)

does anyone have a success story about a child with verbal apraxia?

My son is 2 1/2 and has verbal apraxia, he has been receiving early intervention services with an Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and Educator. He is doing well socially and with his sensory issues but no progress with speech. Does anyone have any good news about their child speaking eventually?

I have a cousin-in-law? who's daughter was diagnosed with Speech Apraxia at the age of 2 1/2 also. Her daughter is 6 years old now and you would never know that she had it if you weren't paying attention. She speaks very well most of the time unless her mind starts moving faster than her mouth. I have also worked in Early Intervention for years and I am also the parent of a Special Needs child and I can honestly tell you that MOST of the children with speech issues that I have worked with in the past have done very well with extensive intervention.

I can tell you honestly too, he will do better if he is in a day program where he is immersed in a language rich environment and around other children who speak well.

Good luck!  (+ info)

How long before my 3 year old son with Apraxia (who does get speech therapy) will speak words?

We also follow up at home. But it seems like when he learns a new word, he will loose the ability to speak the word he had painstakingly learned the last month. He is bright otherwise, learning math skills, early reading.... I am just looking for anyone in the same boat with a positive outlook.

As a speech pathologist, I hear your frustration. You seem to be doing the right thing. Apraxia is a very tough condition to beat but it can be done with patience and intensive therapy (more frequent shorter sessions work better than longer less frequent sessions.)

I suggest that you explore the following web sites and may find support there.



Good luck!  (+ info)

What's the difference between dyskinesia and apraxia?

Or is there any difference at all?

  (+ info)

Can the program my baby can read help my 3 year old who just got diagnosed with developmental apraxia speech?

HI my son just got diagnosed that he has DAS a speech disorder called developmental apraxia speech disorder. And i was wondering that if i bought the program my baby can read would help him more in his speech and motor coordination and expressive language more. please can someone help me i really want to know if some moms in my place have tried this program and their child has DAS too thank you and please i will accept advice and it will be help thank you.

First of all, "My Baby Can Read" is a scam. It's nothing more than what you can do yourself with books and time spent with your child. It's pretty much a fancy flash-card system that shows words with pictures and repeats the words over and over. Save yourself the $260 and sit down and read with your son. It's cheaper and more fun. :) As for what to do to help your son's DAS, I'm a little out of my league as I don't know anybody personally with the disorder. My brother had a similar problem, however, when he started speaking due to having fluid in the ears that went unchecked for over a year; his pronunciation was all off from hearing us say everything underwater, basically. What really helped him was to see a speech therapist and help him at home by trying to get him to speak more. We praised his correct pronunciation of words, and if he got it wrong, instead of saying "No" or "That's wrong", we simply said the word again and encouraged him to try it out. He also used sign language (the Baby Signs thing) in order to communicate while he was in therapy, because he would get very frustrated that we couldn't understand him. Good luck! :)  (+ info)

I have a crouched gait due to cerebral palsy and I was wondering if braces would reduce knee flexion?

I used to wear them when I was younger and decided to stop. Its been about 5 years and my hamstrings are very tight. Will wearing them significantly change the way I walk?

They might, but I'd see a physical therapist and an orthopaedist and/or neurologist with lots of experience with CP. I'm sure you have been there and done that with stretching and range of motion exercises. Working on that again may stretch out the hamstrings and the gastroc's so you don't need braces. Or, you may need both, working together.

Some neurologists have used botox with CP. This works with spasms of the muscles, but won't help much with shortened tendons. Finally, there are tendon-release surgeries, but I don't think that would be your first line of attack.

Best wishes.  (+ info)

How toTransffer patient from bed to wheel chair using a gait belt?

What is the action? Why is it imprtant to use a transfer belt, what is my role as a cnA to do this...What is the imprtantance of using a transfer belt..What are the comlication of not using a transfer belt...

i am a rehabilitation assistant and it is important to use a gate belt for transfersso that you have a good hold of the person, and you need to hold them close to your body so they move were you move to if you dont use the transfer belt anf the person loses their footing they could fall and get hurt and so could you  (+ info)

Does anyone know if a 18 month old can be diagnosed with verbal apraxia?

My 18 month old daughter only can say ma and ga. She did start saying a few words around the age of one but about 4 months ago stopped. She seems to be very frustrated & constanting gesturing to objects while saying gah! gah! very angerly. She has also had increasing aggrestion hitting & kicking me. If any one know anything about this I would love to hear from you. THANKS!

My son is 29 months old and has the same problem. Well, he points, gestures and says BAH! That's his word of choice for most things these days. He's been diagnosed with an overal oral-motor delay and has had problems with eating as well though.

Just like Pengi said, I would contact your local Early Childhood people. Your local school district should have their contact information. My son was first assessed in MI and I had to take him in for the eval. They said he was fine at that point. Now we live in TX and all of his services are provided in the home, including the free evaluation.

It's definitely worth the eval to set your mind at ease. We've found that signing with our son has really helped to alleviate frustrations even though it took him a long time to be willing to sign his first sign. Good Luck.  (+ info)

should i consider adding a gait specialist along with physical therapy or just get a gait specialist?

i have achilles tendonitis beacuse of the way that i walk and i feel like it's not getting any better. it's something about how i avert my heels in a resting position making my calf muscles over work and not using my hips? i've been going to physical thearpy for 2 months and i'm not 'waddling' too much anymore but i still have limited movement. should i consider a gait specialist?

That is what I would do. The human gait is an intricate process.  (+ info)

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